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"Home Almanac", published by The Daily Democrat, Amsterdam, NY, 1896: This publication has many local advertisers and a section of "Important Local Events" which provides a lot of information about local people and businesses. In this particular issue the events are for the entire year of 1895. The full text is provided, and an index has been created for the Important * Local * Events section.

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2.· Sandford carpet mills resume work on full time.
3.· Fred MILLER, the tramp, walking on a wager from New York to New Orleans, arrives in Amsterdam.
· Contract for the interior furnishings of the armory awarded to H. C. GRIEME for $1,490.
· James C. MILLER appointed receiver for the knitting mill of W. R. McCowatt & Co.
· C. A. BUCHANAN's drug store at Rockton burglarized.
4.· Death of Lucy CLINE and Miss Jennie CARROLL.
5.· Death of Mrs. Mary K. VOSBURGH.
6.· Death of Mrs. Thomas S. FANCHER in Gloversville.
· Death of Mrs. Ferdinand SCHROEDER.
· B. W. SAMMONS appointed under sheriff.
· Annual election of the Fort Hunter Bridge Co.
· John H. VOORHEES succeeds Dr. H. A. DEVENDORF as treasurer.
7.· Opening of the new Ease end school.
8.· Annual election of F.J. & G.R.R. Co.
· James SHANAHAN president and T. F. KYNE one of the directors.
· Annual election of the Montgomery County Agricultural society.
· Captain George M. VOORHEES re-elected president.
· Annual banquet of Amsterdam Medical Society at Hotel Warner.
9.· Alonzo LINGENGELTER fined $25 for cruelty to animals.
· Dedication of the new fourth ward school building.
10.· Final hearing before the bridge street commission.
· City boards of education, in joint session, favor uniting the school districts.
12.· Board of Supervisors dine at Vrooman House, Fonda, with Robert WEMPLE, superintendent of the county house.
14.· Death of Mrs. Thomas COLLINS.
· Annual meeting of the board of trade.
15.· Rev. Father DiDONNA assaulted in a fifth ward saloon.
· Marriage of Morris MARK to Miss Stella MARKS of Schenectady.
16.· Hon. John WARNER and Horace INMAN sail for Europe.
· Marriage of John TRACY and Miss Catherine F. DOYLE.
· Common council votes to divide the city into seven wards, instead of five.
17.· Lyman BURTON's leg broken by a runaway.
· Annual banquet of Serviss steamer and hose company.
18.· Samuel T. LEASON chosen truant officer of district No. 8.
· Jimmy DIME whips Jerry MARSHALL at Coney Island in ten rounds.
19.· Death of Mrs. John D. DeGRAFF of the town of Amsterdam.
· Dr. J. C. O'BRIEN sails for Europe.
20.· Death of Edward F. BULL.
21.· C. W. AUSTIN and C. A. BUCHANAN purchase the old fifth ward schoolhouse to open a knitting mill.
· Opening of January circuit court at Fonda.
· Death of Mrs. Sophy SMITH.
22.· Death of John Chapman EGAN.
23.· Celebration of the twenty-eighth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Van BUREN.
· Saloon of Fred BLASE and shoe store of Henry CLARK burglarized.
25.· Formation of New York state baseball league.
· Death of Philip WHALEN.
· Clan McALPINE celebrates the birthday of Bobby BURNS.
· McBride & Conney sell their grocery business to McClumpha & Stebbins.
· Death of Henry O'BRYAN.
· Death of Charles C. CHRISTMAN, jr., in the Utica state hospital.
28.· Commencement of the second trial of Pasquale LEONARDI for the murder of Alva B. CONOVER.
· Annual banquet of the E. D. Bronson steamer company.
30.· Marriage of Miss Teresa V. MURPHY of Amsterdam and Nicholas T. McCABE of Albany.
· Bridge street commission awards $49,871 for damages to property.
· Pasquale LEONARDI found guilty of murder in the second degree.
· Death of Mrs. Elizabeth BELL and Miss Edna May OUDERKIRK.
31.· S. LEVI retires from the dry goods firm of S. Levi & Co.
· Firm reorganized under the name of Holzheimer & Shaul.


1.· Death of John P. JENNINGS.
2.· Pasquale LEONARDI sentenced to life imprisonment by Justice STOVER for Killing Alva B. Conover.
3.· Peter GEESLER chosen truant officer of district No. 11.
4.· The Globe knitting mill resumes operations after an extended idleness.
5.· Michael SMITH's barn on Lark street burned. Raymond CHRISTMAN's coal office burglarized.
· Mrs. Annie Finlay sentenced to 50 days in jail for infringement of excise laws.
6.· Four houses burned on Locust avenue. Loss $12,000.
7.· First annual conference of St. Andrew's Brotherhood of the Albany diocese held as St. Ann's church.
· Death of Charles SNELL of Rockton.
8-9.· Great blizzard in the Mohawk valley.
9.· Death of Edward P. WILLIAMS.
10.· Death of Charles MOAT and Magaret WERT.
11.· Death of Robert Stairs of Rockton.
· Three houses burned on Forest avenue; loss $8,000.
· Annual election of the Y.M.C.A.
12.· Town meetings held throughout Montgomery county. General Republican victories.
13.· Marriage of William H. CRAMER and Miss Artiemissia M. HALL.
14.· Reception and carnival of the Juvenile dancing class of Walter L. CURTIS.
15.· Death of Tunis PECK.
· Annual ball of Amsterdam Elks.
16.· County Teachers' association meets in this city.
· Death of Mrs. William J. ROBB.
· Fire in the European hotel on Main street; loss #1,500.
17.· The Tillapaugh block on Bridge street destroyed by fire and the Hooker block badly damaged; loss $15, 000.
· Death of Mrs. H. Hannah WHITE.
18.· Edward MAXWELL, Edward GEARY, and Frank NEWELL of Rockton sentenced to two years' impresonment for burglary.
19.· Death of Cyraus D. CHASE, Jr., and Daniel B. WOODWORTH.
· Henry JEFFERSON sentenced to two years in Dannemora for forgery.
· Death of Mrs. Julia BULGER and Mrs. Thomas ROGERS.
20.· George BRADT sentenced to three and one-half years in Dannemora for robbery.
21.· Death of Alexander A. CRANE.
· Republican city nominations made.
· William A. FISHER named for mayor.
22.· Democrats nominate Dr. R. G. JOHNSON for mayor.
· Inaugural ball of Forty-sixth Separate company in the new armory.
23.· Death of Frederick JANSEN of Fonda and Mrs. Peter SHUTTS of Fort Hunter.
25.· Death of Mrs. Henry C. CHESNOW and Mrs. Catharine ALLEN of Hagaman.
· Liederkranz masquerade.
26.· Mr. and Mrs. H. C. GRIEME sail for Germany.
· Mrs. Frank B. MARCHAND attempts suicide by taking laudanum.
· Report of the Bridge street commission confirmed by Justice LANDON.
· Death of Mrs. James W. CHALMERS and Charles T. RYNEX.
27.· Fire department election; H. E. WATERSTREET chosen chief engineer.


1.· Death of Mrs. George BLOOD.
2.· Death of Augustus A. DESSAU.
5.· Entire Republican city and ward tickets elected.
6.· Robert G. INGERSOLL lectures at the opera house on "Some Mistakes of Moses."
· Jacob SNELL of Fonda appointed superintendent of Section 3 of the Erie canal.
· The common council votes to purchase the Gamewell fire alarm system.
7.· Knitting mill of C. E. Warner & Co. at Rockton badly damaged by fire.
· Death of John J. TRACY.
8.· David SMALL appointed janitor of the E. D. Bronson steamer house.
· Jimmy DIME Fights a draw with Young GRIFFO in Boston.
· Garnet mill of A. V. Morris & Sons on Bridge street burned. Loss $15,000.
· Major A. V. Morris and wife sail for Europe.
10.· Charles W. WILLIAMS' hardware store badly damaged by fire.
11.· New city government inaugurated. L. H. REYNOLDS chosen city attorney, E. E. RULISON city physician, D. W. PLOSS street commissioner, and Irving LARRABEE alderman to succeed PLOSS.
12.· Knitting mill of J. & W. A. Liddle damaged by fire.
· Robert M. HARTLEY of Florida elected chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Stephen J. SCUDDER of St. Johnsville clerk.
· Death of Alonzo McCLUMPHA of Florida.
13.· Pioneer knitting mill resumes operations.
· Death of Frank HICKS.
· Purim ball in G. A. R. hall.
· "Engaged" presented by local talent for the benefit of the City Hospital.
· Death of Mrs. Chas. VOLEAN.
14.· Death of William McNAMARA.
· Dr. W. M. WHITE elected health officer and Frank M. FORBY health inspector.
· Death of Mrs. B. W. FELTHOUSEN of Milwaukee.
· Consolidation of Collins' and the Thirteenth Brigade bands.
· Death of Mrs. Catharine HURLEY.
· Fourty-sixth Separate company take possession of the new armory.
15.· Mayor FISHER vetoes the resolution bonding the city for the Bridge street improvement because of his objection to the amount allowed for legal expenses.
· Sudden death of Mrs. J. F. BROWN.
· Death of Mrs. Margaret D. DOUGLASS.
17.· Thirty-seventh anniversary of the Y. M. C. A.
18.· Closing assembly of the Married People's Dancing class.
· Death of Mrs. John H. GRIFFIN.
19.· Central hotel burglarized.
· A. Myers & Son purchase the Clark pharmacy.
21.· Death of Mrs. Sarah M. DODDS.
· Death of James LUKE.
22.· Death of Miss Anna DOWLING.
24.· Fire in the Perkins foundry.
· Death of Mrs. Anna Van WIE and Frederick HAGAMAN.
26.· Fire in the residence of Dr. W. T. MILLER.
27.· Death of Mrs. Lewis PHILLIPS.
· "The Factory Girl" produced by the Pythian Dramatic association.
28.· Death of Mrs. Ferguson JANSEN of Fonda.
29.· Woman's Edition of the Daily Democrat issued.

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