Amsterdam, NY

The following info was abstracted from a program for a night's entertainment at the Amsterdam Opera House. As the transcriber wasn't in attendance, we don't know if the participants were Amsterdam, Schenectady or other Mohawk Valley area residents. All spellings as on original program and won't be changed.

Official Program
1913 - Amsterdam - 1914
Opera House

Friday, February 20, 1914
The Fourteenth Annual Production
Jest and Song Club of Schenectady
Presenting Under Auspices
The Fort Johnson Club

Part I. - Musical Extravaganza
Part II. - Minstrels


Overture ........... Jas. H. Stauring
Alexander D. Kline, Musical Director

Part I. Musical Fantasy and Extravaganza "40 B.C." by Robert Von Esdorf

Cast of Characters

Father Time.... H.R. Leonard
Othello.... W.H. DeNeefe
Caesar.... J.H. Crapp
Apollo.... H.J. Garahan
Anthony.... W.H. McLaren
Student.... M.J. Kiley
Alginon Doolittle.... G.H. MacClellan
Maids.... A.E. Day, F.H. Winkley
Porters and Egyptians.... J. Anderson, R.P. Heath, J. Kirkman, E.F. Gebhardt, R.D. Glennie, H.A. DeWitt, L.C. Pool, D.C. Prince
Maids and Servants.... B.C. Anthony, T. Hamilton, G.E. Ostrum, C.A. Gordon, R.D. Thompson, W.R.H. Dick, W.H. Oatting, R.B. Alexander

Part II. Minstrel Fantasy

First Chapter
Introductory - "Hallowe'en".... Porters and Maids
"Egypt".... W.H. McLaren
"Sailing on the River Nile".... Thompson and McLaren with Chorus
"Rollicking Soldier Boy".... J.H. Crapp and Chorus
"Father Time's Prologue".... H.R. Leonard

Second Chapter
Opening Medley.... Chorus
"Down in Chattanooga".... M.J. Kiley
"Molly, Dolly and Ann".... W.H. McLaren
"Stein Song".... J.H. Crapp
"G.E. Co. Drag".... M.D. Jones
Oriental Dance.... Gordon and Thomas
"Something Always Happens When It Shouldn't".... J.P. Thompson
"You Can't Get Away From It".... A.D. Cameron



F.W. Slater
C.A. Gordon
W.H. McLaren
J.H. Crapp
R.D. Thompson
D.C. Prince
J.B. Odell
T. Hambleton
H.A. Dewitt
R.B. Alexander
W.D. Gillispie
C.A. Vrooman
N. Dingley
D.C. Peters
C.T. Bates
E. Tuttle
L.B. Feeny
J.L. Farrar
C.A. Rohrer
A.D. Cameron
W.H. DeNeefe
A.E. Day
J.P. Thompson
M.C. Jones
H.J. Kline
G.E. Ostrum
E.F. Gebhardt
R.P. Heath
L.C. Paul
A. Celis
W. Wodruff
J. Hemphill
J. Kirkman
W. Jacobs
R.D. Glennis
T.S. Fuller
S.C. Ebbert
G.E. Huhlstelner/Hulsteiner?
G.H. MacClellan
F.H. Winkley
H.R. Leonard
H.J. Garahan
M.J. Kiley
B.C. Anthony
W.R.H. Dick
J. Anderson
R.B. Alexander
A.R. Howgate
V.S. Powers
L. Emery
E.E. Thornton
W.H. Oatting?
R. Treat
R.N. Falkner
J.A. Dewhurst
A.E. Kreigsman
F. Helm


CROSS & HEATH, 4 1-2 Market S., Headquarters for Imported and Domestic Cigars, Fine Candies, Newspapers and Magazines

New York Lunch, 83 E. Main Street, Open Day and Night, European Plan, 4 Doors West of Opera House

Hotel Warner, Next Door, Under New Management, Cafe, Grill, Pool Room, Barber Shop

HANSON AND DICKSON, Agents, Acorn Stoves and Ranges

The Electric Lunch, 36 East Main, Thomas C. Kansas Proprietor, Special Attention Given to Theatre Parties After the Show

H.S. BARNEY CO. Schenectady's Greatest Store, BARNEY'S Where Everybody Shops

CHARLES F. DOLAN, Teacher of Dancing, 'Phone 308, P.O.Box No. 285, Learn to Dance all the Modern Dances, Two Halls

CHRCHILL JEWELER, 9 Market Street, Diamonds - Watches - Cut Glass, Special attention to providing old and young with correct e-y-e g-l-a-s-s-e-s

HAYS & WORMUTH FIRE INSURANCE, Insurance Building, 9 and 11 Church St.

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