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The following resource comes from an old, undated typescript contributed by Sandi Burns back in 2000, and is a companion piece to the 1st Presbyterian Membership List of same time period. At the top it states that the list is at the New York State Library, Albany, NY, item # A974-746, and also available at the Montgomery County Dept. of History and Archives.

It's obvious that Reverend Jukes was no speller. All spellings are as were transcribed from the original handwriting by the original typist and so we cannot accommodate researcher requests to "fix spelling" on this historical document. The site coordinators have no way of determining the present location or continued existence of these records.

Baptized by Rev. Charles Jukes

When BaptizedChildren's Names and When BornParents' Names
1834Harriet, 12th Jan. 1827
Aaron, 13th Mar. 1829
Agnes Vedder, 5th Dec. 1831
Ahasueris Marselis & Mary Manny
1834Jacob, 30th Jul. 1831Lamuel French & Maria Johnson
1834James Goodwin, 15th Apr. 1832William Shuler & Abigal
1834Andeusia, 9th May 1833David W. Candee & ____ Ostrum
1834Mary, 20th Jul. 1833Archsbald Stuart & Isabella Bell
1834Mary Jane, 24th Mar. 1833Nicholis Hagaman & Isabella
1834Lucy Jones/adult
1834Rebecca Jones/adult
4th May 1834Goorge Chapman, 19th Dec. 1833Ge. J. Bell & Alida Chapman
6th Jul. 1834Ruth Ester, 2nd Apr. 1834Gilbert Connor & Sarah Marselis
6th Jul. 1834Mary Alida, 3rd May 1834Jeremiah DeGraff & Maria DeGraff
24th Aug. 1834FrancisW. L. Candee & Desia Sprague
27th Aug. 1834MaryJohn C. Marselis & Almera Candee
2nd Nov. 1834Harvey Willis, 23rd Apr. 1834Lamuel French & Maria Johnson
22nd, Nov. 1835Thomas Wason, 3rd Aug. 1829
Jacob James, 1st Aug. 1831
Joseph Bradshaw, 9th Sept. 1833
John Clute & Mary
9th Dec. 1834James WoodH. Pruyn & Gertrude Marselis
4th Jan. 1835ChristiannSamuel Jones & Maria
24th Feb. 1835blankAlbert Pauling & blank
7th Jun. 1835George Curry, 1st Jan. 1835Martin Hagaman & Sophia Curry
2nd Aug. 1835 Mary Ann Clute/adult
2nd Aug. 1835Caty ElizabethNicholes Palmateer & Sally Duglis
2nd Aug. 1835 SethJohn Laraby & Rachell
21st Sept. 1835Gaberil, 2nd Jun. 1835Peltz Manny & Sarah Swartz
7th Aug. 1836Ruth, 14th May 1836Gilbert Connor & Sarah Marselis
14th Aug. 1836Hiram Jeremiah OlmstedAbraham Filkins & Kernny Olmsted
14th Aug. 1836William Spencer, 20th Feb. 1836John C. Marselis & Almira Candee
12th Feb. 1837 Harriet Maria, 29th Oct. 1836Gilbert Conner & Jane Bell
12th Mar. 1837Catherine Ann, 11th Oct. 1836Jeremaih Marselis & Verony Bonta
26th Mar. 1837David, 14th Aug. 1836Lamuel French & Maria Johnson

Margaret JaneAbraham Terwellager & Eliza Pauling
18th Jun. 1837 ArchebaldArchebald Stuart & ____ Bell
13th Aug. 1837James Henry, 4th Oct. 1836Freeman Jones & ____
15th Oct. 1837Marion, 22nd Apr. 1837Henry Cuyler & ____ Palmateer
29th Oct. 1837Joseph Hagaman, 27th May 1837John Case & Charlotte
31st Oct. 1837Harmen, 15th Oct. 1826
Jacob Cuyler, 7th Aug. 1828
Gitty Ann, 28th Feb. 1832
John Henry, 31st, Mar. 1834
Rebecca Jane, 2nd, May 1836
James Terwillager & Maria Cuyler

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