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"Home Almanac", published by The Daily Democrat, Amsterdam, NY, 1896: This publication has many local advertisers and a section of "Important Local Events" which provides a lot of information about local people and businesses. In this particular issue the events are for the entire year of 1895. The full text is provided, and an index has been created for the Important * Local * Events section.

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1.· S. LEVI purchases plant of Geo. Spalt & Co.
· Death of Calvin McNEIL.
· Death of Mrs. David MATHIAS.
· Governor MORTON signs Assemblyman GARDINER's bill making an additional appropriation of $10,000 for the Amsterdam armory.
· Annual meeting of the City Hospital association.
· John D. BLOOD chosen president of the board of trustees.
5.· Stone Jug damaged by tire to the extent of $500.
· Governor Morton signs Assemblyman Gardiner's bill amending the city charter, providing seven wards.
· The governor also signs the bill establishing a city school system.
6.· Death of Hon. John WARNER on the steamer Paris.
· Death of Mrs. James MATHIAS of the town of Amsterdam.
8.· A. V. Morris & Sons commence the erection of kitting mill No. 4 on Chuctanunda street.
· William F. REITZ declared insane.
9.· Death of Willim F. NASSEL.
· Cornelius Van BUREN chosen president of the board of education.
10.· Death of Alamond D. BRUNDAGE.
· The common council audits the bill of Nisbet & Hanson for $2,523.54.
· City tax budget adopted by the common council.
· Resolution adopted to issue bonds for the Bridge street improvement.
· William P. BELDEN and Wilbur E. JENKINS chosen aldermen from the sixth ward, Benj. W. SAMMONS from the second ward, George C. DeHART from the seventh, Frank McCONNELL supervisor from the first ward, Joseph C. WILSON alderman from the first ward in place of Frank McCONNELL and William LUM supervisor from the second ward.
· Marriage of Rev. L. J. SAWYER to Mrs. J. R. DOWSLAND at Pomona, Fla.
11.· Fred ADEBAHR run over by a horse and seriously injured.
12.· Death of Mrs. William DONNAN of the town of Amsterdam.
15.· Funeral of Hon. John WARNER.
· Charles H. CHASE arrested for passing fraudulent checks.
· Annual meeting of the Chuctanunda Gas Light company.
16.· Albert BESACA fatally injured by the bursting of a grindstone in the spring shop of D. W. Shuler & Son.
· Marriage of District Attorney FISH and Miss Mary S. MILLS of Fonda.
17.· Death of John J. DELANEY.
· Post Lenten Ball.
· Marriage of George C. WILLIAMS and Miss Mabel SHELLY.
19.· Death of Miss Theresa BLUME.
20.· Reception to Rev. and Mrs. L. J. SAWYER.
21.· Chris HEFFERAN's foot crushed by the cars.
· Annual banquest of the Amsterdam staff of Prudential Insurance company.
22.· Rev. Adolph LEUSCHER appointed presiding elder of the Albany district of the German Evangelical church.
24.· Bridge street bonds sold to the Amsterdam Savings bank for 4½ percent.
· Marriage of Mathias COMBES to Miss Nellie KRING.
26.· Death of Judge Frothingham FISH of Fultonville.
28.· William F. BARTON stabbed by an Italian on East Main street.
30.· Death of Thomas M. BILLINGTON.
· Marriage of Counselor W. Fenton MYERS and Miss Mary Lansing LOUDON at Hudson.
· Annual meeting of the water commissioners.
· Marriage of William J. KEARY and Miss Sadie W. VINES.
· Mohawk Knitting company organized, with John D. BLOOD as president.


1.· Death of James RYAN.
· Cornelius Van BUREN, William McCLARY, Michael COLEMAN and N. B. SMITH appointed sewer commissioners by the common council.
· The council adopts congratulatory resolutions upon the completion of the first ten years of Asterdam's existence as a city.
· Mr. and Mrs. A. V. MORRIS return from their European tour.
4.· Judge PUTNAM grants a writ of prohibition and a writ of certiorari in the suit of C. S. NISBET against the city of Amsterdam.
· The Red Star knitting mill of Seymour BIRCH at Rockton damaged by fire to the amount of $40,000.
· David W. COLE's livery stable and George SMITH's hall at Rockton burned.
· Edith STRAIL makes an unsuccessful attempt at suicide by shooting herself with a revolver.
7.· A. V. Morris & Sons awarded a large contract for underwear for the United States Army.
8.· Charles E. WARNER of Rockton makes an assignment. Liabilities $71,000; assets, $90,000.
· Marriage of Robert Dale PIERCE of Utica and Miss Catharine Frazier SPRAKER at Fonda.
9.· Death of Mrs. Mary BERGEN.
10.· Death of ex-Judge Richard H. CUSHNEY of Fonda.
15· The common council divides the new wards of the city into election districts.
· The dead body of Marshall J. WHEELER of Greenwich, Mass., discovered on the farm of Nicholas DeGRAFF, near Cranesville. WHEELER had committed suicide by blowing out his brains.
17.· Prof. Charles S. DAVIS of Bennington, Vt., accepts the position of superintendent of schools in this city.
18.· Amsterdam City Library made a free institution by the trustees.
19.· A Polack riot on Willow street.
· Death of Felix Joseph BURTON.
23.· Death of Mrs. Anna HAGAMAN of Hagaman.
25.· The proprietors of the Hub clothing house decide to close out their business in this city.
· Death of Tiffany B. BARTLETT.
27.· The Osborne house at the Fish House destroyed by fire.
28.· Albert James MELODY, son of Captain James MELODY, scalded to death on a canal boat.
· Judge HERRICK decides against the application of the Amsterdam, Johnstown and Gloversfille railroad company for a franchise.
· Death of Miss Mirta M. CLARK.
30.· Decoration Day suitably observed in Amsterdam.
· John BORNER drowned in the canal at the Yankee Hill lock.


1.· Death of David CADY.
· Death of Anson GREEN.
4.· Death of Miss Catharine HURLEY.
5.· An immense break occurred in the bank of the Erie canal near Pattersonville. A chasm 100 feet long and 40 feet wide was washed out. A week was consumed in repairing the break.
6.· Annual meeting of the sewer commissioners. Commisioner MCLUMPHA was elected secretary and Commissioner Van BUREN treasurer, W. K. CLARK clerk and Leonard J. BURNSIDE inspector.
7.·The will of David CADY filed for probate. He made a number of public bequests, remembering the City Library, Children's Home, Y. M. C. A. and City Hospital.
10.·The brick dwelling house of Samuel SHERWIN on Forest avenue destroyed by fire.
11.· Frank LARRABEE of Plattsburg shot by Elmer PADGETT at Pattersonville. LARRABEE was brought to the Amsterdam City hospital, where he died. PADGETT was afterward tried for murder and convicted of manslaughter in the second degree, being sentenced to one year in the Schenectady county jail.
12.· Professor R. P. GREEN chosen principal of the Amsterdam High school.
13.· George L. GIBBS, a sailor, robbed of $117 by one STEWART at the Waverly hotel.
15.· Death of James A. GARDINER.
16.· George F. MILLS of Fonda dropped dead at the Reformed church of that village while attending service.
17.· Sanford prize speaking at the First M. E. church. The medals were won by W. Douglass SPRAGUE and Miss Blanche CONOVER.
18.· Death of Mrs. Priscilla Ann O'BRYAN widow of the late Henry O'BRYAN.
19.· Marriage of Harry H. DOCKSTADER and Miss Helen H. BURTCH at Fonda.
20.· The electric fire alarm system sounded for the first time from box 41.
21.· William M. GARDNER removed from the position of armorer of the Forty-sixth Separate company.
23.· Sudden and mysterious death of Mrs. Mary KELLY.
26.· Marriage of Professor John A. MANEY and Miss Ella O'NEIL.
27.· Death of Mrs. Sarah J. BARKHUFF.
29.· Death of Alderman Benjamin W. SAMMONS.
30.· Death of Dr. Ezra GRAVES.
· Death of Mrs. Thomas R. HORTON of Fultonville.

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