50th Anniversary
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Amsterdam, NY

Part 2

Amsterdam, N. Y., November A. D., 1918

Frauen Verein (Ladies' Aid Society)


Martha NilesPresident
Auguste Grunewald   Vice-President
Louise HoefsFinance Secretary
Lena StahlSecretary
Anna KreiselTreasurer
Sophia BattenfeldTreasurer of the
Birthday Offering

Meets monthly, every second Wednesday.

The Ladies' Aid Society was organized in 1873 and had for its first faithful workers.

It had a large membership from the beginning and raised considerable money for the general support of the church.

The Ladies' Aid Society has in many ways assisted the congregation in its finances. It contributed for all objects during its history a marvelous sum, the largest undertaking at any time was in 1888 and in 1918, where the pews were varnished, remodeled, stained.

If any entertaining is to be done at the church, there is no society that can do it so well and satisfactory as the Ladies' Aid Society.

The society meets the second Wednesday of each month and has a membership of 102. It should easily have doubled this number, but it depends on you ladies who are not members to make it possible. Will you do it?

Church Pews (Remodeled)

Presented by the Ladies' Aid Society of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Members of the Ladies' Aid Society, Anno Domini, 1918

Minnie BlaseLouise Miller
Ernestine BrueserAnna Miller
Auguste BurmasterAnna Machals
Sophie BelfanzCaroline Minch
Selma BenkerRose Mabler
Sophia BattenfeldMaria Meyer
Sophia Bremer
Wilhemine BenkerMartha Niles
Louise BlaseAuguste Nietsch
Fredericke BushBertha Nadler
Bertha BrinkmanAuguste Newman
Friedericka Bohney
Frieda BatenfeldMinnie Oestreich
Caroline Otto
Maria CastorIda Orth
Maria Conrad
Margarethe Plaster
Caroline DahneCaroline Pankonin
Caroline Droege
Minna Rietz
Emilie EhrkeLouise Richey
Mathilde Ruback
Elisabeth FoedishMinna Ruback
Christine FridayKatharina Reichert
Katharine FrenzReka Ruback
Maria FeldmanMaria Ruback
Maria FolsterKatharina Ross
Katharine GerlingDelia Rust
Johanna GlammSophia Rothmeyer
Anna GablerEmma Roepke
Auguste GrunewaldLouise Rothmeyer
Hannah Gerling
Minna Schube
Minnie HeinzMinna Schotte
Bertha HovemeycrKatbarina Schoeffler
Louise HoefsElisabeth Strobel
Anna HendricksMaria Schneider
Ada HerathMagdalene Siegenthaler
Maria von HahmannSelma Schubert
Elisabeth Hungerschafer   Friedericke Sturm
Lene Stahl
Fredericke JagerAuguste Spannbauer
Minnie JanetskyJohanne Sturm
Lena Stucke
Louise KurlbaumEmma Stephens
Helene KrugerRose Streun
Anna KrahBarbara Schwartz
Bertha Kreisel
Anna KreiselJohanna Tesnow
Barbara KreiselFriedericke Tietz
Maria KlappmeyerLinna Teetz
Henriette Klug
Catharina Waterstreet
Emilie LaBahnLouise Wiese
Margarethe ListLinna Wirth
Anna LenzAnna Watermann
Wanda LembkeEmilie Weingartuer
Bertha LuneburgIda Walter
Bertha Luke

The Sunday School

Trinity Lutheran Sunday School was organized in the summer of 1867 by Pastor Peterson or Peters.

The Sunday School since the time of its organization had always efficient and successful superintendents. It had a very rapid growth and soon was one of the strongest German Lutheran Sunday Schools in the city of Amsterdam. It was always well manned with a good corps of officers and teachers, who gave of their best--mentally, spiritually and physically.

The school has always been very liberal in its contributions. It was never satisfied with doing things half way, especially in the time of the great world war. The school planned large things, worked for great things and accomplished, under God's guidance, great things in the religious education of her members.

The benevolent offerings of the school have been steadily increasing from year to year, until the last three years it struck high water mark.

The school is in a flourishing condition, though not as large an enrollment as thirty and twenty-five years ago, because of the changing condition, yet of a very active and faithful membership.

The school has two departments, a German and an English one. The superintendent of the German department, Mr. Ernst Hovemeyer, has done very good work with the school since he is a member of the congregation, and that means many years.

The superintendent of the English department, Mrs. Martha Niles, a very efficient superintendent, a faithful worker in the school, who did much for the organizing of an English department. She was ever giving time and thought on improving the standard and efficiency of the department.

Mr. John Kreisel, the treasurer, and Mr. August Sturm, the secretary, have also been strong factors in the successful history of the Trinity Sunday School and have aided very materially and substantially in the finances of the school.

Officers and Teachers

German Department

Ernst HovemeyerSuperintendent
Emil JagerVice-President
August SturmSecretary
John KreiselTreasurer
Edward Klappmeyer   Librarian
Richard HuebnerSecond Librarian

English Department

Mrs. Martha NilesSuperintendent
Louis RothmeyerSecretary
Miss Florence Rothmeyer   Second Secretary

Cradle Roll Department

Miss Frieda Belfanz   Superintendent

Treasury of the School's Birthday Offering

Matie Rothmeyer   Superintendent
Elsie JuedesSuperintendent

The secretary of the English department, Mr. Louis Rothmeyer, assisted this department by his very excellent service as a faithful worker for the best of the school.


German Department

Herman HoefsLillian Wirth
Herman KlammLillian Machals
Matie RothmeyerLillian Ruback
Emil JagerBertha Washak
Lillian DroegeElsie Kreisel
Minnie FranzAnna Hojohn
Elisabeth Rohtmeyer   Margarete List
Helene KrugerCarrie Schoeffler
Clara WatermannFrieda Belfanz
Ernst HovemeyerErnst von Hahmann
Mamie GlammDora Klappmeyer
Frederick Wielke, Jr.Hedwig von Hahmann
Selma BenkerFredericka Sturm
Charles J. RubackMaria Hendricks

English Department

Maria von Hahmann   Elisabeth Rothmeyer
Lillian KnackMathilde Michals
Elisabeth ChapmanAnna Waterman
Gretchen MacholdMildred Machold
Martha NilesAgnes Miller
Charles RossEdward Waver
Anna WatermaunGrace Giese
Marguerite Ross

The Luther League

The early records of the society was lost and hence we cannot give exact date of organization.

Tradition gives as the time for its organization, 1875. It was organized under the name of Young People's Society, in later years the name was changed to "Luther League of the Trinity Church." Mrs. G. W. Fritsch was the active and interested factor. The Luther League, since its organization has had a most auspicious and successful career.

Of course, it had its high tide and low tide, like any other church organization, but on the whole has been a lively and active society.

The society has done much to develop the spiritual life among the younger members of the congregation.

The church that neglects its young people is neglecting its real source of future supply.

The young people's work by whatever name it may be known has been a wonderful help to the Christian churches during the past forty years.

Our society has always been deeply interested in all the benevolent objects that have been presented to it, and has liberally contributed to the support of the work of the congregation.

Officers of the Luther League

Mary GrayPresident
Florence Rothmeyer   Secretary
Grace GieseTreasurer

The former president of the league, Richard Huebner, was very active and did a good work for the development of the league.

The Luther League meets the first and second Tuesdays of each month.

Members of the Luther League, Anno Domoni, 1918

Elmer BuckmanLouise Meyers
Selma BenkerAnna Manz
Ella Benker
Clarence BrinkmanEdward Otto
Frieda BalfanzMinnie Otto
Emma BalfanzLorena Otto
Viola BreezerArthur Otto
Alma Brown
Harold Pankonin
Elizabeth Chapman   Lena Pohlman
Wanda Peters
Lillian DroegeLillian Plaster
Otto Dahne
Marion DoesburgFlorence Rothmeyer
Emma Rothmeyer
Amelia FranzLillian Ruback
Minnie FranzHarry Ruback
Marie FranzHenry Ruback
Carrie FrenzHertha Rossow
Hattie FrankMargaret Ross
Walter FrankEdna Richey
Margaret Rogers
Grace GieseJohn Ruback
Mamie GlammEarl Rossman
Arthur Graf
Mary GrayCarrie Schoeffler
Harold GodeyCarl Siebe
Charles Schultz
Richard HuebnerElsie Scheck
Harold HuebnerErnest Struen
Henry HovemeyerGeorge Schultz
Clara Heinz
Edwin BlaseKatherine Strobel
Marie HendricksMrs. von Hahmann
Ernest HerathHedwig von Hahman
Rev. von Hahmann
Elsie JuedesEmma von Hahmann
Mildred Juedes
Marguerite Waterman
Lillian KnackEsther Waterman
Dora KlappmeyerOtto Miller
Elizabeth KreiselFrances Walters
Elsie KreiselLillian Wirth
Carl KlappmeyerHilda Wirth
Raymond KlingbeilEmma Werner
Helen KlingbeilBertha Waschak
Ethel KellySophia Waschak
Bruno Waschak
Nellie LukeEdward Waver
Agnes Miller
Erich MillerMabel Yager
Mildred MacholdClara Yager
Gretchen MacholdGeorge Yager
Lillian MachalsClarence Grunewald
Esther List
Reinhold List

The Woman's Missionary Society

The society was organized under the pastorate of Rev. G. W. Fritsch. Mrs. Fritsch was principally active in the development of the society.

The society exists principally in the interest of Missions, and has been working along the line of Home and Foreign Missions and in later years has included in her program the interest for "Inner Missions."

It contributed during its history marvelous sums to the benevolent operations of the church at large.

Who knows, but God alone, the good the offerings of this society have done for the spiritual welfare of perishing souls.

The society has not a large membership, only about thirty, but should have the assistance and co-operation of many of our ladies.

It meets the first Thursday of each month and studies Missions and all its relations.

Officers of the Society

Anna L. WatermannPresident
Elisabeth Hungerschafer   Vice-President
Louise BlaseSecretary
Barbara KreiselFinancial Secretary
Emilie LaBahnTreasurer

Mrs. Sophia Battenfeld was a long efficient and successful secretary, but retired on account of sickness.

The Lutheran Brotherhood

The Brotherhood was organized in 1917, with a membership of about forty-five men, who responded to the call for organized work among the men of the congregation.

The principle object of the Brotherhood is to create a closer fellowship among the men of the congregation and to co-operate in all the interests of the congregation.

Since the day of its organization, the Brotherhood has aided the finances of the congregation and has paid for the wainscoting and the four doors, a beautiful ornament to the sanctuary of our church.

Officers of the Brotherhood

William F. BlasePresident
Charles P. Waterstreet   Vice-President
Herman F. HoefsSecretary
Max OttoFinancial Secretary
Paul HuebnerTreasurer

The Brotherhood meets the second Wednesday of each month.

Men of the congregation here is an example what less than seventy men of the congregation can do when they are thoroughly organized for work. The men who are yet out of the Brotherhood should take note and at once identify themselves with this organization. We could easily triple our forces and our work if you would help us.

Members of the Lutheran Brotherhood, Anno Domini, 1918

William F. BlaseWilliam Lohmeyer
Charles Blase
Charles BelfanzFred H. Miller
Fred BushFred W. Miller
Adam BenkerCharles Mabler
Fred W. BohneyGeorge Moeller
Andrew BuxEdward Meyer
George Beck
Henry BattenfeldWilliam Nadler
Charles Niles
Adolph Castor
Max R. Otto
Gustav DahneHerman Otto, Jr.
Herman Otto, Sr.
Charles Foedish
Gottlieb FrenzEmil Pankonin
Henry Feldman
William T. Ruback
Henry GablerCharles J. Ruback
Robert GrunewaldLouis Rothmeyer
Frederick C. Gentz   Charles Ross
Henry W. GriemeHerman Rossman
Frank J. Ruback
Otto HeinzWilliam R. Ruback
Paul HuebnerFerdinand Roepke
Ernst H. HovemeyerWilliam Rossow
Herman F. Hoefs
Louis HendricksKuno B. Schotte
Charles HiddeAlbert Schneider
August C. Sturm
Emil JagerFelix Stephens
William H. KaufmanFred Trentleman
Edward E. Klappmeyer   John Tietz
Frederick KreiselHenry Tesnow
John KlappmeyerFred C. Tieman
John Kreisel
Ernest KlappmeyerErnst von Hahman
Charles Kullick
Henry KrutzFred Welke
Gustave KrugerCharles P. Waterstreet
L. Weingartner
Christ ListAugust Wirth
Charles LiekfeldLudwig Waschak
William LembkeAugust Waverzinski
Fred Luke

Trinity Choral Society (Volunteer Choir)

The present choir was organized ????. It is a volunteer organization and is composed of 20 of the young people of the church.

Although about the youngest organization in the church, its career has been uniformly successful. One of the principle reasons for this is that nearly all of its members are active in other departments of the church.

Regular rehearsals are held every Friday, but many extra rehearsals are held to prepare for Lenten, Easter, Christmas and other special services, which are always cheerfully attended. The outlook for the future is bright, and with the co-operation of the congregation, greater results are looked for than have yet been attained.

Mr. William Nadler as organist and choir leader has proven himself a very efficient leader.

Members of the Choir

William Nadler, Organist and Director

Lillian DroegeFlorence Rothmeyer
Elisabeth Rothmeyer   Adolph Castor
Frances WalterOtto Dahne
Margaret WatermannCharles Waterstreet
Lillian WirthFrank Wuellner
Carrie SchoeffierRichard Huebner
Nellie KaufmanMrs. Louis LaBahn
Klara WatermannHenry Hovemeyer
Elisabeth ChapmanIrene Horstman

Honor Roll

of the sons of our congregation who have gone to serve our Flag and our Country by Land, Sea and Air.

Ernst KlappmeyerEdward Musoif
Frederick Siegenthaler   August F. Otto
Harold SchotteEdward Klappmeyer
Otto MoellerHarry Ruback
Emil KrugerFred H. Miller
Clarence JuedesWilliam G. Orth
Edwin BlaseWalter Hidde
William FrenzDavid Siegenthaler
Frederick WatermannJacob Siegenthaler
Edward StarkeFerdinand Bush
Charles VollmerJohn Toellner
Charles MettWalter Pohlman
Henry HovemeyerFred Chr. Pohlman
Frank MettLouis Schneider
James KelleyClarence Grunewald
Henry W. MillerFrank Chapman
John FischerFrederick Kreisel
Frederick BlaseWalter Frisch
David BetzWilliam Starke
Harry GetzloffErnst Klingbeil
Walter D. AbrahamFrederick Fischer
Otto RustCharles Getzloff
John BuschWilliam Burckhardt
Ewald RuckstinatEarl Smith
Henry Schotte
William SiegererWilliam Kaufman
Leo KaufmanArthur Rossow
Frank ZitskeFrank Klingbeil
J. E. Hovemeyer

The organizations are: The Ladies' Aid Society, the Luther League, the Lutheran Brotherhood, organized under the present pastor, the Woman's Missionary Society and a church choir under the leadership of Mr. W. Nadler.

This commemorates the generous liberality and recognizes the bountiful gifts which has made the renovation of this church possible in the time of the fiftieth anniversary of the Trinity congregationÄand in the time of the great World War, Anno Domini, 1918.

The Cathedral Chimes

Presented by: William F. and Minnie Blase and sons Henry and Clarence; the Luther League of the Trinity Lutheran Church.

The Gothic Altar

Presented by: Henry and Wilhelmine Dufel, Frederick W. and Fredericka Bohney, John and Bertha Kreisel family, George and Barbara Kreisel family, Frederick and Anna Kreisel family.

The Gothic Pulpit

Presented by: The Confirmanden from the year of our Lord, 1868 to 1918.

Angel Reading Desk

Presented by: George C. and Maria Beck, John and Anna Scheck, Ernst and Bertha Hovemeier, Emil and Fredericka Jager, Mabel Jager, Frederick Russbild, Charles J. and Minnie Ruback, The Cradle Roll of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Christ Statue (Thorwaldsen's Model)

Presented by: Frank and Mathilde Ruback and son, Harry.

Abendmahls Relief (Holy Communion)

Presented by: Ernst and Bertha Hovemeyer and sons, William, Henry and Ernst, Jr.

Altar Cross

Presented by: The Faithful Daughters, Mrs. Maria von Hahmann's Sunday School Class.

Altar Vases

Presented by: First -- Lillian Wirth, in memory of her departed mother, sisters and brothers. Second -- Selma Benker and Ella Benker, in sacred memory of their beloved parents.

Electric Candelabras

Presented by: First -- Carl W. Siebe, in memory of Carl and Caroline Siebe. Second -- Otto Dahne, in memory of Gustave and Hedwig Dahne.

Altar Reading Desk

Presented by: Harold Pankonin, in memory of his grandparents.

Chancel Chairs

Presented by: First -- George Moeller. Second -- Henry and Anna Gabler, Charles and Rose Mabler.

Altar or Communion Railing

Presented by: Mrs. Caroline Heinz Kath, in memory of August Kath; Otto and Minnie Heinz.

The Pews in the Auditorium (Remodeled)

Presented by: The Ladies' Aid Society of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Architectural Wainscoting of Solid Oak and Four Doors to the Sanctuary

Presented by: The Lutheran Brotherhood

The Ornamental Console for the Gothic Altar

Presented by: August and Fredericka Sturm, Gustave and Helene Kruger, Henry H. and Auguste Krutz, Louis Ehrke family; by Elisabeth Stroebel in memory of Leonhard Stroebel; Edward Luneburg and family, Gottfried and Lena and Anna Stucke; by Minnie Becker in memory of Charles Becker; Verkleirer family.

Memorial Windows:

Presented by: Louis and Sophia Rothmyer, Emma, Florence and Elisabeth Rothmeyer, Barbara Bux, Frederick and Caroline Trentleman, Henry Blase and Clarence Blase by William F. and Minnie Blase, Walter Heinz.

Cedar Chest for the Altar Hangings and Antipendias

Presented by: Miss Matie Rothmeyer and her Sunday School Class.

Altar Hangings and Antipendias for the Five Seasons

Presented by:


In memory of Maria Teetz and her children by John and Lena Teetz.


The Trinity Lutheran Sunday School with their birthday offering.


The Faithful Followers Sunday School Class, Klara Waterman, teacher; The Loyal Felicitias Sunday School Class, Anna Waterman, teacher; The Willing Workers Sunday School Class, Dora Klappmeyer, teacher.


Charles E. and Katharine Ross; The Faithful Sons Sunday School Class, Charles E. Ross, reacher; The Busy Martha's Sunday School Class, Marguerite Ross, teacher.


The Ladies' Aid Society of the Trinity Church, with their birthday offering.

The White Linen Cover for Holy Communion

Presented by: Mrs. Caroline Pankonin.

The White, Hemstitched, Linen Communion Veil

Presented by: Mrs. Caroline Pankonin.

The White Linen Altar Runner

Presented by: Mrs. Mathilde Ruback.

The Bookmarks With Ornaments

Presented by:


The Sunday School Class No. 16, Lillian Wirth, teacher.


The Sunday School No. 18, Lillian Ruback, teacher; The Sunday School Class No. 9, Helene Kruger, teacher.


The Sunday School Class No. 22, Frieda Belfanz, teacher; The Sunday School Class No. 24, Fredericka Sturm, teacher.


English Sunday School Class No. 4, Gretchen Machold, teacher; Sunday School Class No. 6, Lillian Droege, teacher.


The Sunday School Class No. 14, Selma Benker, teacher. The Konfirmanden Classe of 1918 and 1919


The English Sunday School Class No. 10, Elisabeth Rothmeyer, teacher; The English Sunday School Class No. 2, Mrs. Martha Niles, teacher.


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