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First Reformed Church of Amsterdam

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This is a history of the First Reformed Church of Amsterdam that was prepared for the 150th Anniversary celebration last Fall.  This church was originally called the First Reformed (Dutch) Church of Port Jackson.  Port Jackson is now part of the 5th ward of Amsterdam.

First Reformed Church of Amsterdam NY

Old photo of the church before the addition was put on.
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One hundred fifty plus years ago in the early months of the year 1850 several families met to discuss the lack of a nearby place of worship.  After much consideration it was decided to hold services in the schoolhouse and make plans for erecting a church building.  The founders obtained a parcel of land from Cornelius Van Buren and started construction of a house of worship. For that small group of founders a long awaited dream was fulfilled and no longer would these Dutch and Scottish families have to make the long and often cold Sunday journeys to such distances as Fort Hunter, Minaville, or across the Mohawk River by boat to Amsterdam. The faith of a small but determined group of men and women were given substance as a building rose on a small parcel of land in Port Jackson, New York. Before itís completion, the congregation was received into the Classis of Montgomery of the Reformed Dutch Protestant Church on September 17, 1850.  The consistory was ordained and installed by the Rev. Van OíLinda of the Fonda Church. The year was climaxed with the dedication on December 19, of the new sanctuary, built at a cost of $2,915 and the ordination and installation of the first pastor, the Rev. Garret L. Roof. On February 8, 1851, the first communion service was held when in addition to the three elders and two deacons of the consistory, twenty members were received into membership.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary Decorated for Christmas
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The First Reformed (Dutch) Church of Port Jackson is today the First Reformed Church of Amsterdam.  The original structure was enlarged and repaired at a cost of about $9,000 in 1884-1885.  The pipe organ at a cost of $1,700 was installed in 1893.  In 1900, the parsonage was rebuilt and stands as it was then. In 1927 the Sunday School Chapel was added to the church to accommodate a growing Sunday school membership and the clapboard church was stuccoed at the same time. The Dean Memorial Chimes were added in 1945.

In its 150 years, 28 pastors have served the church as the ordained minister or stated supply.  The pastorate of the Rev. Joshua R. Kyle, from January 1, 1881, until June 27, 1926, far outdistances all others in length.  But the names of his successors would surely evoke memories of equally dedicated men who have stood in the pulpit or by the bedside witnessing to the love and power of God.

Moses Window


Jesus Window


The Stained Glass Windows Behind the Alter in the Sanctuary
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Not only has Port Jackson become what is now known as the Fifth Ward, Amsterdam, but the Fifth Ward has recorded many changes over the years.  The fortune of the First Reformed Church has registered the changes with declining membership over the past two decades.  The present congregation, small in number, remains dedicated to continuing a ministry in the Fifth Ward, hopeful that anticipated new growth on the south side of the river will reverse current trends.  In the meantime, the membership remains loyal in worship and support and eager to serve wherever possible.  The church has served as the meeting place of the Missionary Society organized in 1883; the Ladies Aid Society formed in 1898; and the Motherís Club formed in 1916; these three organizations were combined to form the Womenís Guild for Christian Service; and until just recently the Fifth Ward Senior Citizens Club.  It has actively participated in the cooperative programming of the Amsterdam Area Reformed Churches and looks forward to further use of its resources for the benefit of its sister churches and the community.

Ministers serving our church since 1850:
Rev. G. L. Roof              Rev. Cornelius Gates
Rev. Isaac G. Duryee         Ref. Henry M. Voorhees
Rev. Abram Switts            Rev. Isaac Duryee
Rev. A. Messler Quick        Rev H. Pettengill
Rev. John Minor              Rev. Joshua R. Kyle
Rev. A. Van Oeveren          Rev. Charles W. Smith
Rev. William K. Haysom       Rev. Barclay B. Fishburn
Rev. Chester A. Moore        Rev. Bert Pennings
Rev. Jack D. Cooper          Rev. Stanley Vandersall
Rev. Jack Elliot 
Rev. William Henkel (shared with Florida Reformed)
Rev. James McDonald (shared with Florida Reformed)
Rev. Scott Crane (shared with Florida Reformed)
Rev. Derek DeJager (shared with Florida Reformed)

Between installed ministers we were privileged to have been served by: Rev. William Boehne, Evert Kruizenga, Rev. Otto Jaeckel, Rev. Egy, and Rev. Gazel.  If anyone has been missed, we deeply apologize for the omission.

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