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As the site coordinators are unaware of any existing list for this cemetery, we're starting our own list with a generous contribution from one researcher. Please contribute your relatives' tombstone readings, or info from a published death notice that an individual was interred here, to the site coordinators. Contributions must include your full name and email address so that other researchers can share information with you. Be sure to put "Ames Cemetery" as your subject line so that your email isn't deleted.

new 11/16/08  We now have an index to surnames of persons buried in Ames Cemetery. Please contact the county historical archives for further information as to who individuals are.

Ames Cemetery Surnames Index

new 6/4/08  Many, many thanks to James Anderson for his contribution of more burials in Ames Cemetery!


My name is James Anderson, and my grandparents are buried in the Ames Cemetery. They used to own the farmhouse on the corner of Shunk Road and Mapletown road in the now defunct Hamlet of Waterville. My grandmother for a while was the town historian.

We had been researching the previous owners of their home and have determined who many of the previous owners where. Using that list, I went to the cemetery to try and see if I could locate any of them. The following list I am sending to you is the selected graves that I found.

Also a link your readers might like to know about is called Various people go out and transcribe cemeteries and place the information online, some with bios and pictures. I have added this list of burials to the cemetery.

James Anderson

Selected Burials in
Ames Rural Cemetery
Town of Canajoharie
Montgomery County New York

ST. JOHN (Tall Marble Obliesk at front of Cemetery)

Captain John St. John
born: December 3, 1768
died: December 4, 1814
Age 46 years and 19 days

Lois (DRAKE) St. John
born: December 24, 1768
died: November 10, 1854
85 yrs ll mos 8 days
"My Mollie"

Sylvester St. John
born: January 31, 1791
died: February 4, 1815

John L. St. John
born: July 7, 1796
died: February 4, 1815

born: November 11, 1802
died: December 17, 1848

born: October 8, 1790
died: March 5, 1861

born: June 27, 1806
died: July 22 1879

ST JOHN (Monument towards back of cemetery near PECK Mausoleum)

Sylvanus St. John
Same as above

Chloe (His Wife)
born: March 31, 1795
died: March 5, 1860

(Older Stones near front of plot)

Sarah (Daughter of Sylvanus and Chloe)
born: September 20, 1827
died: March 12, 1890

born: February 18, 1833
died: September 26, 1877
Age 44y 7m 3d

Names Carved on Monument and separate stones as well.
Abbie Ann 1825-1933
Olive 1830-1915
Harriet L. 1840- ?


Edwin F. 1917-2003 (Has plaque for US War Veteran)
Helen E. 1921-2006

(Military Plaque on back of Monument)


Janet M. 1886-1953
Harry I. 1888-1955
Elsie Vandeverah 1880-1960
Floyd E. 1880-1937
Emma E. SNYDER 1859-1928
Silas R. 1857-1916
Forest L. 1871-1928
Roshias H. 1859-1931
Margaret A. 1877-1959


Curtis Judson 1916-1999
Etta Barnes (His Wife) 1901-1997
William M. Barnes 1878-1947
Almina J. Miller (Wife of Levi G. Barnes) 1/4/1832 - 1/14/1923
Levi G. Barnes 6/29/1830 - 5/22/1897
Ellen N. Barnes (His Wife) 1850-1929
Abram C. Barnes 1848-1942 (Wife Ellen?)

BARNES (Front of Barnes/Sweatman Monument)

Sarah J. Sweatman 1841-1920
Arthur 1848-1914
UNCLE Norman d. March 5, 1892 Age 69 Years
Cynthia C. d. Age 77y 3m 12d
Caroline Arthur (Wife of Luther) d. ??? 16, 1846 Age 34y 10m 4d
Luther H. d. ??? Age 67y 11m 11d
Unreadable stone
Unreadable stone

SWEATMAN (Back of Barnes/Sweatman Monument)

Martha L. Blair


Arthur 1856-1927
Ella M. Button (His Wife) 1872-1928
Mabel J. Mcintosh August 15, 1910 - May 21, 2007 (Wife of Stanley J.)
Stanley J. August 10, 1910 - January 21, 1981
Edward A. 1913-1993
Josephine M. (His Wife) 1917-1992


"Buck" G. Edward December 29, 1938 - March 6, 1998 (US Navy)
Audrey M. Wood (His Wife) November 12, 1943

(Have a small stone at base of monument which says E.T. and A.T.)


John S. 1858-1915
Sarah 1860-1933

new 1/14/05  Dingman family listings contributed by Rosemary Nadal.


These DINGMANS are buried at Ames Cemetery located in Canajoharie, Montgomery Co. New York. I visited this cemetery in August 2001. Rose E. Dingman is my great-grandmother.

Dingman, Mathew b. 6-25-1846, d. 03-03-1907
Martha Fralick (wife) b. 12-06-1849.
Arthur b. 1892, d. 1911

Dingman, William H. b. 5-12-1838 d.4-17-1888
Lucinda (wife) b. 09-18-1841

Dingman, Sarah - wife of Charles Fralick, b. 3-13-1820 d. 7-23-1891
Winnie G. b. 1888 d. 1961
Michael 1853 (these two were listed with Sarah, perhaps her children?)

Dingman, Rose E. (wife of Chauncy Russ) b. 1870 d. 1915

Dingman, Bernice Stevens 1923
Wm. Richard Dingman (husband) 1913

Dingman, John J. b. 1821 d. 1904
Martha (wife) b. 1824 d. 1878
Jesse 1857
Percy J. b. 1853 d. 1921
Adeline Moore (wife of Percy) b. 1863 d. 1910
Bertha (daughter of Percy & Addie) d. 9-29-1886, age 1yr 1mo 19da
Florence (dau of Percy & Addie) d. 5-9-1885, 1 mo

Dingman, Louisa (wife of Nicholas Dingman) d. 10-12-1865

Dingman, Stephen A. b. 1859 d. 1928
Mary J. Moore (wife) b. 1863 d. 1947

new 3/2/05  Information about her Clark family members who are buried in Ames Cemetery was graciously contributed by Barbara J. Schefer.

The Clark family has a plot in this cemetery. I was looking for Almira Clark and no paper information was available. I personally visited the cemetery back in 1991 and found the following head stones:

Edward Clark   1840-1906
        Mary Gordon   his wife 1843 - 1919
        Regina Clark   Apr 20, 1872 - Nov. 28, 1878
        Hattie Clark   March 3, 1874 - Nov 4, 1891

On the back of the large center stone I found my great great grandmother's statistics.

        Almira Clark   Aug 26, 1802 - Dec. 28, 1890

I knew that Edward was my great grandmother's younger brother. My great grandmother's name was Sophia Regina Clark Talmadge. She was called Regina or Gene. Gene named her first born (my grandmother) Hattie May Talmadge. I was surprised to find that Edward's daughters were named Hattie and Regina.

I'm happy to add to those buried in the cemetery in Ames, New York. I'm wondering now if there are any Morrisons in that cemetery. Lately I have been looking for Almira's relatives, the Morrisons. She moved to Ames after her husband died for some reason.

Barbara J. Schefer

new 5/6/05  Information about her Buddle & Gillett family members who are buried in Ames Cemetery was graciously contributed by Liz Curley. Liz will be providing tombstone photos later in the year.

"I have some Buddle/Gillett ancestors, and visited the Ames Cemetery in April 2002 when I took digital photographs of the following family tombstones."

On large family plot tombstone:

Henry Buddle, Born Jan. 10, 1827

Olive Jane Gillett, wife of Henry Buddle, born Oct. 11, 1833, died Feb. 14,1906.

Surrounding large stone are smaller stones:



Arthur Buddle 1882-1887

Lorenzo Buddle 1852-1942

Celia Buddle his wife 1852-1925

Cassie Becker 1892-1969

[Cassie (Buddle) Becker was the daughter of Lorenzo & Celia Buddle.]

If you think it would be helpful to other researchers, I'd be happy to provide the tombstone photographs.

Best regards,
Liz Curley

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