Canajoharie, NY

Source: "Boyd's New York State Directory, 1872-3," business directory and gazetteer, by Andrew Boyd, Syracuse, N.Y., 1872

Ames, Montgomery Co.

Barnes N. fruits
Becker D. J. saw mill
McBvoy Hugh, tavern
Willis DeWitt, grocery

Buel, Montgomery Co.

In the town of Canajoharie, was formed March 24th, 1772.

Buel Cheese Factory
Dunlop A. R. grocer
Furmin Walter, general store (See Sharon Springs)
Van Deusen Justus, manfr. yarn

Canajoharie, Mont. Co.

Canajoharie is a thriving business town, incorporated 30th April, 1829. A bridge across the Mohawk River connects it with Palatine Bridge and the N.Y.C.&H.R. Railroad, 55 miles from Albany, and 93 from Syracuse. It is located in the midst of a rich grazing district, and within a radius of a few miles are 26 cheese factories, which market their productions here. Hops are also a leading staple of this region. It has a population of about 2500, a weekly newspaper, two National Banks, several stores, five churches, and the Nellis House is the principal hotel. It also contains the largest paper and cotton flour sack manufactory in the U.S. The work is mostly done by machinery peculiar to this business and quite novel in its character. The daily consumption of paper (made of rope) is from five to six tons per day. The power is furnished by the Canajoharie Creek, which flows through a ravine of rare beauty and grandeur of scenery. The Erie canal flows through the town. Passengers take the stage from here to Sharon Springs a distance of about eight miles. Webster Wagner, Esq., the proprietor of the Palace Railroad cars resides at Palatine Bridge.

Abel R. G. dry dock, Main
Abeling Wm. J. cigars, Church
Abeling & Co. cigar manufacturers, Church
Arkell Jas. flour sack, Mill
Arkell & Smiths, flour sack manufacturers, Mill (See adv.)
Arriens Henry, liquors, Church
Baker W. T. insurance agent, Church
Barnes C. G. & Co. jewelrs, Church
Bierbauer Louis, brewer, Mill
Bierman Henry, blacksmith, Montgomery
Blowers O. & Son, marble yard, Little Mohawk
Bragdon Henry S. dry goods, Church
Buddles John, gunsmith, Church
Buel E. flour dealer, Church
Burbeck, Joseph, physician, Main
Burnap Perlia H. physician, Main
Burnap Z. Miss, fancy goods, Church
Button M. T. meat market, Mill
Canajoharie National Bank, J. C. Smith, President; W. H. Davis,
Vice-President; A.G. Richmond, Cashier, Church
Canajoharie Radii and Taxpayers' Journal, L.F. Allen & Co. props. Church c. Canal
Clark L. B. flour dealer, Canal
Clark L. B. & Son, lumber dealers, Canal
Cook James H. lawyer, Church
Coppernoll John, blacksmith, Church
Cramer Herman F. liquors, Little Mohawk
Curtiss Booth N. furniture Main
Davis J. H. & Son, hardware and stoves, Church
Dettmer Augustus G. cigars, Church
Diefendorf Jonas J. groceries and liquors, Church
Diefendorf Josiah & Son, grocers, Church
Dunckel Harvey, lawyer, Church
Dygert Jane E. millinery, Church
Dygert Sylvanus, photographer, Church
Edwards Henry, produce and forwarding, Church
Eisenlord Peter O. physician, Grand
Eldridge House, C. H. Lovett, Church
Failing Clinton, dry goods, Church
Farkel John, wagon maker, Montgomery
Field Stilman A. livery stable, Church
Finchout John, groceries and crockery, Church
Froehlich Martin, watches and jewelry, Mohawk
Gohst Paul, saloon, Church
Gotte Frederick, boots and shoes, Mohawk
Hagadorn A. & L. stoves and tinware, Main
Hale J. Mrs. milliner, Mill
Halligan James, hides, leather and wool, Church
Halligan James & Co. produce dealers, Church
Hammersmith Jacob, groceries, Church
Hatter William, merchant tailor, Church
Hawley Charles, merchant tailor, Church
Hees Abraham, lawyer and U.S. commissioner, Church c. Canal
Heinz H. clothier, Church
Hiller George F. groceries and crockery, Church
Hodge & Stafford, druggists, Church
Ilse Frederick, liquors, Church
Ilse & Filmer, merchant tailors, Church
Johnston W. N. lawyer, Church
Keller & Diefendorf, dry goods, Church
Kirschner Anton, boots and shoes, Church
Kirschner Daniel, saloon, Mohawk
Lasher Jacob, wagon maker, Grand
Lovett Chas. H. Eldredge House, Church
Mann Stephen, fruits, &c., Church
Markert Jacob, meat market, Grand c B'dge
Melick John, plaster mill
Mohl F. A. boots and shoes, Church
Morrel Daniel S. lawyer, Church
Melick Casper, harness maker, Main
Morse Charles H. carpenter, Main
Mosher E. C. carriage maker, Main
National Spraker Bank, James Spraker, prest.; David Spraker, vice prest.; James Frost, cashier; Mohawk c. Church
Nellis Aaron & Co. proprs. Nellis House, Church
Nellis George, blacksmith, Grand
Nellis Hall, for concerts, meetings &c. Church
Nellis House, formerly Kirby House, Aaron Nellis & Co. proprs. Church
N.York Central & Hudson River Railroad, O.E. Stafford, station agent,
Palatine Bridge
O'Neal John J. butcher, Church
Pauley B. saloon, Church
Reed J. L. & Bro. hardware, Church
Roser & Brothers, furniture, Main
Scharff William J. saloon, Church
Schrader Henry, harness maker, Mill

Ad: Nellis House (Formerly Kirby House.) A. Nellis & Co., Proprietors, Successors to P. H. Burnap & Co., Canajoharie, N.Y.; The new proprietors have, in addition to this popular Hotel, a new and spacious Hall, 40 by 90 feet. It is located in the center business part of the village. A good livery is attached to the hotel.

Settle Andrew P. druggist, Church
Shults Henry, baker, Mill
Shults John H. blacksmith, Mill
Sloan Peter, dentist, Church c. Mohawk
Smith Adam, flour sacks, Mill
Smith Alfred C. news dealer, Church
Smith Benjamin, flour sacks, Mill
Smith John C. postmaster, Church
Smith Martin L. malstster, Main
Snow Norman L. physician, Mitchel
Soles Daniel, restaurant, opp. Post Office
Spraker Frasier, lawyer, Church
St. George Lewis von, physician, Church
Stafford B. & Son, insurance agents, Church
Stevens William J. plaster mill, Main
Sticht & Shubert, shoes, Church
Stampfel Henry F. barber, Church
Suits E. shoes, Grand
Telford & Lynch, tinsmith, Church
Van Buren Martin, liquors, Grand
Walrath Edward, painter, Church
Watson George H. dry goods, Church
W. U. Telegraph Co. R. B. Stafford, Church c. Main
Wheeler Charles W. insurance agent, Church
Winsman Henry G. Boots and shoes, Church
Yates Everett L. maltster, Main
Zieley & Vickers, grocers, Canal
Zilg Elizabeth, liquors, Church

Marshville, Mont. Co.

Handy Geo. V. tavern
Hunkins Jacob L. grocer
Shineman Henry, blacksmith
Van Alstyne C. country store
Wafle Jeremiah, Blacksmith

Sprout Brook, Mont. Co.

Lipe & Klock, grocers
Nestle Levi, country store
Walrath E. P. tavern

Sprout Bush, Mont. Co.

Ackerman & Geer
Gillilan John, oysters, &c
Hoyt and Bloomer, country store

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