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"Home Almanac", published by The Daily Democrat, Amsterdam, NY, 1896: This publication has many local advertisers and a section of "Important Local Events" which provides a lot of information about local people and businesses. In this particular issue the events are for the entire year of 1895. The full text is provided, and an index has been created for the Important * Local * Events section.

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1.· Death of Michael J. MAHAR.
· Marriage of M. E. SCHEDLBAUER, Jr., and Miss Delia SPAMBAUER.
· George KING instantly killed near Fonda by falling from a wagon.
2.· Marriage of James T. COSTELLO and Miss Mary HORR.
· Marriage of Harry Ernest YOUNG and Miss Lavinia TOWNSEND.
· Henry HURST of Tribes Hill badly injured by being knocked down by a horse.
· Marriage of Miss Rosa C. SHERMAN and William F. EHMKE.
· Common council decides to purchase a hose wagon and horses for the fire department.
3.· Meeting of the Women's Presbyterian Home Missionary society at the Second Presbyterian church.
5.· Republican county convention at Fonda. Edward L. SCHMIDT of Amsterdam nominated for member of assembly; L. F. FISH of Fultonville for district attorney; Perry KLINE of Amsterdam for superintendent of the poor.
· Fred RUSH brutally assaulted by a gang of ruffians.
6.· Death of Lucretia JENKINS.
7.· Death of Mrs. Sarah STRAIN and George BECKER.
8.· Democratic county convention at Fonda, Fred ASCHOFF, Jr., of Amsterdam nominated for member of assembly; N.J. HERRICK of Canajoharie for district attorney; Henry LOHMEYER of Amsterdam for superintendent of the poor.
· Death of Mrs. Daniel McCLARY.
· Marriage of Henry BATTENFELD and Miss Sophie D. SCHOEFFLER.
· The board of education orders a school census.
10.· Fred ASCHOFF, the Democratic nominee for member of assembly, declines to run.
· R. B. BARTLETT's livery barn badly damaged by fire.
· The plumbing establishment of Walter CALHOUN closed by the sheriff.
· Death of Ebenezer W. CADY at Camp Hill, Pa.
12.· Harry V. BURKE accepts the Democratic nomination for member of assembly.
· Serious freight wreck at Fonda.
· Mary ANDERSON makes an unsuccessful attempt at suicide by taking chloroform.
15.· Death of Mrs. Ann Sarah Johnson.
16.· Death of Mrs. J. Beecher WHITE.
· Informal reception to Hon. Hobart KRUM at Hotel Warner.
17.· The Wemple foundry at Fultonville burned.
· Marriage of Horace Heath McCOWATT and Miss Lillian Irene PAWLING.
· Graduating exercises of the nurse's training school at the City Hospital.
18.· Sudden death of Mrs. George STEWART of Perth in Holzheimer & Shaul's store.
· Mrs. James Firth's barn on Reid's hill burned.
19.· Death of Thomas F. SHERLOCK.
21.· Death of Mrs. Thomas GRADY.
· Death of W. Davidson JONES.
22.· Joseph J. GRAY's barn in Florida burned.
· Death of William B. SHUTTLEWORTH.
· Fonda postoffice robbed of $500 in stamps and money.
· Marriage of Leo BARNETT and Miss Bertha WOLFE of Middletown in New York city.
23.· Marriage of Mr. Edward T. DeGRAFF and Miss Anna V. TAYLOR.
· Marriage of Edmund H. LANNING and Miss Etta A. PLAYFORD.
25.· Inaugural ball of the Amsterdam Dancing club at the Pythian temple.
27.· Death of John H. DeGRAFF of Florida.
29.· Mrs. John H. DeGRAFF of Florida expires during the funeral of her husband.
30.· Death of Mrs. Delia M. KNIGHT.
· Milton DEVENDORF of Fort Hunter married at St. Johnsville to Miss Leah Alene McBRIDE.
· Marriage of Fred G. MORSE to Miss Anna B. STEVENSON.
· Marriage of John K. MERGNER and Miss Mary DERSCH.


1.· Death of Mrs. John GRAFF of Fort Hunter.
· Hon. W. W. HICKS and Hon. Hobart KRUM speak to the Republicans at the opera house.
· Odd Fellows give a reception to Grand Master GUTHRIE.
· The dry goods stock of W. E. SEAMANS sold to the Stephen Dry Goods Co.
· The city charter revision commission holds a session in this city.
· St. Ann's choir presents "The Sonf of Miriam" and enjoys a banquet.
2.· Fire in Timmerman's cabinet shop on Bayard street.
· Tri-County Education Council meets in this city.
· Opening of Eckford Hook and Ladder company's fair.
3.· Death of Edgar B. SHELP at Denver.
· Death of Miss Ada FOSMIRE.
4.· Marriage of Daniel F. KENNEY and Miss Margaret M. REILLY.
· The Central-Hudson company decides to erect a temporary crossing bridge at Bridge street.
· Rev. Dr. HUBERT of the Livingston Industiral and Literary college speaks at the U. A. M. E. church.
5.· Montgomery county swept by the Republicans, the entire ticket being elected. Republicans also carry the state and senatorial district.
6.· Charles LANDRY murdered by Florence HAUN, his mistress, who immediately gives herself up to the police. She was committed to jail for trial.
· The common council orders the street railway company to operate the Market hill car.
7.· Death of Charles W. BORDWELL.
8.· Death of Elman Hilts BORST at Newburgh, a brother of Judge H. V. BORST of Amsterdam.
· Coroner's jury in the case of Charles LANDRY returns a verdict of wilful murder.
9.· Death of Mrs. Lottie L. BANTA.
· Professor R. P. GREEN resigns the principalship of the High school on account of ill-health.
10.· An attempt to burn the residence of Herbert H. FONDA at Fultonville.
11.· Death of James KENNEDY.
· Death of Miss Nellie HURLEY.
· An attempt to rob Mrs. J. Thomas STEWART at her boarding house in St. Louis.
12.· Marriage of David CHALMERS to Miss WURTZ of Richmond, Va.
13.· Ex-Comptroller Edward WEMPLE of Fultonville arrested upon the charge of arson. He was admitted to bail in the sum of $5,000.
· Children's Home benefit at the opera house proved a great success and netted $700.
14.· Theodore P. SISSON married to Miss Anna WARD of Troy.
· Robert WILSON's knitting mill at North Broadalbin entirely destroyed by fire.
· Marriage of Jasper Van WORMER and Miss Nellie Nash WYBOURN.
15.· Death of Jacob D. MILLER.
· Andrew J. HEMSTREET lost his left leg by being run over by a freight train.
· Death of Mrs. Anna SECCOMBE.
16.· A destructive fire in the store of Joseph DONNELLY causes serious damage and a panic among the guests of Hotel Warner.
· The Victor Rug company decides to remove its plant to Fort Hunter.
17.· Death of Mrs. Bridget DUNN.
· John G. WOOLEY, a noted temperance orator, addressed a mass meeting at the Second Presbyterian church.
· Anthony DOBLE arrested in Syracuse for stealing a watch from Phoebe A. CASE.
18.· James MALLOY fatally injured while blasting on the site of H. F. BOWLER's brewery.
· The farm buildings of A. J. DEVENDORF in the town of Florida destroyed by fire.
· Annual meeting of the Green Hill Cemetery association. Total interments for the year 169.
19.· Dutch George ESTELL pronounced insane and taken to the Utica asylum.
· Grand vocal and instrumental concert at the Second Presbyterian church, participated in by the PARK Sisters, Miss August YENDIK and Mrs. Fannie Landon INGERSOLL.
20.· Sad destitution found to exist in the LOWE family of Wilson avenue.
· Augustus MYERS awarded the contract for replanking the river bridge and building an iron tramway across it.
21.· The United States circuit court in the suit of the Atlas Knitting company vs. Hart Bros. of Chicago renders a verdict in favor of the plaintiff for over $9,000.
22.· Fire in the factory of the American Broom and Brush company causes a loss of $2,000.
· Alexander LAPE of the town of Florida arrested on the charge of arson.
23.· Fred BANKERT murderously assaulted Miss Cora HARRISON at her home on Mechanic street, firing three shots into her head, and afterwards cut his own throat. Both parties recovered from their wounds and BANKERT was held for trial upon the charge of assault int he first degree.
· John KELLOGG purchased 40 shares of bank stock in the Amsterdam City bank, owned by the estate of the late John WARNER, for $203 a share.
24.· Mrs. Sarah J. PAYNE, mother of A. E. PAYNE, of this city, hanged herself in Rome.
25.· Death of Mrs. Hannah COLLINS of Hagaman.
27.· Death of James S. DALEY.
· Mrs. Catharine E. PAWLING becomes sole owner of the Star hosiery mills at Hagaman
28.· Thanksgiving day suitably observed in Amsterdam.
29.· Thanksgiving assembly of the Amsterdam Dancing club.
· Death of John D. DeGRAFF.
30.· Melvin VEEDER killed on the Central railroad near Fonda.
· Becker, Lindsay & Nolan decide to erect a picking and carding mill in the fifth ward.


1.· Death of Miss Sarah Loraine Pruden, formerly of this city, at Rochester.
2.· Edward WEMPLE pronounced insane and taken to the Utica State hospital.
3.· The broom shop of Frederick WITTEMEIER & Sons of Tribes Hill burned. Loss $5,000; insurance $3,250.
· The general term of the supreme court renders a decision in the case of C. S. NISBET vs. the City of Amsterdam.
· Death of Mrs. Cathaline PEEK.
· Alexander S. DONNAN of Hagaman found dead. He is supposed to have died on Thanksgiving day.
4.· The Blood Knitting company disolved, Thomas C. LINDSAY and William O. DODDS retiring. The business continued by the remaining members of the company.
· Marriage of Andrew BURNS and Miss Maggie CLAUS.
6.· Death of Miss Edna M. PHILLIPS of Phillips' locks.
7.· Death of mrs. Barbara SAMMONS of Fonda and James L. MASON.
8.· A mass meeting in the aid of Armenians held at the opera house. The sum of $48.61 contributed in their aid.
· Death of Oresta BOGGIO.
· Alexander FAULDS reached Amsterdam after a drive of 2,000 miles from Nebraska.
9.· Mrs. Nancy McGINNIS of Kline street dropped dead with apoplexy.
· Daniel McCLARY appointed driver of the fire department horses.
11.· Marriage of John LEVERENZ and Miss Anna KATH.
12.· Death of James CONNELLY.
· Leo BARNETT decides to retire from the clothing business.
· The board of supervisors adopts the equalization table. Amsterdam's rate diminished 1 20-100 from that of 1894.
14.· William YOUNGS of Fort Hunter Shot and fatally wounded his wife, Alice YOUNGS, the woman dying of her injuries December 17. YOUNGS gave himself up to the authorities and was committed to the Fonda jail to await trial on the charge of murder in the first degree.
16.· Miss Harriet C. M. PHILPOT of Mobile, Ala., brings four actions agains the estate of the late David CADY to recover moneys amounting to $20,000.
· The Montgomery county board of supervisors completed their annual session.
17.· Reception of Walter L. CURTIS' dancing classes.
· Good Citizenship meeting held at the First Baptist church.
18.· The temporary bridge at the Bridge street crossing opened for traffic.
· Professor Williard W. GRANT of Providence, R. I., chosen principal of the High school
19.· Death of Mrs. Catharine A. DeGRAFF.
· Death of Mrs. Mary E. SIMPSON, mother of R. C. SIMPSON of this city, in Boston.
· Death of Charles B. FREEMAN, formerly of Fultonville, at Syracus.
20.· A leak discovered in the pipe conveying crude petroleum from the tank on Reid's hill to the spring shop of D. W. Shuler & Son. Escaping petroleum penetrated the sewerw of the city and caused much annoyance.
21.· George MEAD, who stole a horse and buggy from James ZIMMER of Schenectady arrested at Tribes Hill.
· A sneak thief enters the residence of Rev. L. J. SAWYER.
· Death of Mrs. Catharine BETLINGER.
24.· Death of William BRADFORD and Miss Johanna FLINT.
· Deatho f Mrs. Edward WEMPLE.
· Death of Mrs. Edson M. RICHARDS at Fonda.
· Death of Mrs. Josephine CONEIL.
· Marriage of Ralph J. DALTON and Miss Jennie B. KLINE.
· Mayor FISHER presented with a handsome easy chair by the aldermen and city officials.
25.· Christmas quietly observed in Amsterdam.
· Elaborate music at St. Mary's, St. Ann's and St. Joseph's churches.
· E. T. LEAVENWORTH's coal sheds destroyed by fire.
· A horse and carriage stolen from the barn of Charles THAYER of the town of Florida.
26.· The hearing of the charges against Captain Darwin E. VUNK of the Forty-sixth Separate company commenced.
· Livingston M. COMBES, an electric light trimmer, killed by receiving a shock of the electric fluid while fixing a light at Bridge street.
· The tenement house of William H. HUGHES at Rockton destroyed by fire.

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