$25.00 In Cash Prizes
If You Can Guess
Who They Are, What Their Business Is and Where It Is Located
Photos by Van B. Wheaton

Contributed by Nancy Robinson

This is a fun "Who's Who in Amsterdam" contest from a 1910 Amsterdam Evening Recorder - the front page consisted of photos of 30 local businessmen; the reverse, advertisements from various corresponding businesses to be matched with the photos. The copy of the page in my possession is marked in crayon by someone who apparently knew these businesses well; who possibly won the jackpot. Although they are marred by crayon, I have included photos & copy of the texts of these original advertisements as they are interesting to read and besides helping with identification, are history lessons in themselves. The ad for the Theatre Premier gives us a look at the beginning of movies theaters. Imagine, films changed every day And sewing machines guaranteed 5 years, period, no matter what. In our dreams.

The only unidentified photo was #27, possibly because two photos corresponded with one business ad (perhaps #28, Patton & Hall). However, after years of searching census records, it is always great to put faces to names that have become as familiar to me as my own neighbors. Martha says she mentally puts today's haircuts on people, I look for resemblances to people of today. The man on the left in #6, Peter J. Donnelly, reminds me of Tom Selleck, mustache and all.

Below, I have attempted to match with businesses through census records and/or Amsterdam Daily Headlines (1886-1925) copied with the kind permission of Mr. Frank Yunker from Amsterdam Mohawk Genealogy Resources at (if you have not as yet visited this website, you've missed a goldmine of information).

Although, I have added found tidbits of information of these men and their families as I went along, I cannot absolutely confirm the identities of the men in these photos.

Have fun. I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did.

Nancy Robinson
December 2005





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1. A. MARK'S SONS - Alexander Mark, sons Charles & Isaac


"Of the many establishments that contribute to the general sum of mercantile activity none attacts more attention than a high class, exclusive ladies' store.

Such a store is is undoubtedly A. Mark's Sons. High grade goods with a money- back-if-not-satisfied guarantee and honest, progressive business methods have built up this great enterprise from its establishment 53 years ago.

Everything carried bears the hallmark of quality, but prices are within reach of all.

Their millinery and cloak business, in point of volume, compares favorably with establishments in the largest cities in the state.

Special attention is called to their famous "Defiance Sale" to be held this year, Jan 28th. Every article will be cleared, regardless of cost, to make room for new spring goods. A sale absolutely unequalled anywhere.

1880 US Census Amsterdam
Alexander Marks, age 37, Merchant living in district 45 with wife Fredricke age 38, dau. Mollie, age 17, sons Isaac age 14, Morris, age 11, & Joseph, age 3.

Amsterdam Headlines
Headline Date: June 29, 1887
News: Charles and Isaac Mark sail for Europe.

Headline Date: January 4, 1890
News: Death of Alexander Mark.

Headline Date: June 27, 1893
News: Marriage of Isaac Mark and Miss Bertha P. Levi at Schenectady

1910 US Census, Amsterdam, 2nd Wd
Marks, Isaac, age 42, Merchant Dry Goods
Bertha, age 38
Isaac Jr., age 9

District 52
Charles Mark, Head, age 45, Merchant Dry Goods
Fredericke, Mother, age 70, 5 children/5 living.

Headline Date: February 29, 1912
News: Charles and Isaac Mark closed the purchase of property at 84-86 East Main

Headline Date: June 14, 1919
News: Died: Mrs. Alexander Mark

2. YUND'S FURNITURE - Albert H. Yund

A Great Array of Fine Furniture and Floor Coverings

There has never been a time when this store was more completely filled with new and desirable furniture and house furnishings. We have bought from manufacturers the world over for excellence and superior quality of their goods. Space is too short for us to go into detail, but we will gladly show you our extensive assortment of furniture and floor coverings. We have the exclusive agency for the "Santo" Vacuum Cleaner. The best on the market. Let us demonstrate it to you.

Furniture and Carpet Warerooms

Headline Date: October 22, 1896
News: Albert H. Yund becomes sole proprietor of the furniture store of T. J. Yund & Bro.

Headline Date: October 10, 1894
News: Marriage of Albert H. Yund and Miss Mary Crowe.

Headline Date: November 7, 1925
News: Died: Mrs. Albert H. Yund; at Schenectady,

3. CHRISTY & TRAUTMAN SHOES - Charles W. Christy & Fred C. Trautman

We are the people who sell the "JUST WRIGHT" shoe for men and the "EMPRESS" shoe for women.

Best shoes in the city. You can get what you want of us. We have it if it is the latest.

6 East Main Street

1900 US Census, Amsterdam, Dist 73
42 Market Street
Christy, Charles W., Head, Dec 1869, 30, M 11 yrs, NY, NY, NY, Mgr Shoe Store
Mable, Wife, Mar 1871, 28, ", 2/2, NY, CT, NY
C. Lee, Son, June 1891, 8, NY
Floyd T., Son, Mar 1893, 7, NY

Headline Date: March 9, 1919
News: Died: Mrs. Fred Trautman

Note: Mable Christy, wife of Charles W. Christy, died bet. 1900-1910.

Headline Date: August 14, 1920
News: Married: Fred C. Trautman and Bertha Breeser.

Headline Date: February 7, 1921
News: Marriage of Charles Lee Christy of Amsterdam and Miss Mae Miller of Gloversville.

Headline Date: November 12, 1921
News: Married: Floyd W. Christy of Amsterdam and Miss Frances N. Dwyer of Saratoga Springs.

Headline Date: March 16, 1923
News: Charles W. Christy died.

Headline Date: November 16, 1924
News: Fred Trautman badly hurt from auto accident near Perth.

4. LINDSAY BROS - James & John Lindsay

A dainty boot is necessary to look well.
We carry on the best makes.
Lindsay Bros.
21 East Main Street.

Headline Date: September 2, 1917
News: Burglars take stock valued at $400 from shoe store of Lindsay Brothers.

Headline Date: January 11, 1921
News: Partnership of Lindsay Brothers, dissolved, John Lindsay retaining possession of the Amsterdam shoe store and James Lindsay continuing business as owner of the Schenectady store.

5. WILKIE & PLATT CLOTHIERS - John Wilkie & Carlos A.W. Platt
(checkmark above Wilkie name in Ad appears to indicate this photo is of him)

That largely through the influence of our modern good clothes store Amsterdam has become noted for being one of the very best shopping centres in the entire state for clothing. That same influence is being emphasized more now than ever before.


Headline Date: June 30, 1891
News: Married: John Wilkie and Miss Matie Vrooman, of Glenville

Headline Date: March 1, 1900 News: Charles A. Quiri retired from firm of Quiri & Wilkie, and C. A. W. Platt entered the firm.

Headline Date: March 30, 1900
News: New firm of Wilkie & Platt began business.

1910 US Census Amsterdam, 2nd Wd, Dist 54

Wilkie, John H., Head, 56, M1, 18 yrs, b. NYx3, Retail Merchant Gents Clothes
Matie E., Wife 42, ", ", 3/3, b. NYx3
Marion, Dau, 17, "
Jessie May, Dau, 14, "
John Vroman, Son, 12, "
Vrooman, Catherine, Mother in law, Wd, 68, 8/4, NY, Scot, Scot

1910 US Census, Amsterdam, 1st Wd, Dist 51
204 Market Street
Platt, Carlos A.W., Head, 52, Wd, 2, Vt, NY, Vt, Merchant Clothing, etc.
Isabell H., Dau, 16, Ill, Vt, NY
Margaret A., Dau, 8, NY, Vt, NY

Headline Date: July 11, 1912
News: Miss Miriam Columbia Fritsch and Miss Jessie May Wilkie drowned while bathing in West Caroga lake

Headline Date: December 8, 1915
News: Death of Carlos A. W. Platt

Headline Date: May 13, 1916
News: Miss Isabel H. Platt, a junior at Smith college, seriously injured when a street car struck an automobile in which she was riding, at Northampton, Mass.

Headline Date: April 5, 1920
News: Married: Charles S. Dana and Miss Marion S. Wilkie

Headline Date: April 15, 1921
News: The Kiwanis club of Amsterdam was organized, with John H. Wilkie as president.

Headline Date: June 6, 1925
News: Married: Maclaer Jacoby of Brooklyn and Margaret A. Platt of this city;

Headline Date: October 14, 1925
News: Married: J. Vrooman Wilkie and Miss Elizabeth Mitchell at New York.

6. VANDERBILT & DONNELLY JEWELERS - Aaron R. Vanderbilt & Peter J. Donnelly

The Best that Money
Can Buy

The reason why Vanderbilt & Donnelly handle the best that is manufactured, such as Gorham solid silver, Howard watches, J.W. Hoarch & Co. rich, sparkling, oldest and best made cut glass, is this: it pays you best in the end and is their best advertisement.

If you think of purchasing a watch, their advice as to what is best for the money you wish to spend is valuable to you. They have them from $1.00 up to $100.00.

Vanderbilt & Donnelly
75 East Main Street

Gold and Silversmiths, Opticians, Expert Engravers, Diamond Setters and Watch Repairers.

Headline Date: October 2, 1899
News: Death of Mrs. A. R. Vanderbilt.

1900 US Census, Amsterdam Ward 2, Dist 74
Vanderbilt, Aron R., Head, May 1853, 47, Wd, NJ, Nj, NJ, Jeweler
Beatrice, Dau, Dec 1885, 14, NY, NJ, NY, At School
Carrie R., Dau, Feby 1888, 12, ", "
Mildred S., Son, Mar 1890, 10, ", ", (sic)
Sarah M., Dau, July 1894, 5, ",
Stanton T., Son, May 1896, 4, ",
Akin, Florence B., Step-Dau, ?, 1878, 21, NY, NY, NY, Milliner
Murray, Rebecca C., Servant, Jan 1850, 50, NY, NY, NY
Correy, Hattie, Servant, Feby 1880, 20, NY, NY, NY
Vanderbilt, Edward, Brother, Jul 1867, 33, NY, NY, NY

Headline Date: October 4, 1902
News: Vanderbilt Jewelry company incorporated.

Peter J. Donnelly m. Cleo Muldowney, abt. 1905, no children

Headline Date: May 13, 1908
News: Body of Beatrice Vanderbilt, formerly of Amsterdam, found in canal near Princeton, N. J.

Headline Date: March 4, 1912
News: Peter J. Donnelly became sole proprietor of the Vanderbilt Donnelly jewelry store.

Headline Date: October 19, 1912
News: Lifeless body of Aaron R. Vanderbilt discovered in a chair in his barn.

Headline Date: June 22, 1916
News: Married: Frank H. Hogg and Miss Mildred S. Vanderbilt.

Headline Date: September 27, 1916
News: Married: Harold L. Preston of Woonsocket, R. L, and Miss Carrie Vanderbilt.

Headline Date: July 25, 1923
News: Death of Peter J. Donnelly, prominent Amsterdam jeweler.

[1/10/12 - see note at bottom of page.]

7. ADLER & SON MEN'S CLOTHIER - Isaac Adler & son, Julius

Adler & Son
"The proven value Givers"
67-69 E. Main St.

Headline Date: February 28, 1897
News: George McClumpha becomes manager of the Neff opera, Isaac Adler and S. Levi become partners in the clothing business.

Headline Date: September 23, 1897
News: Opening of Adler & Levi's new store in the Arnold building.

1900 US Census, Amsterdam, Mont. NY, Wd 2 Adler, Isaac, Head, b. abt. 1847, Ger Caroline, Wife, b. abt. 1848, Ger Julius, Son, b. abt. 1871, Ger Fannie, Dau, b. abt. 1876, NY, m. Max Kalisk of NYC, 19 Feb 1901 Ose, Dau, b. abt. 1881, NY Helen, Dau, b. abt. 1886, NY

Headline Date: February 15, 1901
News: Announcement of approaching dissolution of the firm of Adler & Levi.

Headline Date: July 17, 1901
News: Death of Solomon Levi.

Headline Date: 1 July 1902
News: Death of Isaac Adler.

1910 US Census, Amsterdam 6th WD, District 64
Adler, Julius, Head, 39, M1, Aust, Aust, Aust, imm 1890, Retail Men's Clothes
Antoinette, Wife, 29, ", 2/2, NY, NY, NY
Ruth, Dau, age 8
Ivan, Son, age 1, 8/12

Headline Date: April 12, 1910
News: Most destructive fire in Amsterdam in many years, Holzheimer & Shaul being the principal sufferers, while Woolworth's 5 and 10 cent store and Adler & Sons were drowned out.

Headline Date: November 20, 1911
News: Announcement of the Adler store passing into possession of Julius Adler.

Headline Date: September 2, 1917
News: Death of Mrs. Isaac Adler.

8. DUNLAP DRY GOODS - David Dunlap

THE HOME BEAUTIFUL For Table Linens, Napkins, Etc.

We have always carried a large and exclusive stock of linens to suit the most discriminating. Our enviable reputation in this line has been established by those who know.

Every dry goods store sells table linens, but very few sell the superfine qualities that are handled by us.

The Dunlap Dry Goods

51 East Main Street

1880 US Census, Amsterdam, Dist 45
Dunlap, David, Head, 32, Merchant, NY, NY, NY
Amanda, Wife, 28, "
Minnie M., Dau, 6
Carrie M., Dau, 3
Kittie, Dau, 1
William G., Son, 3/12
Henry S., Son, 3/12

Headline Date: September 3, 1892
News: Death of Mrs. David S. Dunlap

1900 US Census, Amsterdam, Dist 76, Wd 3
33 Grove St
Dunlap, David S., Head, July 1847, 53, M. 6, NY, NY, NY, Merchant Dry Goods
Mary A., Wife, Oct 1854, 46, M, 6, 6/6, NY, NY, NY
Minnie M., Dau, Feb 1874, 26, ", Clerk Dry Goods
Carrie M., Dau, Feb 1877, 24, ", Clerk Dry Goods

Headline Date: August 6, 1906 News: Death of Mary A. Meris, wife of David S. Dunlap, aged 50. She was a native and life-long resident of Amsterdam.

Headline Date: October 14, 1908 News: Opening of the Dunlap Dry Goods company's store at the old stand of Storrie & Dunlap.

Headline Date: September 14, 1909
News: David S. Dunlap elected to succeed Joseph Perkins on the school board. Other members re-elected.

1910 US Census Amsterdam, Dist 62, 6th Ward
280 Guy Park Avenue
Dunlap, David, Head, 62, M2, NY, NY, NY, Merchant Dry Goods'
Mary Taylor, Wife, 49, M2, NY, NY, NY
Catherine M., Step Dau, 24, NY, NY, NY

Headline Date: May 10, 1923
News: Death of David S. Dunlap, veteran Amsterdam merchant.

Headline Date: January 4, 1924
News: Died: Mrs. Mary Taylor Dunlap;

Note: While checking out David Dunlap on, I came across a family tree. David had 3 wives. Amanda Meris (b. abt. 1852) & Mary Meris (b. 1854), his first two, daughters of William & Mary Meris; his third wife was the widow, Mary (Bradford) Taylor.

9. BARTLEY REAL ESTATE - Henry Bartley

In the year 1878, with all the vigor enhailed with the breezes of the Dakotas and Montana, the subject of this sketch alighted at the station of the village of Amsterdam and had the honor of being the first passenger to ride in Mat Gage's new hack. He engaged in the real estate business and soon became the leader, which position he still retains. It is only necessary for a would-be competitor to attempt to attach his laurels, when he forges to the front and causes the W.B.C. to look like "thirty cents." His transactions amount to over two millions. The banks and lawyers who have the settling of estates will vouch for his efficiency in realizing their greatest expectations. He has been prominent in developing the west end of the city, having sold seventy-five per cent of all the property west of Market street. He stands on the thirty-three year record and all are read and will to


1880 US Census, Rochester, NY, Dist 86
Bartley, Henry, 28, Real Estate & Ins, Can, Eng, Can
Jennie, 25, Wife, Keeping House, NJ, Eng, NY
Charles, 2/12, Son
Pope, Clare, 21, Serv, Servant, Can, Eng, Eng

Headline Date: July 23, 1895
News: Death of Mrs. Henry Bartley

Headline Date: August 14, 1901
News: Death of Charles Bartley

1910 US Census, Amsterdam, 1st Wd, Dist 50
107 Spring Street
Bartley, Henry, Head, 59, M2, 15 yrs, Can-Fr, x3, Agent Real Estate, Imm 1868
Mary T., Wife, 49, M1, ", Eng, x3, 0/0 children
Jennie I., Dau, 27, S, NY, Can, NY, Stenographer Law Office

Headline Date: March 12, 1921
News: Married: Francois E. L. Voyer, U. S. A., and Miss Jennie I. Bartley, formerly of Amsterdam, at Washington, D. C.


Theatre Premier
Leslie O. Behr, Manager

The acme of perfection in moving picture theatres, the Theatre Premier has opened in this city intent of supplying the public demand for a modern, well equipped theatre, conducted along high class lines and supplying its patrons with the very latest Entertainment.

The management after great difficulty have just installed an expensive lens which produces the pictures on the curtain exactly life size every detail of the picture also being shown on the sheet.

The theatre is large, commodious and fitted lavishly throughout and combines the best features from the leading moving pictures houses in larger cities into the one theatre, making it one of the finest in the country.

Get the moving picture habit. The films are changed every day.

1900 US Census, Amsterdam, Wd 6, Dist 80
Behr, Oscar, Head, July 1860, 39, M, 13 yrs, Ny, Ger, Ger, Furniture
Julia, Wife, July 1863, 36, ", 2/2, NY, Ger, Ger
Leslie O., Son, Apr 1889, 11
Allison S., Son, Aug 1894, 5



If you're contemplating making any hardware purchases to inspect the complete we carry.

Comparison is the level that turns trade our way.
Agents for
Acme Paints and Varnishes
Amsterdam Hardware
14 East Main Street.

Headline Date: August 2, 1899
News: Dissolution of the hardware firm of DeGraff & Kline.

1900 US Census, Amsterdam, Wd 6, Dist 80
176 Division Street
DeGraff, Isac, Head, Sept 1847, 52, M, 18, NY, x3,Hardware Bus
Mariam, Wife, Dec 1856, 43, M, 18, 1/1, NY, x3
C. Mildred, Dau, Jan 1891, 9, NY, x3

Headline Date: April 25, 1904
News: Fire damaged the I. J. DeGraff hardware stare.

Headline Date: January 19, 1909
News: Seymour Warren & Co. began as successors to I. J. DeGraff in hardware business.

Headline Date: June 16, 1909
News: Amsterdam Hardware company succeeded to the business of I. J. DeGraff.

1910 US Census, Amsterdam, 2nd Wd, Dist 52
32 Pease? St
DGraff, Mariam T., Head, 51, Wd, 1/1, NY, x3, None
Mildred S., Dau, 19, S, NY, x3, "

Headline Date: December 13, 1913
News: Mrs. I. J. DeGraff sold residence in this city and purchased one in Brooklyn.

1930 US Census, Brooklyn, NY, Dist 1696
DeGraff, Marion T., Head, 68, Wid, NY, NY, NY, None
Marion F., G-dau, 14, NY, NY, NY


The Dean Quality

If it's hardware you want it's Dean's you look for, because you know that what is wanted can be found there and at the proper price.

Just ten years ago Mr. Frank S. Dean opened up his hardware business on East Main Street and since that time has established one of the leading stores in Amsterdam.

It is the straightforward business methods, backed up by good quality and right prices and 32 years in the hardware line that have attained the position that this store holds.

I specialize in house furnishing goods, iron, steel, carriage and saddlery hardware. I carry a full line of the world-famous Sterling Stoves and Ranges. We carry on hand at all times a complete line of house trimmings and contractors' supplies. Try me and be convinced.

72 East Main Street.

Headline Date: May 23, 1913
News: Eunice Ann Huntley, widow of William H. Dean, died at residence of her son, Frank S. Dean, on Guy Park avenue, nearly 92 years of age.

13. HANSON & DICKSON FURNITURE - ? Hanson & William Dickson

Hanson & Dickson

Our extensive line of furniture invites the inspection of economic and exclusive buyers. We also carry a complete line of carpets, rugs and curtains that it will pay you to see if contemplating a purchase.

Agents for the famous "Acorn Stoves and Ranges."

The ladies will be immediately interested in the


which we handle exclusively. This "home companion" sell itself, with it 5-year guarantee, absolutely covering any damage either by accident, fire or hard usage. Call and have this machine shown and explained to you. It will be a pleasure for us

35 East Main Street

Headline Date: September 16, 1900
News: Young & Striker's dry goods store destroyed by fire. Hanson & Dickson's and Seely Conover's stores damaged by smoke and water. Total loss $40,000.

Headline Date: July 5, 1904
News: W. W. Dickson became sole proprietor of Hanson & Dickson furniture store.

Headline Date: October 3, 1911
News: Hanson & Dickson's place of business damaged by fire.


Fire Losses Doubled
$60,000 Paid During 1909 for Property
Destroyed in Amsterdam

A fire every third day the startling announcement made by Chief Stichel of the local fire department in his annual report. The losses paid by insurance companies aggregated %59,767.63, or more than double the figures of 1908. A total of 134 fires fought in brick buildings and 80 in frames structures.

No large mercantile losses were noted but a steady drain of dwellings and household furniture blazes resulted in the increase. Did you suffer? No? Lucky again. If not insured why tempt fate? A few cents a month will guarantee protection. We solicit your business. A small policy will be given the same care that one for a larger amount receives.

Call by either 'phone or in person for a copy of our "Household Furniture Inventory." It means prompt and just settlement of losses and is free. If insured at present give us the expiration of your policies NOW. WE will renew when due in the best companies, give the matter our best attention and thoroughly appreciate the courtesy.

General Insurance and Real Estate
6 Market Street                Pulling Block

1910 US Census, Amsterdam, Mont, NY 2nd Wd
198 Market Street
Smeallie, James A., Head, 49, M1, 49 yrs, NY, NY, NY, Real Estate & Ins
Ada, Wife, 47, ", ", 4/3, ", ", "
John V., Son, 24, S, ", ", ", Real Estate & Ins
Catherine K., Dau, 21, S, ", ", "
Henry W., Son, 10, S, ", ", "

Headline Date: June 1, 1924
News: Died: James A. Smeallie, well known insurance and real estate man

15. VAN AKEN'S DRUG STORE - DeBaun Van Aken

3 East Main Street

Business established 56 year ago, But still young and vigorous. Large
Line of everything in

Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Window Glass and Sundries.

The patronage we have received from those who have known us long has made our business what it is. We thank and hope to keep them with us and to add to their number many who as yet do not know us.

Headline Date: February 27, 1911
News: Fire in block on Main street, corner of Bridge, did much damage to Van Aken's drug store, Thing & Co.'s shoe store, Van Heusen & Son's office and Fegel Brothers' job printing stock.

Headline Date: March 15, 1917
News: Announcement of retirement of DeBaun Van Aken from pharmacy business to assume management of bond department of Montgomery County Trust company.


What We Have to Offer You

Comparison will convince you that we carry the most exclusive, highest class stock of jewelry in the city.
Just now we've many beautiful articles we'd like to have you come in and see.
They'll appeal to you, we're sure, and we know the prices will.

7 Market Street

Headline Date: October 21, 1902
News: Marriage of George H. Churchill and Miss Florence Gray Jewett.

Headline Date: July 24, 1923
News: Announcement of the retirement from the jewelry trade of George H. Churchill, long engaged in the business in Amsterdam.

17. McCONNELL & CRAMER GROCERS - Frank McConnell & William H. Cramer

Flour, Feed and Grain

We are in a better position to take care of your business today than ever before.
Can give you prompt service-can give you the goods.
We have them and have them bought right-it matters not what it is.
If you are looking for groceries, we believe we can give you more and better goods for a dollar than any other house in the city.


Over three months ago we bought five carloads of flour-one thousand barrels-at nearly one dollar per barrel less than the mills ask today, and are offering the same now at these very low prices:

"World's Best." Per sack, $1.65
"World's Best." (bbl., wood), $6.85
"Pioneer," per sack. $1.60

We guarantee both of these popular brands to the trade.


Oats, Corn, Cracked Corn, Ground Feed, Bran, Middlings, Hay, Straw, etc., all at lowest possible prices.

Mc Connell & Cramer
Wholesale and Retail.
105-107 East Main Street

Headline Date: February 13, 1895
News: Marriage of William H. Cramer and Miss Artiemissia M. Hall.

Headline Date: April 13, 1905
News: The Waterstreet store in Market street, leased by McConnell & Cramer.

1910 Us Census, Amsterdam, 6th Ward
255 Division Street
Cramer, Wm. H., Head, 43, M1, 15, NY, NY, CAN-ENG, Merchant Grocery Store
Artie, Wife , 35, ", ", 0/0, NY, NY, NY
Emma, Mother, 70, Wd, 3/3, Can, Scot, Eng, 1848
Emma, Sister, 34, S, NY, NY, CAN-Eng, Stenographer

1910 US Census, Amsterdam, 1st Wd, Dist 51
81 Bunn St.
McConnell, Frank, Head, 46, M1, 24, NY, Scot, Scot, Partner Grocery Store
Estella, Wife, 45, ", ", NY, NY, NY, None
Lela F., Dau, 17, NY, NY, NY, None

Headline Date: March 11, 1914
News: Burglary in the Cramer store on Market street.

Headline Date: April 29, 1917
News: Retirement of firm of McConnell & Cramer, long engaged in grocery business, and closing to that line of trade store at corner of East Main and Walnut streets, which had for nearly fifty years been similarly occupied.


Greatly Reduced Prices on Winter Clothing and Furs

With the reputation for high grade and honest value that our goods enjoy, it is simply nothing short of a money loss to you if you fail to take advantage of the greatly reduced prices this sale offers you.

Specials in Men's Wear 33 1/3 per cent. off.
Ladies' Coast and Furs 50 per cent. Off.
Cash or time to pay

Max Gray
East Main Street.
Opp. St. Mary's Church

1910 US Census, Amsterdam, Dist 55
147 East Main St.
Grey, Max, Head, 32, mar 15 yrs, Russ-Yiddish, x3, Merchant Clothing Store
Ida, Wife, 34, ", 6/6, "
Rosie, Dau, 14
Nathan, Son, 11
Sarah, Dau, 9
Joseph, Son, 7
Esther, Dau, 5
David, Son, 2

Headline Date: May 29, 1915
News: The City W. C. T. U. prizes for essays on effects of alcohol on human system, to pupils of the city graded schools, were won, 1st, $10, by Miss Sarah Gray.

1920 US Census, Amsterdam, District 62
70 Grove Street
Gray, Mack, Head, 42, M, Imm 1902, na 1907, Prussia, P, x3, Merchant Dry Goods
Ida, Wife, 44, ",
Rosa, Dau, 23, ", Saleslady Dry Goods
Nathan, Son, 21, ", Clerk Dry Goods
Sarah, Dau, 18, ", None
Joseph, Son, 16, NY, None
Esther, Dau, 14, ", None
David, Son, 11, ", None

Headline Date: November 12, 1922
News: Married: Maurice Kronick of North Adams, Mass., and Miss Rose Gray of Amsterdam.

Headline Date: November 13, 1922
News: Max Gray's store robbed of goods valued at $3,500.

Headline Date: January 6, 1924
News: Marriage of Victor Frank of New York and Miss Sarah Gray of this city.

1930 US Census, Amsterdam, 1st Ward
2 Summit Ave
Gray, Max, Head, 52, Poland, x3, Merchant Clothing Store
Ida, Wife, 53, ", None
Esther, Dau, 25, NY, Poland, Poland, Clerk Insurance Co
David, Son, 22, NY, Poland, Poland, None
Nathan, Son, 32, NY, Poland, Poland, Manager Clothing Store

3rd Vice-President of the 1905 Amsterdam Board of Trade

The Most comprehensive Hardware Stock in Amsterdam
A strong statement, but it is absolutely true.
Buying our goods in such unusual quantities enables us to offer you qualities and prices unequalled by any other store.
Established 34 years, the last 20 in our present establishment.

Crawford and Red Cross Stoves and Ranges
Also our complete stock of Sporting Goods
John E. Larrabee
3-5 Market Street

Headline Date: February 6, 1889
News: Marriage of John E. Larrabee and Miss Louise Leavenworth

20. ROGER'S PHARMACY - George Rogers

The Reason Back of the Result.

An absolutely reliable drug store, dispensing honest goods at honest prices to honest people has established our recognized claim of catering to the highest class of people in the city.
Prescriptions filled promptly and delivered to all parts of the city.
Orders by 'phone competently handled.
We also are agents for the celebrated


We carry a large stock of these paints, also a specially prepared paint or varnish finish which will adapt itself to any surface.

Our highest claims can be substantiated if you place an order with

Roger's Pharmacy
68 Spring Street, Cor. Wall Street
'Phones - Bell and Automatic

1910 US Census, Amsterdam, 1st Wd, Dist 69
50 Union Street
Rogers, George, Head, 31, M1, 6 yrs, NY, IRE, IRE, Prop. Drug Store
Jessie, Wife, 30, ", ", NY, NY, NY, no children

21. W.C. OCHAMPAUGH INSURANCE - Walter Conrad Ochampaugh

The Reason Why

Why did we increase our business tremendously the year?

First - We represent only those companies which are sound, conservative and reliable. This is the basis of our success.

Second - We strive to be correct in our policy writing and otherwise to give you the most perfect service possible.

Third - We save you ten to twenty-five percent. on your premiums.

These are the three principal reasons why you should place you business with us. Before your fire insurance policy expires don't fail to get our rates and talk the matter over with us.

We represent the Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins. Co., and if you are considering life insurance let us show you our new contracts, because we have the best in life insurance.

Don't fail to look up Ochampaugh at 6 Market street when you need anything in the insurance line.

We write all the insurance lines, including Fire, Life, Accident and Health, Automobile, Plate Glass, etc., etc.

W. C. Ochampaugh
6 Market Street              Amsterdam, N.Y.

1910 US Census, Amsterdam, 6th Wd, Dist 62
285 Division Street
Ochampaugh, Walter C., Head, 31, M1, 9yrs, NY, NY, NY, Ins/ Real Estate Office
Flora E., Wife, 34, ", ", NY, VT, NY, 1child/1living
Carman H., Dau, 8, VT, NY, NY

By 1920 Walter & his family were living in Grand Forks, ND ,where he continued as a life insurance agent.

22. N.B. SHAW & SONS - Napolean B. Shaw, Sons, Fred & Osgood along with Osgood's wife, Pearl, were piano teachers at the store.

N. B. Shaw & Sons
15 West Main Street
Pianos, Organs,
Violins, Mandolins, Banjos, Guitars.
Strings for all instruments, and Everything in the Musical Line


Real Estate. Mortgage Loans. Fire Insurance.
H. A. Dunham
5 Market Street

Headline Date: October 3, 1894
News: Marriage of Henry A. Dunham and Miss Mabel L. Coggswell

1910 US Census, Amsterdam, Dist 62, 6th Ward
340 Division St
Dunham, Henry A., Head, 37, M1, 15, NY, NY, NY, Real Estate Office
Mabel, Wife, 39, ", ", 2/2, Mass, x 3
George, Son, 14, NY, NY, Mass
Marion, Dau, 11, NY, NY, Mass

24. FRED DAVEY - Coal Seller


Headline Date: June 24, 1891
News: Marriage of Fred Davey and Miss Kittie C. Morphy (dau. of Thomas & Maria Morphy)

Headline Date: September 29, 1924
News: Fred Davey elected president of Board of Trade

25. FRIDAY'S HOTEL & RESTAURANT - 8,10,12 Bridge Street
Fred Friday, proprietor

8, 10 AND 12 Bridge Street

Rooms for Gentlemen Only
Amsterdam, N.Y

Amsterdam Directories 1887-1890
Fred Friday, Bartender, Central Hotel, 40 Storrie

Headline Date: April 11, 1898
News: Fred Friday purchases the Finehout building, at Nos. 8 and 10 Bridge street, for $8,000. (contributor note: Building formerly owned by George Finehout)

1900 US Census, Amsterdam, Wd, Dist 73
8 Bridge Street
Friday, Fred, Head, Dec 1857, 42, m. 19 yrs, Saloon Keeper, b. Ger, immig. 1871
Christie, Wife, May 1860, 40, ", ", "
Fred Jr., Son, Jan 1882, 18, Cigar Maker, b. NY,
Morris F., Son, July 1884, 16, At School
Clarence E., Son, Nov 1886, 13, At School

Headline Date: June 29, 1904
News: Married: Fred Friday. Jr., and Miss Katherine T. Lynch.

1910 US Census, Amsterdam, District 52
8-10 Bridge Street
Fred Friday, age 52, Proprietor Hotel
Christine Friday, age 48, Wife, mar 29 year, 3 children/3 living

Headline Date: December 13, 1917
News: Fred Friday, hotel and restaurant keeper, on Market street, files petition in bankruptcy.

1920 US Census, Amsterdam, Dist 76
Fred Friday, age 62, Engineer Knitting Mill
Christy, age 58

Headline Date: January 2, 1921
News: Il Risorgemento lodge, No. 289, Sons of Italy, held its first meeting in its new home on Market street, formerly the Friday hotel.

26. MULDOWNEY'S CLOTHES SHOP - Thomas F. Muldowney(father-in-law of #6, jeweler Peter J. Donnelly)

High-Class Tailoring that will Appeal to YOU

A rapid increase in business necessitates my moving to handsomer and more commodious quarters in the new Blood building, now nearing completion.

Pleasing to note it is entirely due to the full measure of satisfaction obtained here.

Most men like good clothes - and I make them.

I've some of the finest exclusive cloths you ever saw - all fresh for this spring.

Ask me to show them to you.

Clothes Shop
Pulling Building,              6 Market Street

1900 US Census, Amsterdam, 1st Wd
32 Wall Street
Muldowny, Thomas F., Head, 49, Mar 25 yrs, NY, IRE, CAN-Eng, Tailor, Store
Anna L., Wife, 49, ", 0/0, NY, NY, NY, None
3 Lodgers: Richard Sammons, 29, Simeon Sammons, 31 & Karl Siebe, 34

27. & 28. PATTON* & HALL SHOES

The Best Place in Town to Buy a Pair of Shoes

This has become the watchword for those who insist on the best shoe value consistent with the best price. The large and varied stock carried by this firm always makes it possible to secure just what is wanted, irrespective of the most scrupulous demands of the purchaser.

It will pay you to investigate their complete line of footwear necessities and specialties.

Quick Repair Plant.

An expensive plant has bee installed for quick repair work. This means no waiting, prompt and efficient service at the lowest cost to you.

31 East Main Street

Mason W. Hall was the son of Henry & Sophia Hall, Watervliet, Albany (1880 Census)

Headline Date: September 6, 1898
News: Marriage of Mason W. Hall of this city and Miss Nellie C. Chubb at Schenectady.

1900 US Census, Amsterdam, 6th Wd, Dist 80
Hall, Mason W., Head, age 28, m. 1 yr, Shoe Dealer
Nellie C., Wife, 23
Sophie, Mother, 51, Wid

Headline Date: May 10, 1902
News: Firemen called out to fires in Germania cafe, McNaughton & Harvey's paint shop and Patton & Hall's shoe store.

Headline Date: July 27, 1910
News: Patton & Hall sold out their shoe business to G. H. & A. J. Sherburne.

Headline Date: February 19, 1917
News: After 36 years of business activity in Amsterdam Nathan B. Smith disposed of his shoe store on Market street to Patton & Hall.

* There were numerous Patton's in and around Montgomery County in the late 1800s-early 1900s who were farmers, worked in the mills or were members of the clergy. I found no shoe dealers on the 1900/1910 census records or in Amsterdam Headlines. There was a John J. Patton who lived in Palatine who was listed on the 1910 Census as a Dealer in Gent's Furnishing which is the closest match. The 1893 Amsterdam Directory lists W. Mason Hall, Shoe Dealer, but not Patton. After selling the business in 1910, Mason W. Hall moved to Schenectady where he opened another shoe store.

29. MAX L. OTTO'S - 52 Market Street (1910 Census- Merchant Wine & Liquor)

The property on the street is growing in value and so will you grow if you stop at Otto's for your lunches.

52 Market Street

Headline Date: November 1, 1896
News: Death of Mrs. Max L. Otto.

Headline Date: January 19, 1898
News: Marriage of Max L. Otto and Miss Ida Otto.

1910 US Census, Amsterdam, 2nd Wd, Dist 52
50 Market Street
Otto, Max L., Head, 40, M1, 11, Ger, Ger, Ger, 1880, Merchant Wine & Liquor
Ada, Wife, 32, M1, 11, NY, Ger, NY, 3/3
Ernest M., Son, 10
August, Son, 8
Richard L., Son, 5

30. CARROLL'S FURNITURE & CARPET HOUSE, 102-104 East Main Street
John F. Carroll

Handsome Rockers
At Appealing Prices

We've a superb assortment of beautiful rockers that we've marked at prices that will appeal to every house wife. But you must grasp the opportunity now. These prices will only prevail for the next ten days.

Furniture and Carpet House
102-104 East Main Street

1910 US Census Amsterdam, Dist 53
16 William St
Carroll, John F., Head, 54, M2, 6, Ire, Ire, Ire, 1874?, Retail Merchant Furniture
Winifred, Wife, 42, M1, ", 1/1, NY, Ire, Ire
William F., Son, 15
Charles C., Son, 3

January 6, 2012

What a website!!

Under Amsterdam, History of Amsterdam. Who's Who in the World of Business.

#6 Vanderbilt and Donnelly (A. R. Vanderbilt was my great-grandfather.)
His son Stanton's middle initial is T.
Yes, Edward Vanderbilt was A. R.'s brother.
Florence B. Ar_ _ should be Florence B. Akin.
She was a child from my great-grandmother's first marriage - to Theron Akin.

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