Amsterdam, NY

The following resource comes from an old, undated typescript contributed by Sandi Burns back in 2000, and is a companion piece to another 1st Presbyterian Church List on the Town of Amsterdam page. At the top it states that the list is at the New York State Library, Albany, NY, item # A974-746, and also available at the Montgomery County Dept. of History and Archives. All spellings are as were transcribed from the original handwriting by the original unknown typist and there was a note "typed as written." And so we cannot accommodate researcher requests to "fix spelling" on this historical document. The site coordinator and contributor have no way of determining the present location or continued existence of these records.

Baptized by Rev. D. Stewart

31st Mar. 18396th Oct. 1838EdwinLemuel French & Marcia P. Johnson
31st Mar. 18398th Apr. 1838SarahWilliam Shuler & Abegal Folger
12th May 18397th May 1839JohnJas. Chamber & (left blank)
25th May 1839(left blank)Julia MarieAbm. Terwelleger & Eliza Pawling
23rd Jun. 183921st Dec. 1838Emily JaneJesh. Degraff & (blank) Collins
21st Jul. 18399th Jun. 1839Mary ElizabethJohn Kyle & Hellen Finlay
7th Sept. 183917th Mar. 1839CharityHenry Chyler & L.J. Palmateer
7th Sept. 183922nd Jan. 1839HarrietD.W. Candee & Gitty Ostrom
7th Sept. 1839(left blank)Robert AlfredNicholas Palmateer & Sally Douglass
20th Oct. 1839(left blank)SabasteanSabestean Gunsalus & (blank) Dehart

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