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The following resource comes from an old, undated typescript contributed by Sandi Burns back in 2000, and is a companion piece to the 1st Presbyterian Church List on the Town of Amsterdam page. At the top it states that the list is at the New York State Library, Albany, NY, item # A974-746, and also available at the Montgomery County Dept. of History and Archives. All spellings are as were transcribed from the original handwriting by the original unknown typist, and so we cannot accommodate researcher requests to "fix spelling" on this historical document. The site coordinators have no way of determining the present location or continued existence of these records.

Baptisms by the Rev. Mr. Donalds

December 12th 1840, Baptised by the Rev. Mr. Donalds; Mary Angelica Bontee, age 4 years and 8 months - Adopted daughter of Mr. Wiser Hagaman.

Baptisms by the Rev. Alex. Prondfit

21st Feb. 1841
Mrs. Elis Mason
21st Feb. 1841
Mrs. Jane Green
21st Feb. 1841
Miss Sally Collins
21st Feb. 1841
Miss Fanny Parmentier
21st Feb. 1841
Miss Jane Ann Brown
21st Feb. 1841
Miss Maria Candie
7th Mar. 184122nd Jun. 1840Catherine AnnAbraham Terwilliger & Eliza Pawling
7th Mar. 184113th Feb. 1840Jane Ann Joseph Pawling & Mary Jane
11th Apr. 184131st Mar. 1840 Algernon McMasterGilbert Marselis & Sarah Marcus
20th May 18412nd Jan. 1841Henry WillisJohn & Nina Cutent Marcellis
22nd May 1841
Miss Caroline Priest
19th Aug. 184131st Dec. 1834Sarah AnnHenry Rowe & Martha Ostrom
19th Aug. 184125th Jan. 1836Anthony OstromHenry Rowe & Martha Ostrom
19th Aug. 18417th Jul. 1838Harriet DianaHenry Rowe & Martha Ostrom
19th Aug. 184110th Jan. 1841Susan DeliaHenry Rowe & Martha Ostrom
19th Aug. 18414th Jan. 1833 James MichelJoseph Parmentier & Wilhemina Demarest
19th Aug. 184128th Jan. 1837Adeline Joseph Parmentier & Wilhemina Demarest
19th Aug. 184110th Jan. 1841WilliamJoseph Parmentier & Wilhemina Demarest
19th Aug. 184116th Nov. 1840 Calvin HawlyJames Terwilliger & Maria Cuyler
19th Aug. 184115th Feb. 1840Lydia MariaJeremiah Degraff & Mahala Collins
5th Mar. 184226th Jul. 1842*Charles Henry*Nicholas Patmentier & Sarah Douglass
19th Mar. 184222nd Oct. 1841SarahSebastian J. Gansaul & Osie DeHart
26th Mar. 184226th Nov. 1841Henry VeederJacob Clute & Jane Veeder
26th Mar. 184226th Mar. 1841Mary ElizaJos. Pawling & Mary Jane Morrison
7th Oct. 18421st Feb. 1837DavidThomas Kyle & Helen Finlay
7th Oct. 184222nd Apr. 1842GeorgeThomas Kyle & Helen Finlay
5th Feb. 184330th Jun. 1842Henry Spencer Henry Cuyler & Jane Parmentier
20th Aug. 18435th Nov. 1842Helen FrancesAbraham Terwilliger & Eliza Pawling
18th Nov. 184324th Jun. 1843Mary ElizabethAlex Prondfit & Delia A. Williams
19th Nov. 1843(blank)Mrs. Cornelia A. Van dusen
26th Nov. 184328th Jun. 1843infant daughterJoseph Pawling & Maria J. Morrison
24th Dec. 184326th Sept. 1843Delia MariaNicholas Parmentier & Sarah Douglass
25th Apr. 184417th Oct. 1843infant daughterStep. Collins & Nancy Van dusen
184429th Dec. 1843Susan Elizabeth CandeeLeander Candie & Maria Parmentier
29th Aug. 184627th Feb. 1846JohnSebastian Gansaulus & Osee Dehart
29th Aug. 18461st Sept. 1845Mary ElsiFran. M. Hagaman & Sophia Curry
29th Aug. 1846(blank)infant daughter Saml. Jones & (blank)
29th Nov. 184626th Oct. 1845Isaac I. Jereh. Degraff & Mahala Collins
13th Mar. 1847(blank) JohnNicholas Palmatier & Sarah Douglass
Jul. 1847(blank)infantMyndert Pauling & Margaret Morrison
25th Sept. 1847(blank)Sarah AldenFrancis Hagaman & Mary Connar
30th Sept. 18471st Oct. 1843Lyman RememberHerman Ingraham & Almira Hendricks

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