Letter to
Edward L. Fronk
No. 7 Daniel St., Albany, NY
From J.J. Fronk, Amsterdam
sons of Jacob & Anna Fronk, Florida Twp.

Transcribed as written

Fronk Letter

Amsterdam, May 22, 1881

Dear Brother Edward,

I thought I would answer your letter as you requested me to do for it is a long time since I have written to you or any body els. I do not write often enough to keep in practice, but I will try and do better in the futcher. I am quite vexed for I had one letter most finished when I up set the bottel of ink, now that is nice when one likes to write so much as I do. Now I will answer your questions you requested me to. All the folks you asked about are as well as usual. Jess and Teen live with the old folks on the Wido. Hartley's farm. The girl part you gues quite rong about but don't let that bother you for when I get redy to step that way I will let you know a few weeks before hand. I have plenty of work to do. I am bording west of the Acadimy in John Simpsons house. I may come down before long will not say when it is raining very hard now and is quite cool. I took a prominade over home last evening. I wish you had a been there. I and my lady friend had quite a joke plade on us but dont say anything about it. I will tell you when I see you. Now don't let that money matter bother you youcan keep it till it is convenient to pay without distresing yourself. I might want to bee accomidated sometime myself in the same way. I would like to go down to the City with you this summer if you want to go any time in six or seven weeks. Let me know and I will try and go with you. Heneret [Henrietta] is working all the time she wants to go home to sleep and take her meals out. that would work very well for a little while and then she would sputter around the house as usual. I would not bord her for 5 dolors a week. things are very plesant down home since we left as near as I can find out. from what H.C. said the other night a bout Teen after she had gone home I should judge there will be a increase in the family. I did not see her for they did not send me word that she was down. I have not seen her since her since Christmis or I could tell you better. For my firs letter in so long a time I don't think this is a very short one. I am well as ever and hope this will find you the same. I will leave al mistakes for you to correct and overlook for I know you will overlook them when you take it all in consideration so I will close with love to you.
from your affectionately,
J.J. Fronk
Ps after you read this letter please burn it up and say no more about it to any body except my self.


It is fortunate for us that Edward did not burn this affectionate letter from his then 20 Y/O brother, John Jacob Fronk.

John married Sarah Parks (his "lady friend?") the same year this letter was written. The 1900 US Census Rotterdam, Schenectady Co, NY states they had been married 19 years and had 5 living children:
Floyd J., b. June 1883; Grace, b. Mar 1885; Charles Raymond, b. Oct 1886, d. 1963; Edward W., b. Mar 1889; Walter, b. Nov 1893. His mother-in-law, Aurilize (sic) [Ann Eliza] Parks, Wd. b. Nov 1830 was also living with them. Their son, Howard, was born in 1902.

Known children of Jacob & Ann Fronk were: Edward L., abt 1849; Henrietta C., b. 1851, Leonteen J., abt 1856; Grace A., b. abt 1858; John J., b. abt. 1861; Ada, b. abt. 1870.

Parents Jacob Fronk b. 14 Feb 1822, Albany Co., d. 22 May 1889, Amsterdam (Amsterdam Recorder) & Anna Marie (Johnson) Fronk b. 5-12-21, Montgomery Co., d. 27 Mar 1874, Amsterdam (Green Hill Cemetery).

On April 25, 1882, Edward L. Fronk, b. Nov 1849 m. Della M. Beecher, b. Feb 1853, dau of Clark & Anna M. Beecher. Edward later became an undertaker in Schenectady. Below is his likeness taken from Schenectady County, New York : its history to the close of the nineteenth century, Austin Yates, New York History Company, 1902

Transcribed and donated by Nancy Robinson!

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