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Thomas & Minnie (Krutz) McGibbon
c. 1906

Thomas & Minnie McGibbon
c. 1930's

Thomas McGibbon, the son of James & Margaret (McFarlane) McGibbon, was born in Thornhill, Perthshire, Scotland in 1884. On the 1901 Census, Thomas was living in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland with his family and listed as age 16. He immigrated to NY c.1902 & was naturalized in 1908. A joiner apprentice in Scotland, he started out as a carpenter in Amsterdam and became a successful builder. In 1906 Thomas married Minnie Krutz, daughter of Henry & Augusta Krutz of Amsterdam. Other than a short period of time during WWI when they resided in Philadelphia, Thomas & Minnie lived in Amsterdam until their deaths. They had no children.

The McGibbon's were a hearty line. Most, if not all, of the 13 children of James & Margaret McGibbon made it to adulthood. Quite a feat considering the high infant mortality of the time and the fact that education ended around age 10 or 12 when children went to work in various occupations to help support their families.

The Scottish census records below are from a transcription. I was unable to view the original microfilms, so I cannot absolutely verify accuracy. However, names, dates and time line match well and are validated by immigration and Amsterdam census records.

This has been a fun project and at the end, I feel as if I have been privileged to know the McGibbon & Krutz families. From one photo purchased online, I have been able to follow the evolution of a hard-working and successful Scottish immigrant family and as other photos became available, they brought a new dimension to my research. As they say, "One picture is worth a thousand words."

Minnie's brother, Leonard Krutz, I am told, was concerned about the fact that his line would end upon his death as like his sister, he also had no children. I am looking forward to transcribing his memoirs at a later date which will leave a lasting memory of Leonard and the times in which he lived. Rest in peace, Leonard, you are not forgotten.

Per IGI:
Margaret McFarlane, dau of Alexander McFarlane & Catherine McNie, b. 20 Feb 1844, Kincardine by Doune, Perth, m. James McGibbon, 17 Feb 1863, also in Kincardine by Doune, Perth. Note: Thornhill is a town in the district of Kincardine.

1841 Balfron, Stirlingshire, Scotland (from Scotland Free Census)
Address: Balfron Clachan
McGibbon, Margaret, 35, Muslin Sewer, b. Stirlingshire
McGibbon, James, 2 mos.b. Stirlingshire

1851 Census, Kindcardine, Perthshire, Scotland
McFarlane, Alxr, Head, 45 (abt 1806), b. Balquhidder, Farmer of 5 acres (Transcription placed Alexander at age 15 which is obvious error)
McFarlane, Catherine, Wife, 43, (abt. 1808), b. Kincardine
McFarlane, Catherine, dau, 15, (abt 1836) b. Kincardine
McFarlane, Peter, son, 11, (abt 1840), b. Kincardine, Scholar
McFarlane, Janet, dau, 8, (abt 1843), b. Kincardine, Scholar
McFarlane, Margaret, dau, 6, (b. abt 1844), b. Kincardine, Scholar
McFarlane, Elizabeth, dau, 4, (abt 1847), b. Kincardine, Scholar
McFarlane, John, son, 1, (b.abt 1850), b. Kincardine

1861 Census, Balfron, Stirlingshire, Scotland
15 Buchanan Street
McGibbon, Margaret, Head, 58, b. Kippen, Stirlingshire, Stocking knitter
McGibbon, James, Son 21, b. Balfron, Stirlingshire, labourer on the turnpike road

1861 Census, Kincardine, Perthshire, Scotland
McFarlane, Alexander, Head, 55, b. Kincardine, Perthshire, Forester the Blair Drummond Estate
McFarlane, Catherine, Wife, 50, b. Kincardine, Perthshire
McFarlane, Peter, son, 21, b. Kincardine, Perthshire, Lab in Woods
McFarlane, Margaret, dau, 16, b. Kincardine, Perthshire, Scholar
McFarlane, Elizabeth, dau, 13, b. Kincardine, Perthshire, Scholar
McFarlane, John, son, 11, b. Kincardine, Perthshire, Scholar
McFarlane, Alexander, son, 8, b. Kincardine, Perthshire, Scholar

1871 Glasgow, Lanarkshire
48 Ronald Street
McGibbon, James, 30, b. Balfron, Stirlingshire, Bookseller Traveller
McGibbon, Margaret, 26, Thornhill, Perthshire
McGibbon, Sarah, 7, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, scholar (b. 20 Apr 1863, Milton, Glasgow, Scotland)
McGibbon, James, 4, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire (b. 27 Aug 1866, Milton, Glasgow, Scotland)
McGibbon, Alexander, 8 mos, Glasgow, Lanarkshire
(Alexander Stewart McGibbon, b. 17 Jul 1870. Central Dist, Glasgow, son of James McGibbon & Margaret Stewart McFarlane)

1881 Census Kincardine, Perthshire
McGibbon, James, 40, b. Balfron, Stirlingshire, Labourer in a quarry
McGibbon, Margaret, 37, b. Kincardine, Perthshire
McGibbon, Alexander S., 10, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, scholar
McGibbon, Janet, 8, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, scholar (b. 28 Aug 1873, Central District, Glasgow)
McGibbon, John, 6, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, scholar (b. 28 June 1874, Central District Glasgow)
McGibbon, Robert, 4, Glasgow, Lanarkshire
McGibbon, Ann, 2, Glasgow, Lanarkshire
McGibbon, Mary S.G., 9 mos, Kindcardine, Perthshire

Home of Wm & Janet McKesson
McGibbon, James, 14, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Servant

Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Home of James & Jane Smith
McGibbon, Sarah, 17, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Cook Servant

1891 Census, Kilmadock, Perthshire, Scotland, ED5, Second Div, Page 7
(Census taken from transcription-unable to view original microfilm)
James McGibbon, age 50, b. Balfron, Stirlingshire, occupation: asbestos worker
Margaret McGibbon, 46, b. Thornhill, Perthshire
Janet McGibbon, 18, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire, occupation: cotton weaver
John McGibbon, 16, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire, occupation: cotton spinner
Robert McGibbon, 14, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire, occupation: draper's assistant
Annie McGibbon, 12, b. Glasgow, Lanark, occupation: cotton heddler
Mary S G McGibbon, 10, Thornhill, Perthshire, scholar
Margaret McGibbon, 8, Thornhill, Perthshire, scholar
Thomas McGibbon, 6, b. Thornhill, Perthshire, scholar*
William McGibbon, 4, b. Thornhill, Perthshire (8 Jul1886)
Isabella McGibbon, 2, b. Kilmadock, Perthshire
Helen McGibbon, 8 mos, b. Kilmadock, Perthshire

Gargunnock, Stirlingshire, Scotland
McGibbon, Alexander, 20, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Blacksmith apprentice Burnton Smithy

1900 US Census, Amsterdam, Dist 84, Sheet 1A, Lines 17, 18, 19
Krutz, Henry, Head, Mar 1860, age 40, M 16 yrs, Ger Ger Ger 1881, 19 yrs Na Cit. Broom Maker
Krutz, Gussie, Wife, Nov, 1862, age 37, M 16 yrs 2 children/1living Ger Ger Ger 1870
Krutz, Minnie, Dau, Sept 1884, age 15 S. NY, Ger Ger,

1901 Census, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
11 Underwood Lane
McGibbon, Margaret, Head, 56, b. Thornhill Perthshire
McGibbon, Janet, Dau, 27, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Winder Thread Mill
McGibbon, Robert, Son, 24, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Draper's Assistant
McGibbon, Annie, Dau, 22, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Spooler Thread Mill
McGibbon, Marrion (Mary S G), Dau 20, b. Thornhill, Perthshire, Ticketer Thread Mill
McGibbon, Thomas, Son 16, b. Thornhill, Perthshire, joiner apprentice
McGibbon, William, Son, 14, b. Thornhill, Perthshire, Wood Turner apprentice
McGibbon, Isabella, Dau, 12, b. Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scholar
McGibbon, Nillie (Helen), Dau,10, b. Deanston, Perthshire, scholar

1910 US Census, Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, NY- Dist 70, Sheet 1A
16 April 1910
No Address given
Krutz, Henry, Head, 52, M1 26 yrs, Ger Ger Ger, 1881, Na, Broom Maker, Broom Factory
Krutz, Agusta, Wife, 46, M1 26 yrs, 2/2 Ger, Ger, Ger, 1870, None
McGibbbon, Minnie, dau, 25, M1 4 yrs 0/0 NY, Ger, Ger, Laborer Knitting Mill
Krutz, Leonard, 7, son, S, NY, Ger, Ger
McGibbon, Thomas, son-in-law, 26 M1, 4 yrs, Scot Scot Scot, 1904, Al, Carpenter, House

79 Forbes Street
McGibbon, Janet, Head, 34, S., Scot Scot Scot imm.: 1905, Finisher Knitting Mill
McGibbon, William, Brother, 23, S., Scot Scot Scot, imm: 1909, Bricklayer, working out

Henry & Augusta (Sluttka) Krutz
Parents of Minnie Krutz McGibbon

262 (No Street Name)
McGibbon, John, Head, 54 M1, 10 yrs, Scot Scot Scot 1909*, carpenter planing mill
McGibbon, Wilhelmina, Wife, 32, M1 10 yrs, Scot Scot Scot, 1909
McGibbon, Wilhelmina, Dau, 9, S, Scot Scot Scot, 1909
McGibbon, James, Son, 6, S Scot Scot Scot, 1909
*Family Arrived NY on ship Columbia, 3 April 1909

1918 WWI Draft Registration
Thomas McGibbon, 2440 Harlans St., Philadelphia, PA
DOB: 26 May 1884 Naturalized Citizen
Employed: Midvale Steel & Ordnance, Corp, Eddystone, PA as Machine Operator
Wife: Minnie H. McGibbon
Physical Characteristics: Med Ht. & Build.; Hair & Eyes Brown

1920 US Census, Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, NY-Dist 73
365 Guy Park Ave.
McGIBBON, Thomas, Head, 35, imm: 1902, Na 1908, Scot Scot Scot, Carpenter
McGIBBON, Minnie H., Wife, 35, NY Ger Ger

Leonard Krutz
son of Henry & Augusta

4 (Street Name Unreadable)
McGibbon, Janet, Head, 43, imm: 1907 Al. Scot Scot Scot , Finisher Knitting Mill
McGibbon, William, Brother, 31, imm: 1911 Na 1918, Scot Scot Scot, Finisher Knitting Mill

13 Carmichael Street
Krutz, Henry, Head, 62, imm 1876 Na 1881, Ger Ger Ger, Broom Maker Factory
Krutz, Augusta, Wife, 57, NY, Ger Ger Ger
Krutz, Leonard, Son, 18, NY Ger NY Carpenter House

1930 US Census, Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, NY-Dist 17
233 Brookside
Krutz, Augusta, Head, 68 age 1st mar 21, NY Ger Ger None
Krutz, E. Leonard, Son, 27, age 1st mar. 27, NY NY Ger, Carpenter, General
Krutz, B. Frances, Daughter in law, 32, age 1st mar. 31, NY Austria Austria, Machine Operator Knitting Mill

375 Guy Park Ave
McGIBBON, Thomas, Head, 45, M 21 yrs, Scot Scot Scot, imm 1902, Builder, Construction
McGIBBON, Minnie H., Wife, 44, M 21 yrs, NY Ger Ger

52 Bayard Street
McGibbon, Janet, Head, 52, S., Scot Scot Scot, imm: 1909, no occupation

182 Locust Ave
Home of Lewis Morris
McGibbon, Anna, 46 Housekeeper, b. Scotland, Scotland, Scotland, imm 1909

208 Brookside
WOOSTER, William, Jr., Head, 31, age 1s marriage, 31, NY NY Iowa, Millwright, Rug Mill
WOOSTER, Mary S., wife, 35 age 1st marriage 35, Scot Scot Scot, imm 1913,
Contributor Note: In I921, Thomas' sister Mary S.G. McGibbon m. William Wooster, Jr., b. 27 Aug 1891, son of William & Anna Louise (Klingler) Wooster* of Amsterdam, formerly of Schenectaday. *See Wooster Family Genealogy at

72 Glen Avenue
McGibbon, William, Head, 42, 1st mar. age 36, Scot Scot Scot, imm: 1909, Na, Bricklayer
McGibbon, Anna, Wife, 30, 1st mar. age 24, NY NY NY
McGibbon, Margaret, 5, S, NY, Scot, NY

182 Locust Ave
Home of Reeves & Janet Morris
McGibbon, Anna, Housekeeper, 46, Scot Scot Scot, imm:: 1909, Housekeeper, Private

The Krutz family attended the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Amsterdam.

Henry Krutz, b. 1858 Germany,d. bet 1920-1930, Amsterdam
Augusta Krutz, b. 1862, Germany, d. 1941, Amsterdam
Leonard Krutz, b. 14 May 1902, d. Nov 1980, Broadalbin, Fulton Co., NY
Frances "Fanny" Isop, wife of Leonard Krutz, b 20 May 1898, d. Apr 1979, Broadalbin, Fulton Co., NY
Thomas McGibbon, b. 26 May 1884, Scotland, d. 24 Nov 1944, Amsterdam.
Minnie Krutz McGibbon, b. 13 Sept 1884, d. 1975, Amsterdam

Leonard & Frances (Isop) Krutz

In 1956, Minnie McGibbon traveled to Southampton on the Queen Mary with traveling companion, Lillian Lasher, whose address was also given as 375 Guy Park Ave. Lilliian, the mother of Gertrude, Elma & Elizabeth, was the widow of James Lasher, an Amsterdam carpenter who died c. 1924 and at one time possibly worked with or for Thomas McGibbon.

Minnie & Thomas McGibbon and the Krutz family are buried in Fairview Cemetery, Amsterdam

Home of Thomas & Minnie McGibbon
375 Guy Park Avenue
C. 1920

Fairview Cemetery

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