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Town of Charleston

Montgomery County, NY

Can anyone confirm the location of the small Town of Charleston cemeteries listed below and if they are still in existence? All of the lists, except two, were collected in the early 1920s by Edith (Van Heusen) Becker and Melvin W. Lethbridge. We'd also appreciate having information about any of the individuals listed.

updated 1/2/09  Information about the Montanye's in Rockwell Farm Graveyard.


Contributed by Clarence Putman   "This cemetery, also in the town of Charleston, is located on Gordon Road, approximately 1 1/2 miles from NYS Route 30A. The cemetery is located on a small knoll to the right of the road. This is an old cemetery and some of the stones are difficult to read."

1. In Memory of Ezra Hillman
who died March 2, 1860
Aged ____ years 10 months ___ days

2. Permelia
wife of Ezra Hillman
Died Jan 25, 18__

3. In memory of
Shadrach Hillman
who died July 12, 1831
aged 63? years, 9 mo, 26 days

4. In memory of Prudence
wife of Shadrach Hillman
who died Feb 5, 1838
aged 65 years, 10 months and 19 days

5. In memory of
Wife of Joshua S____?(Shiff?)
who died Feb 4, 1834
aged 5_ years, 11 months ____ days

6. In memory of
Martha? Carey
who departed this life
May 5, 1833
aged 23 years & 12? days

7. Ruth L
wife of
C(G?) V Pul_ver
who died
Aug __, 1861
age _9 ys, 8 m, _9 ds

There are also 2 or three unreadable stones and several field stones.


Contributed by Clarence Putman   "This cemetery, also in the Town of Charleston, is located off the old Shibley Road, about 2 miles east of Logtown Road. There is a "Rural Grove State Forest" sign at the turn off Logtown Road onto Shibley Road. Shibley Road is a rough road. Adjacent to Shibley Road, 2 miles east of Logtown Road, there is a blue CEM painted on a tree. The cemetery is located about 700 feet south of this point following a small path from Shibley Road."

1. George R Shibley
Died May 31,1870
Aged 75 years, 1 mo & 13 days

2. David Shibley
Died April 23, 1872
in his 73 year

3. Clarissa
wife of David Shibley
died aged 57 years _ mos & 28 ds

4. Mahala Shibley
Died ___ 27, 187_
aged 82 years

5. Cyrena Shibley
Died May 21, 1899
Aged 86 years 1 mo. & 24 ds

6. Henry Shibley
(Broken Stone)
aged 91?years, 1 mo, __ ds

7. Caroline
wife of Henry Shibley
died May 3, 1878
aged 66 years & 16 ds

8. Between Henry and Caroline
unreadable stone

9. Small Stone

10. Small Stone

There were also a couple of unreadable stones and some field stones in this cemetery.

updated 3/5/00  A more recent reading of the Quaker Graveyard was found in Vol. 253 of miscellaneous D.A.R. records from around NY State donated to the New York City Public Library in 1965. This second reading was made sometime in the early/mid 1960s by Mrs. Herschel C. Kilts of the Caughnawaga Chapter NSDAR of Fonda, N.Y. The reader will see missing family groups or persons whose names may have been on single stones in the early 1920s, e.g. Frances and Solomon Sharp. Although one shouldn't take for granted that absence of a previously-noted name on the new list means that the stone was gone, I'm going to make assumptions that 40 years later some stones were indeed gone, some were there but unreadable, others tipped over, and that persons might have been re-interred in other cemeteries during the interim. Mrs. Kilts tried to be thorough with this reading, including several field stones missed by Mr. Lethbridge, as well as making an effort to record accurate dates, ages, and inscriptions.

Notation for differences between readings:
** stone observed during 1960s reading that was present on 1920s list
++ stone not noted on 1920s reading
-- stone not noted on 1960s reading
[notes in brackets are commentary of mine, including info from the 2nd reading]


A note says "at Charleston Four Corners"
A. Stones
++ J. A.d. 1826ae 23[Note: on the 2nd reading this stone was noted as "J.A.D." and was near both Lydia, wife of James Dey, and the H.A.d. stone]
++ H. A.d. 1828ae 26[Note: see "D. stone" below; stone noted on 2nd reading as "H.A.d.]
** P. A.d. 1823 [d. July 18, 1828]

** R. A.d. Feb. 2, 1839 [Feb. 9, 1839]

** D. A.d. Nov. 16, 1839

** S. A.d. Mar. 13, 1840

** A. E. A.d. Feb. 18, 1851

++ R. H.d. Apl. 8, 1820

++ B. R.

++ E. R.

A note on the 1960s reading says "These are all field stones with initials and dates". The typists of the 2nd reading attempted to show where the stones were in relationship to each other. The fieldstones were listed by the Hoag burials.
-- BARLOW, Amanda GORDONb. 1837, d. 1920

** BOWDISH, Nathanield. Aug. 5, 1852in 84th year
** BOWDISH, Deborahd. Apr. 23, 1844in her 74th yearwife of Nathaniel Bowdish
** BOWDISH, Melissab. Sept. 2, 1804;
d. Apr. 23, 1879

[date of birth Sept. 2, 1801 on 2nd reading]
** BOWDISH, Sarah SHROVEd. May 20, 1849ae 66yr 5mo 5dawife of Shadrach [surname given as SHOVE on 2nd reading; "Shadrach" spelled "Shadrack"]
** BOWDISH, Sarah ETTd. Aug. 15, 1856ae 36yr 23da[date given as Aug. 13 on 2nd reading]
** BODISH, Ruthd. Jul. 23, 1868ae 44yr 5mowife of William HUBBS [name spelled Bowdish on 2nd reading]
BROWER, Maryb. Aug. 19, 1897;
d.Jul. 29, 1918

** CAIN, Ruth Van DUSENd. Jul. 6, 1867ae 20yr 3mo 2dawife of Albert Cain [number of months not on 2nd reading]
-- CARNRITE, Harrietd. Oct. 24, 1863ae 42yr 7mo 11da
-- CARNRITE, Mercyd. Mar. 22, 1859age 68 yearswife of Samuel
-- CARNRITE, Dinahd. June 14, 1862ae 52yr 3mo 27dawife of Hezekiah
-- CHAMBERS, Jamesd. Nov. 9, 1868ae 59 years
-- CHAMBERS, Albertd. Jan. 9, 1859ae 7yr 1mo 16dason of James and Mary
** DEY, Lydiad. Feb. 28, 1848in 31st yearwife of James
** D. Stone - H.A.D.d. Aug. 26, 1828
[month and day not on 2nd reading; but "d." on 2nd reading was in lower case - see "A. stones" above]
-- DINGMAN, Johnd. Apr. 3, 1880ae 62 years
** GAIGE, Ebenezer I.d. Jul. 3, 1843ae 22yr 11mo 27da
** GORDON, Coray B.d. Dec. 28, 1863ae 7mo 15dadau. of Wm. J. and Emily Gordon
** GORDON, Ellsworthd. Dec. 15, 1863ae 1yr 5mo 7dason of Francis and H. M. Gordeon [age given as 1yr 5mo 1da on 2nd reading]
** HOAG, Henryd. May 11, 1864ae 29yr 2mo 18da[age not given on 2nd reading]
** HOAG, Lansing M.d. Oct. 31, 1861ae 2yr 8mo 14dason of Henry L. and Mary E. [age not given on 2nd reading, only note "Baby"]
** HOAG, Willie B.d. Jan. 25, 1864ae 8mo 7dason of Henry L. and Mary E. [age not given on 2nd reading]
-- HOAG, Jessed. May 17, 1846ae 46 years
++ HOAG, Mary W.d. Aug. 8, 1847ae 42yr 1mo 27dawife of Jesse Hoag
** HOAG, Elizabethd. Oct. 21, 1840ae 17yr 10mo 17dadau. of Jesse and Mary Hoag
** HOAG, Markd. Dec. 6, 1853ae 58yr 1mo 18da
** HOAG, Susand. Mar. 10, 1843
wife of Mark [no date on 1960s reading]
** HOAG, Francisd. Jan. 2, 1854ae 73yr 2mo 5da[age not given on 2nd reading]
** HOAG, Maryno dates

-- HOAG, Martind. Jun. 11, 1850ae 11yr 1mo 6dason of Francis and Mary
++ HOAG, Irad. Mar. 23, 1858ae 43yr 28da[Not listed on earlier reading]
-- HUBBS, Ruth

-- KOONS, Georgead. Apr. 30, 1865ae 4yr 8mo 17dadau. of Philip and Sarah; twin
-- KOONS, George A.d. Mar. 21, 1861ae 7mo 7dason of Philip and Sarah; twin
-- KOONS, Richard B.d. Mar. 24, 1859ae 4yr 1mo 10dason of Philip and Sarah
-- KOONS, Julia Ettad. Mar. 18, 1859ae 8yr 11mo 4dadau. of Philip and Sarah
-- PALMER, Jamesd. Jan. 25, 1856ae 17yr 10mo 20da
-- ROBERTS, Martha A.b. 1835; d. 1907

-- ROBERTS, Sarah A.d. Aug. 9, 1863ae 52yr 8mo 4dawife of Miner
-- ROBERTS, Frankied. Feb. 21, 1864ae 11yr 7mo 23dadau. of Miner and Sarah A.
** ROCKWELL, Sarahd. Feb. 12, 1849in her 18th yearwife of James W. Rockwell [O, calm and sweet, thy blest repose, Secure from sin, and all they foes. There naught will E'er disturb they sleep, Rrom which thou'll wake, but not to weep.]
-- SHARP, Solomond. Jul. 13, 1865ae 80 years
-- SHARP, Francesd. Feb. 27, 1863ae 66 yearswife of Solomon
-- SHARP, Francisd. Feb. 1, 1863ae 31yr 8mo 0da
** SHROVE, Sarah

-- SIGSBEE, Frankie V.d. Jul. 20, 1865ae 1yr 1mo 20dason of Jacob I. and Margaret A.
-- SIGSBEE, William T.d. Sept. 27, 1862ae 4yr 24dason of Jacob I. and Margaret A.
** SLINGERLAND, Emmalined. Sept. 12, 1863ae 53yr 11mo 25da[date on 2nd reading is Sept. 18]
** Van DUSEN, Lydiad. May 12, 1849ae 32yr 3mo 15dawife of Joseph Van Dusen [month and day not given on 2nd reading]
** Van DUSEN, Ruth

see CAIN
** WALKER, Maryd. Feb. 28, 1847ae 58yr 2 mo 22dawife of Samuel I.
** WALKER, Louisad. Sept. 11, 1851in her 27th yearwife of Isaac B. (or V.)
** WALKER, Louisa O.d. Jul. 3, 1857ae 6yr 12dadau. of Isaac B. and Louisa [dau. of Isaac V. and Louisa Walker; "Weep not for me, my parents dear, I am not dead, But sleeping here"]
** WHITE, Ameliad. Jul. 8, 1853ae 22yr 1mo 12dawife of Robert White [age and month/day of death not given on 2nd reading]
-- WHITE, Elizabethd. May 17, 1855ae 56 yearswife of Ira
-- WHITE, Stephen P.d. Jan. 14, 1862ae 21yr 4mo 28dadied at Camp California, Va.;
Co. 57th Regt. N.Y.S.V.
** WING, Archibaldb. Aug. 20, 1790;
d. May 17, 1860
ae 69yr 8mo 27da
** WING, Nancyb. Oct. 26, 1792;
d. May 22, 1832
ae 39yr 6mo 26dawife of Archibald [wife of Archibald not noted on 2nd reading]
** [Note: In addition to listing them separately, Mrs. Kilts also mentioned "A high monument erected to the memory of Archibald & Nancy Wing by Their Son, From Albany, N.Y.]


In far center and eastern end of Charleston, west of Schoharie Creek

updated10/12/98 by Clarence Putman: "To find this cemetery go approximately 2 miles east from NYS Route 30A on Burtonsville Road to Goewey Road. Go 2 1/2 miles on Goewey Road to the end. The cemetery is located to the left of the road just before the turn around. I have nothing to add to the information already posted except some of the stones are in poor condition. The stone next to Rowland I had listed as unreadable now, with a footstone with M.B.B. I did not see the Mary Jane Bell Stone, so it may have been unreadable. Also, some of the dates on the other stones that were readable in the 1920's are now unreadable. "

BELL, Rowlandd. Apr. 4, 1857in 86th year
BELL, Mary BENNETTd. Nov. 28, 1836ae 65yr 2mo 0dawife of Rowland
BELL, Eleanord. Jul. 4, 1841ae 28yr 2 mo 8da
BELL, Nelsond. Jan. 1, 1860ae 26yr 11mo 4da
BELL, Mary Janed. Nov. 15, 1856ae 21yr 9mo 26dadau. of Henry and Mary


At intersection of Careytown Rd. with Esperance-Oak Ridge Road
MONTANYE, Edwardd. Mar. 8, 1850ae 46yr 7mo 22da
MONTANYE, Mersha Annd. Oct. 22, 1848ae 5yr 4mo 11dadau. of E. and M.
MONTANYE, Abram C.d. Jan. 12, 1884ae 78yr 0mo 12da
MONTANYE, Hannah CONOVERno dates
wife of Abram C.

updated 1/2/09  "I went to see if you had any further information on the cemetery on the Rockwell farm that includes Abram Montanye and Hannah Conover and saw that you said to write if had further information. Hannah Conover/Covenhoven was the daughter of Abram Conover and Mary - she was b. 20 Dec 1806 in NY and d. 29 Nov 1888 in Charleston, Montgomery Co., NY. I have a copy of her death cert - although it is almost unreadable.

Just a FYI - Abram C. Montanye was the son of James and Keziah Montanye. Abram's brother was Edward S. Montanye who was married to Miriam Rockwell. All four were buried at that farm cemetery - Miram was the daughter of Rufus Rockwell and Hannah Abbey. Perhaps that might help you find the location of the cemetery. I would love to know if you every do find any further information. I am descended from Abram Montanye and Hannah Conover's daughter, Phoebe Ann Montanye - she was my great-great-great grandmother. I am also descended from the Gage, Gallup, Zeh, Montanye, Allen, & Swan families that were prevalent in that part of NY. My great grandfather (who I knew very well) was born in Duanesburg and moved to NE after the death of his parents in 1908 bring his siblings out to Phoebe Montanye Gallup. He eventually ended up in ID then OR. They (my great-grandparents) had 10 children - 8 of who are still alive. I look forward to seeing more improvements on the site!"

Carmen Johnson
My Genealogy Page


Just beyond Corbin Hill School House,
south of the farm house on the Montgomery-Schoharie County line
STALEY, Jacobb. Aug. 11, 1811;
d. Jan. 20, 1895

STALEY, E. Jane WINTERb. Jul. 15, 1814;
d. Sept. 22, 109

his wife
STALEY, Julia H.1838-1839
STALEY, William J. 1842-1862

STALEY, Adelbert D.1843-1863
"GAR markers on last 2.
One or both killed in battle."
STALEY, Georged. Aug. 4, 1872ae 7yr 7mo 14da
STALEY, Susand. Dec. 19, 1864ae 55yr 6mo 9da
STALEY, Henry C.d. June 24, 1837ae 60yr 1mo 11da
STALEY, Decilia DODSd. Mar. 29, 1865ae 88yr 6mo 11dahis wife
PHELPS, Eliza STALEYb. May 25, 1817;
d. Mar. 29, 1894

wife of John A.
PHILLIPS, Johnno dates

SUITOR, Jane STALEYb. Aug. 20, 1798;
d. Nov. 1898

wife of William
SUITOR, Susand. Aug. 18, 1839ae 5yr 2mo 22dadau. of William and Jane
SUITOR, William L.d. Aug. 22, 1830ae 2yr 0mo 6dason of William and Jane
SUITOR, John B.d. Sept. 11, 1848ae 9yr 0mo 17dason of William and Jane
SUITOR, Thomas W.b. Dec. 23, 1829;
d. Apr. 3, 1880

WOOD, Miltond. May 25, 1848ae 48
WOOD, Angelicad. Nov. 18, 1856ae 52yr 3mo 0dahis wife
WOOD, Maria STALEYd. Mar. 11, 1822ae 22yr 3mo 6dahis wife
WOOD, Richardd. Feb. 8, 1856ae 29yr 5mo 26da
WOOD, Aaron M.d. Nov. 12, 1853ae 25yr 6mo 5da

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