Source: Cuyler Reynolds, "Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs", Vol. II (New York:  Lewis Historical Publishing Co.)1911, pgs. 603-606.

Van Buren.

Cornelius Van Buren, (see ancestors of Cornelius below) son of William and Catherine (Putnam) Van Buren, was born September 14, 1792.  He left the Valley of the Hudson and following the Mohawk Valley, settled in the town of Glen, Montgomery county, where he cleared an improved a farm.  He married Magdelene Martine and had issue.  Cornelius and wife, like their ancestors, were members of the Dutch Reformed church.

Peter Putnam Van Buren, eldest child of Cornelius and Catherine (Putnam) Van Buren,  was born in the town of Glen, Montgomery county, January 24, 1814; lived there all his life a farmer; died May 17, 1851.  He married, December 27, 1838 to Rachel Maria Enders born December 6, 1816, and died July 16, 1873.  Children of Peter Putnam and Rachel M. (Enders) Van Buren:

1.  Cornelius, eldest child, was born in Glen, Montgomery county, New York, January 25, 1840 and is living in Amsterdam, New York.  He was educated in the public schools of the district, Johnstown Academy, Amsterdam Academy and at Claverack, New York.

    His first essay in business was as a grocer's clerk at Aurresville, where he remained two years, 1858-60.  For the next three years he was clerk for Voorhees, Van Antwerp & Company, proprietors of the Fultonville & New York Transportation Company, with office in Fultonville.  This was before the railroads did all the business and the company had a large trade.  He was later promoted to manager of the New York office.  In 1866 he returned permanently to Amsterdam, moving there and remaining in that city three years, where he associated himself with John C. Putnam in the flour, feed, grain and coal business.  He was successful in business and prominent in the public life of Amsterdam.  In 1881, he purchased Mr. Putnam's interest, and still continues, under the style of C. Van Buren Company.  He is a Republican and served as the representative of that party.  He was school trustee for several years, supervisor three years, member of state legislature 1881-82, the historical session that witnessed the political downfall of Roscoe Conkling.  In 1887 he was elected alderman of the city, was one of the board of sewer commissioners, trustee and president of the City Hospital.  His continuance of public offices of trust is the best encomium that could be uttered.

    Cornelius married on January 24, 1867, in Boston Massachusetts, Marion B. Gove, born November 3, 1844, died January 21, 1889.  She was the daughter of John G. (born 1809) and Ann (McConnnell) Gove, of New Hampshire.  Children of Cornelius and Marion B. (Gove) Van Buren:

1.  George G., born June 16, 1868; resident of Amsterdam, New York.  Twice married, children:  Marion, born 1891 and Cornelius, born 1896.

2.  Florence, born January 10, 1870, died in infancy.

3.  Grace, was born in Amsterdam on January 6, 1879.  She was educated in private schools and studied art in Boston.  She is a member of organization Daughters of American Revolution.  She married December 21, 1901 to Karl Isburgh, born in Melrose, Massachusetts on August 25, 1878.  He was educated in private schools and is active in business in Amsterdam, New York, associated with C. Van Buren Company.

Children of Grace and Karl Isburgh:  Donald Isburgh, born January 8, 1903, and Marion Van Buren Isburgh, born August 5, 1904.

2.  Emily, born April 15, 1842; married Boyd R. Hudson.  Children:  Agnes, deceased; Van Buren, deceased; and Emily (Mrs. Lewis of Fort Hunter).

3.  Helen, born September 10, 1844; (first) married Dotus V. Morris; (second) David Getman.  No issue.

4.  Enders, born December 10, 1847, died July 1881.

5.  Martin E., born June 17, 1850; cashier of City National Bank, Amsterdam, New York.  Married Marcia Craig.  Died October 1898.  Children:  John C. and Martin E. Jr..

Updated 1/26/00  Corrections to the Cuyler Reynolds profile of the Van Burens were submitted by Van Buren researcher Barbara Perricelli, a descendant of Barent Van Buren b. 1702 & Marguerite Van Vechten. Barbara's comments appear in red.

Updated 1/16/2013  - as we think that Barbara passed away, her email address has been removed]

Ancestors of Cornelius Van Buren.

    The original settler of the Van Buren family did not bear the name Van Buren.  [A 1630s deposition calls this man Cornelius Maessen van Buren.] It was not the custom when he came to America, 1631, for Netherlanders to have a family name, except in rare cases.   The Dutch of New Netherland, after the succession of the English in 1644, began to adopt family surnames, generally taking the name of the place from which they or their parent emigrated in Holland, using the prefix "Van", which is Dutch for "of" or "from".  Thus it was no doubt, with the second generation of the Van Buren family in America, the father of whom was Cornelius Maessen, Maes or Maas, being the Christian name of his father, the suffix "sen" or "se" signifying son.  This was the custom then in vogue among the Dutch and some other European nationalities, and is not yet wholly done away with among peasantry.  To illustrate this custom:  Marten, the eldest son of Cornelius Maessen, made his will in 1703, written in Dutch, in which his name is signed "Marten Cornelissen Van Buren", meaning Marten son of Cornelius from Buren.  (Frank J. Conkling in New York Gen. and Biog. Record, vol. xxviii - p. 121.)

    Cornelius Maessen, either emigrated from Buren, a village Province of Gelderland, Holland, or was a native of that place.  During the summer of 1631 he sailed for America in the ship "Rennselaerwyck", having with him his young wife, Catalyntje Martense and at least one son named Marten.  A second son is said to have been born on the voyage. [Cornelius Maesen, bachelor, came to America in 1631 under contract to the patroon. The 1631 record still exists in Holland. He returned to Holland ca 1634/5, at which time he married Catelyntje Martense ___?__ [surname unknown, but probably NOT Van alstyne]. The young married couple then sailed for America, and their first child, Hendrick Cornelius, was born at sea on 30 Jan 1637, as proven by the ship's log.] They settled on a farm a little below Greenbush, called Papsknee, leasing a farm from patron Killian Van Rensselaer.  The rent paid from Cornelis to Van Renssaelear was one hundred bushels wheat, oats, rye, and a few peas.  Catalyntje died in 1648 and records show they were buried the same day.  Little else is known.  He died intestate and his children put under the care of guardians.  Children mentioned in legal papers:  Marten C., Hendrick, Maes, and Styntje. [Also mentioned was a son Tobias.]

(i) Marten Cornelisse, son Cornelis Maessen, deposed in 1660 that he was born in "Houten", few miles from the village of Buren.  In 1662 he sold his home, located "This side of Bethlehem", (about two miles south of Albany). [The above mentioned guardians deposed in 1662 that they were present at the births of the VanBuren children, who were ALL born at Ft Orange, except Hendrixck who was born at sea.] He and his wife were members of the Dutch Reformed Church in Albany in 1683.   His will, proved June 7, 1710, mentions children:  Cornelis Martense, Cornelia Martense, Pieter Martense, Maitje Martense and Marten Martense. [It is quite likely that the Martin Cornelisse who said he was born in Houtin, was Martin C Van Esselstyne.]

(ii) Pieter Martense, son of Marten Cornelisse Van Buren, married January 15, 1693, Ariaantje Barentse.  Pieter M. and his wife were admitted to the Dutch Church in Albany in 1695, as from Kinderhook, where they had settled about the time of their marriage.  He was a freeholder in Kinderhook in 1720.  He left no will.  His children were baptized in the Dutch Church, Albany, in order given:  Cornelis, Barent, Marritje (Maria), Eytje (Ida), Marten, Cornelis, Ephrahim and Maria.

(iii) Barent, son of Pieter Martense Van Buren, was born January 20, 1695.  He married (first) on December 29, 1719, -------------; (second) to Margarita Van Vetchen on December 23, 1737; (third) about 1747 Catalyntje (Van Buren), widow of Jacob J. Schermerhorn.  Children:  Ariaantje, Marten, Cornelisse, Maria, Marytje, Margarita, Hendrickje, Judikje, Elizabeth and William.

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Barent Van Buren, son of Peter Martense VB bp 1695, married Maria Winne.

Their chil. were: Frans d.y., Ariantje m. Peter DeWandolaer; Elsie m.1747 Jan Bronck, Frans B m.Johanna Van Slyke; Maria; Peter B m. Dorothy Freyenmoet; Harmon B.

Barent Van Buren, bp 6 Sep 1702, Son of Martin VanBuren & Judickje Barents,
m.1st 23 Dec 1737 Margrietje van Vechten, bur.11 Aug 1743;

m. 2d Catelyntje [VanBuren] Schermerhorn b.1717

His Children:

Martin C bp.22 Oct 1738; Maria Elizabeth bp.11 May 1740; bur.29 Sep 1740; Maritie bp.22 Jul 1741; Margarita bp.1 Nov 1747; Hendrickje bp.15 Oct 1749; Tobias bp.20 Oct 1751, Trinity Church Parish, NYC; Judickje bp.9 Dec 1753; Elizabeth bp.1 Mar 1756; William bp.27 May 1759, m.18 Aug 1785 Catherine Putnam]

(iv) William, son of Barent Van Buren, was born May 27, 1759, died February 11, 1830.  He married August 23, 1785, Catherine Putnam, born September 17, 1767(daughter of Cornelis and Elizabeth (Pruyn) Putnam).  Children of William and Catherine (Putnam) Van Buren:  Barent, Cornelius (born 1792, above), Catherina, Elizabeth, Hendrick and Tobias.

I have very much material on the VB families, but most of them did not linger in Montgomery or Herkimer County. The Montgomery ones ended up in Fulton County for the most part.

The family profile of the descendants of Cornelius Van Buren was kindly contributed by Jeanette Shiel. As there are several serious Van Buren researchers out there, new findings and further contributions about the persons below will be greatly appreciated.

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