1909 and 1912

Source: Official Manual of the Board of Trade
Amsterdam, New York
Organized in 1884
Containing Portraits of Officers, Constitution and By-Laws, List of Members, History, Views, Etc.
Published by Board of Trade, Amsterdam, N.Y.
Date unknown - printing date missing; between 1896 and 1901 (based on reference to 1895 division of 1st and 2nd wards and terms of officers in listing of past officers).

Source: Official Manual of the Board of Trade
Amsterdam, New York
Organized in 1884
Containing Portraits of Officers, Constitution and By-Laws, List of Members, History, Views, Etc.
Published by Board of Trade, Amsterdam, N.Y. 1909

Source: Official Manual of the Board of Trade
Amsterdam, New York
Organized in 1884
Containing Portraits of Officers, Constitution and By-Laws, List of Members, History, Views, Etc.
Published by Board of Trade, Amsterdam, N.Y. 1912

From the Constitution of the Board of Trade of Amsterdam, New York:


It shall have for its objects the promotion of trade; the giving a proper direction and impetus to all commercial movements; the encouragement of intercourse between business men; the improvement offacilities for transportation; the diffusion of information concerning the trade, manufactures, and otherinterests of Amsterdam; the co-operation of this with similar societies in other cities, and thepromotion and development of the commercial, industrial, and other interests of this place.

NOTE: Full names and alternate spelling within brackets taken from other sections of the book.

updated 10/7/00 - addition of members from 1896-1901 volume
updated 4/21/00 - comparison of 1909 and 1912 membership
** indicates present in 1896-1901 book and absent in other books
-- indicates present in 1909 book, absent in 1912 book
++ indicates present in 1912 book, absent in 1909 book

Adams, Frank I. Merchant
-- Adler, Julius Merchant
++ Baird, Peter V. Contractor
Barnes, John Manufacturer
-- John Bartholomew Hotel Proprietor
-- William Benn Wool Broker
Becker, N.C. Merchant
** Bell, Chas. E. Merchant
++ Blase, William Contractor
Blood, James Manufacturer
++ Carpenter, Arthur Merchant
Carpenter, W.N. Merchant
Cassidy, David D. (retired) Banker
Cassidy, David D., Jr. Architect
Charles, William B. Cotton and Wool Broker
Chalmers, Arthur A. Manufacturer
Chalmers, Harvey Manufacturer
Churchill, George H. Merchant
++ Clancy, John E. Gentleman
** Clark, Geo. A. Manufacturer
Clark, Nelson S. (New York) Merchant
** Clarke, Robert N. Manufacturer
** Cleveland, F.E. Insurance
Cline, James R. Superintendent
Crane, Francis E. [Frank E.] Civil Engineer
Crouse, David J. Manufacturer
Conover, A.R. Lawyer
Conover, Seely Merchant
Cooper, William H. Supt. Gas Company
Crane, Francis E. Crane Civil Engineer
Crawford, Robert E. Merchant
Davey, George Supt. Silk Mill
Davey, Fred Merchant
Dealy, J.H. [Jacob H.] Lawyer
Dean, Frank S. Merchant
Dean, L.L. Manufacturer
De Graff, John G. Merchant
Dickson, W.W. Merchant
** Dunlap, D.S. Merchant
** Dunlap, W.B. Lawyer Dwyer, Cornelius Plumber
++ Elder, Herbert E. (New York) Banker
Farnsworth, Clarence Manufacturer
Faulds, James (retired) Manufacturer
++ Finch, Lew H., M.D. Physician
French, Charles E. Banker
Gardiner, James B. Manufacturer
++ Garland, John A. Publisher
** Giles, John H. Manufacturer
Grieme, Henry W. Contractor
Graser, William H. (Troy, N.Y.) Caterer
Hall, A.G. [Albert G.] Merchant
** Hall, A.H. Merchant
Hanson, J.H. Lawyer
Harrower, L.E. Manufacturer
Hatcher, George S. Merchant
++ Hays, James A. Insurance
++ Hennessey, William E. Monuments
-- Herrick, George I. Merchant
++ Herrick, Daniel D. Merchant
Hicks, H.M., M.D. Physician
Hill, Arthur Merchant
** Holbrook, Genet L. Gentleman
Holzheimer, S. Merchant
** Hull, A.O. Manufacturer
Jewett, Charles A. Gentleman
Johnson, R.G., M.D. Physician
Kaufman, William H. Merchant
-- Kellogg, John Manufacturer
Kellogg, George Manufacturer
Kellogg, Lauren Manufacturer
Kennedy, T.F. [Thomas] Manufacturer
-- King, J.T. (Bridgeport, Conn.) Bond Dealer
Kline, W.J. [William J.] Editor and Publisher
++ Kreisel, John Merchant
-- Laffray, Louis P. Gentleman
-- Larrabee, J.E. Merchant
Lansing, John H. Stock Clerk
++ Leavenworth, E. Warner Merchant
++ Lehman, D.C. Real Estate
** Levi, S. Merchant
Liddle, Thomas Manufacturer
++ Litchman [Lichtman], B.H. Merchant
-- Loadwick, G.H. Editor and Publisher
** Lyon, I.E. Manufacturer
** Machold, B. Contractor
** Madden, D. Contractor
-- Mark, Carl Merchant
Mark, Isaac Merchant
Marsden, William H. Manager Silk Mill
McCaffrey, Edward A. Read Estate and Insurance
McCaffrey, Thomas F. Real Estate and Insurance
** McCaffrey, T.G. Merchant
McCleary, William Manufacturer
McClumpha, George Merchant
** McElwain, H.C. Manufacturer
** McNaughton, Jno. Decorator
** McNeil, Myron Contractor
McNeir, George (New York) Merchant
** Messenger, Stephen Contractor
Morrow, Harrison T. Superintendent Schools
Morrill [Morrell], Charles W. Laundry
Morris, Francis Manufacturer
Morris, J.V. Manufacturer
** Mutimer, Geo. A. Merchant
Myers, W.F. [W. Fenton] Lawyer
Paton, William H. Superintendent
** Peck, L.R., Providence, R.I. Merchant
** Powell, S.F. Merchant
Platt, C.A.W. Merchant
Quilhot, William K. Knit Goods Supplies
Quiri, E.A. Merchant
Reed, H.L. Insurance and Real Estate
-- Reid, W. Max Merchant
Ripton, William A. [William H.] Merchant
Sanford, John Manufacturer
Sanford, Stephen Manufacturer
++ Schaffer, Samuel Merchant
Schauffler [Shaufler], W.C. Manufacturer
Schmidt, E.L. Manufacturer
Schotte, Kuno Contractor
** Seixas, E.F. Railroad Manager
** Serviss, John G. Capitalist
** Shanahan, E.J. P.M.
Shaul, Dater Merchant
** Shaul, Fay Merchant
-- Shuler, W.S. Manufacturer
Shuttleworth, Herbert Manufacturer
** Shuttleworth, W.W. Manufacturer
** Smeallie, Jas. A. Insurance and Real Estate
-- Smeallie P.H. Manufacturer
** Smith, Elijah B. Merchant
++ Smith, George E., Merchant
Smith, Harry B. Commercial Traveler
-- Smith, Nathan B. Merchant
** Smith, Wm. B. (retired) Manufacturer
-- Stansfield, John Manager Felt Mills
** Stebbins, W.H. Merchant
++ Stewart, Clarence D. Manufacturer
** Stewart, Geo. C. Lawyer
Stewart, John K. Manufacturer
-- Storrie, H.C. Merchant
Stover, Chas. E., M.D. Physician
** Stover, Geo. B. Manufacturer
-- Stover, M.L. Lawyer
Straus, David Merchant
Sugden, James T. (retired) Manufacturer
** Sullivan, F.J. Lawyer
Sweeney, Dennis Manufacturer
++ Truett, Edward P. (New York) Banker
Turner, John J., Contractor
Van Aken, D.B. [De Baun] Merchant
-- Van Brocklin, Frank Manufacturer
** Van Brocklin, Wm. S. Manufacturer
Van Buren, C. Merchant
** Van Buren, Geo. G. Merchant
Van Buren, M. Banker
** Van Derveer, T.B. Gentleman [he was a charter member]
-- Van Heusen, A.T. Insurance
Wagenheim, Jacob L., Merchant
Walker, John S. Merchant
Wallin, Samuel Manufacturer
Walters, Joseph Merchant
** Warnick, John K. Manufacturer [charter member]
Wasserman, Julius Manufacturer
++ Warring, C.H. Manufacturer
Wendell, Willis Merchant
West, George W. Bookkeeper
** Westbrook, Z.S. Lawyer [charter member]
** White, E.P. Lawyer
Wilkie, John H. Merchant
Wilson, William, Jr. Merchant
Wormuth, E.L. Insurance and Real Estate
Yund, Albert H. Merchant
Yund, C.C. Manufacturer
Yund, Theo. J. Manufacturer

Bartholomew, John - on Entertainment Committee, not on member list

The Amsterdam Board of Trade was originally formed in 1884. Below are the charter members:


* = deceased

We, the undersigned, hereby associate ourselves as Charter Members of the Board of Trade of Amsterdam, and agree to be controlled and governed by the foregoing Constitution and By-Laws: -

* James A. Miller, Manufacturer
* W. Max Reid, Manufacturer
* John McFarlan, Manufacturer
L.L. Dean, Manufacturer
* J.H. Bronson, Manufacturer
John K. Warnick, Manufacturer
* G.H. Munson, Insurance
Myron W. Reid, Merchant
* A.A. De Forest, Manufacturer
* Z.S. Westbrook, Lawyer
* W.S. Robb, Phys. and Sur.
* Dan'l Carmichael, Manufacturer
* Gardiner Blood, Manufacturer
J. Melvin Thomas, Manufacturer
Thomas Liddle, Coal Dealer
* Benjamin Finlayson, Merchant
Seymour Birch, Insurance
M.L. Stover, Lawyer
John K. Stewart, Manufacturer
E.H. Finlayson, Publisher
W.J. Kline, Publisher
* M. Warnick, Manufacturer
* John F. Morris, Broker
* O.F. Nelson, Manufacturer
* J. McClumpha, Merchant
* H.C. Storrie, Merchant
H.B. Waldron, Lawyer
* I.C. Shuler, Manufacturer
* L.H. Young, Merchant
John J. Hand, Merchant
* Charles D. Dean, Tourist
John Chas. Miller, Manufacturer
Francis Morris, Manufacturer
Edward McDonnell, Manufacturer
John Giles, Manufacturer
* John Kellogg, Manufacturer
George Kellogg, Manufacturer
* W.R. McCowatt, Manufacturer
Stephen Sanford, Manufacturer
John Sanford, Manufacturer
* William C. Sanford, Manufacturer
* William J. Taylor, Banker
John V. Riggs, Physician
George B. Stover, Merchant
* Henry Herrick, Manufacturer
James H. Voorhees, Manufacturer
* John Warner, Manufacturer
* T.B. Van Derveer, Farmer
* J.D. Noland, Accountant
* William H. Stebbins, Merchant
J. Vedder Morris, Banker


W. Max Reid 1884-1901
L.L. Dean 1901-1905
William McCleary 1905 -

James A. Miller 1884-1896
John K. Stewart 1896-1898
John Kellogg 1898-1904
John Sanford 1904-1909
Thomas F. Kennedy 1909-1910
C.A.W. Platt 1910-1912
A.R. Conover 1912 -

Gardiner Blood 188-1892
John K. Stewart 1892-1896
T.B. Van Derveer 1896-1904
Thomas F. Kennedy 1904-1909
John K. Stewart 1909-19010
Kuno B. Schotte 1910-1911
A.R. Conover 1911-1912
Edward A. McCaffrey 1912 -

John McFarlan 1884-1891
George R. Hannon 1891-1894
T.V. Van Derveer 1894-1896
L.L. Dean 1896-1901
George I. Herrick 1901-1904
John E. Larrabee 1904-1909
William J. Kline 1909-1910
A.R. Conover 1910-1911
Edward A. McCaffrey 1911-1912
David D. Cassidy, Jr. 1912 -

J. Melvin Thomas 1884-1889
Benjamin Finlayson 1889-1890
John G. Serviss 1890-1891
James H. Hanson 1891-1899
John G. Serviss 1899-1900
Charles E. French 1900 -

A.A. DeForest 1884-1898
James T. Sugden 1898 -

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