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"Home Almanac", published by The Daily Democrat, Amsterdam, NY, 1896: This publication has many local advertisers and a section of "Important Local Events" which provides a lot of information about local people and businesses. In this particular issue the events are for the entire year of 1895. The full text is provided, and an index has been created for the Important * Local * Events section.

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3.· Death of Margaret B. MOSHER.
4.· Residence of Mrs. Sarah VEDDER at Tribes Hill destroyed by fire.
· Death of Nelson REESE of Fort Hunter.
· The Fourth of July observed very quietly in Amsterdam.
6.· The New York State Baseball league came to an end.
· Death of Alexander HOLLENBECK.
11.· Death of Neil McPHAIL of Hagaman.
13.· A tornado does considerable damage at Vail's Mills.
15.· The plans for the Bridge street overhead crossing approved.
16.· Death of Mrs. Bridget ROGERS.
19.· Frank BARCLAY, the dry goods merchant, makes a general assignment for the benefit of his creditors.
· Hannah CAMERON of Nelliston shot by Josephine OLCOTT, but the wound did not prove fatal.
21.· Frank KELLY of Cleveland, O., killed on the West Shore railroad in this city.
22.· W. Barlow DUNLAP chosen delegate from Montgomery county to the Republican judicial convention.
23.· John HANLEY of Schenectady killed by the cars in this city and S. F. THOMAS at Tribes Hill.
· Death of Mrs. Henry BARTLEY.
· The residence of Andrew McCLUMPHA, in the town of Florida, burglarized. Charles MACHOLD afterwards arrested and convicted for committing the crime.
24.· Austin Division, No. 14, U. R., K. of P., given second prize in the drill at Catskill.
26.· The board of health orders manufacturers along the Chuctanunda creek to connect their mills with the sewers.
29.· The city assessment roll completed, showing the assessed valuation of the city to be $8,574,712.
30.· Edward WADSWORTH drowned in the canal at Fort Hunter.


1.· The Amsterdam Wheelmen indulge in a lantern parade.
· Death of Dr. William A. LIDDLE.
2.· Death of William JONES.
3.· Leo C. FARNSWORTH and Frank WILSON establish a bicycle factory in this city.
· William J. BENN purchases an interest in the Red Star knitting mill at Rockton.
7.· The coal office of Raymond CHRISTMAN robbed in broad daylight.
· The common council resolves to purchase a Pitts steam roller.
· Death of Mrs. Alida LOUCKS.
8.· William CURRIE of Amsterdam fatally injured in the mill of the Waterford Knitting company, where he was employed.
9.· Death of Mrs. Alida BUXTON.
12.· Gardiner & Warring commence building an addition to their knitting mill.
· The water commissioners commence the construction of a dam on the Hans creek to facilitate the storage of water.
· William John LITTLE, a 4-year-old boy, scalded to death.
13· The Republican senotorial convention called to be held at Hotel Warner, in this city, Tuesday, Sept. 10.
· Several burglaries committed in Main street stores.
18.· Howard B. SPENCER seriously injured by being thrown from a bicycle.
· Death of Miss Margaret Agatha JONES.
19.· Peter V. Baird's livery office burglarized.
20.· Burglars entered three residences on the Boulevard.
21.· Marriage of Frank S. VEEDER and Miss Annie Isabelle TOLLEY.
· Death of Miss Helen J. VICKERS.
22.· Reception to Edgar B. Smith at the second Presbyterian church.
26.· Republican caucuses. E. Watson GARDINER secured a majority of the delegates in the city for senator.
· Body of an unknown man found in the Erie canal near Fultonville.
· Joseph PARLOTTI, an Italian laborer, stabbed by a fellow countryman.
27.· Death of Mrs. Rachel E. TALMADGE.
28.· Marriage of Abram J. SHERBURNE to Miss Emma HICTON at Cohoes.
29.· Death of Mrs. Patrick SWAN.
· Republican county convention at Fonda. Stafford MOSHER of Canajoharie secured the delegates for senator.
· A. V. Morris & Sons' mill No. 3 damaged by fire.
30.· Death of Henry EGGLESTON.
31.· "Maggie MURPHY's Home" raided by police.


2.· German veterans celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the battle of Sedan.
3.· Amsterdam public shools open for the fall term.
4.· Adriance & Taylor decide to remove their rug factory to Fort Plain.
· First annual meeting of the Amsterdam Wheelmen.
6.· Death of Mrs. John P. WINNE and John H. WEAVER.
· Residence of Mrs. Margaret FOSMIRE on Division street damaged by fire.
8.· Bowler's Brewery burned. Loss, $100,000.
9.· Opening of the county fair at Fonda.
· Death of Mrs. Jay CADY at Delaware Water Gap.
10.· Opening of the senatorial convention at Hotel Warner.
11.· Death of Miss Caroline STANLEY of Fultonville and Mrs. Israel P. BENN of Hagaman.
12.· Justice LANDON decides in favor of the defendant in the famous case of the Phoenix Mills against the First National bank of Amsterdam.
· Elopement of William E. LANDON and Mrs. Henry J. COLLINS.
· Hon. Stephen SANFORD presents $5,200 to the City hospital.
16.· Major A. V. MORRIS injured by a runaway.
· Body of an unknown man found in the canal at Auriesville.
17.· John D. BLOOD gives $500 to the City hospital.
· Democratic count convention.
· Delegates favoring the nomination of John E. ASHE for comptroller chosen to the state convention.
· Marriage of Frank Theodore MILES and Miss Mary Margaret BIRCH.
18.· Two dwelling houses on Elizabeth street burned.
19.· Hobart KRUM of Schoharie nominated for senator.
20.· Death of Elizabeth BRADT.
22.· Death of Mrs. John H. DeGRAFF.
23.· Marriage of Thomas COLLINS, Jr., and Miss Nora TIMMONS.
24.· Marriage of Alonzo WILKES and Miss Jeanie May HEWITT.
25.· Marriage of John SPAMBAUER and Miss Mary E. FLEIG.
· Dell WOOD fined $50 for keeping a disorderly house.
26.· Death of Mrs. Almon FILKINS and Ernest SPAMBAUER.
· Marriage of James H. BRONSON and Mrs. Sarah SCHUYLER.
27.· Charity ball at te Pythian temple.
28.· Louis Van ARNAM killed by falling from a stoop.
· Death of Charles L. SMITH.
30.· Judge BORST nominated for senator by the Democrats.

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