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This reading was made in the early 1920s by Edith (Van Heusen) Becker and Melvin W. Lethbridge. Robert Moore, a member of the Elgin County Genealogical Society, Ontario, Canada, is a descendant of the Dods/Dodds family. At the bottom of this list are notes Bob made during his 1987 and 1993 visits to the cemetery.

"The deed to Dod cemetery on Crane's Hollow road was recorded on 1 May 1858 by John Dodds, the owner of the farm adjacent to his mother Mary Glen Dods (although she died in 1853). John 's sisters were Nancy Dods Putnam and Catherine Ann Severance. His children were Nancy Alida Dodds, Cornelius Dodds (1845-1923), and Mary Esther Dodds. John obtained the farm from his father Cornelius Dods (1774-1849). Cornelius had purchased the land from his father Bartholemus Dods (1746-1808), who is my 4th great-gandfather through the elder Cornelius' sister Catherine Dods Eglin (1769-1845). The elder Cornelius' parents were Bartholemew Dods and Mary Doremus (her grandmother Antje Smith is on the Dutch Colonies List).

The elder Cornelius and his wife Mary Glen (1774-1853) are both buried in the cemetery as well as John Dodds (1810-1858) and his brother Jacob Dodds (1805-1830). John had married Jacob's widow, Sarah Palmer, after Jacob's death, and Sarah is buried here as the wife of both Jacob and John Dodds. Other family members in the cemetery include: Thomas Dods (1778-1840), the brother of the elder Cornelius, and Thomas Eglin (1796-1878/9), who was Cornelius' nephew and the son of Catherine Dods and her husband John Eglin .

A new gravestone for Cornelius Dodds (1845-1923), son of John Dodds, was placed between October 1987 and November 1993. The brush etc. was removed from the cemetery and the stones straightened at this time. The cemetery is surrounded by a 3 foot stone wall. Cornelius' gravestone is spelled Dods while his son's and others are spelled Dodds."

I [Robert G. Moore] took quite a few photos of the Dodds Cemetery during my November 1993 visit, including these three, showing a long view and the headstones of John and his father Cornelius.

Southeast of Amsterdam
on Cranesville-Manny's Corners Road

COOLEY, Chester
d. 9-6-1860
ae 43 yr 6 mo 3 da

d. 2-1-1850
ae 2 yr 11 mo 21 da (or 2-2-11
dau of C. and M.
b. 7-1-1848
d. 5-3-1894

wife of Cornelius
d. 9-4-1870
ae 23 yr 1 mo 19 da
wife of Cornelius
DODDS, Mary E.
d. 9-19-1844
ae 1 yr 5 mo 6 da
dau of John and Sarah
b. 11-27-1810
d. 5-5-1848
ae 47 yr 5 mo 8 da

DODDS, Cornelius
b. 9-25-1877 (or 1774)
d. 7-22-1849

b. 6-15-1774
d. 4-10-1853

DODDS, Hester
b. 12-30-1821
d. 1-9-1848

DODDS, Elida
d. 6-11-1824
ae 22 yr
dau of Cornelius and Mary
DODDS, Jacob
b. 2-27-1805
d. 4-15-1830

b. 6-5-1810
d. 3-21-1895

wife of Jacob and John
DODDS, John H.
b. 3-5-1807 (or 5-5-1807)
d. 6-12-1864

son of Thos. and Amy
DODDS, Thomas
d. 11-12-1840?
ae 62 yr

DOUGLASS, Sarah Jane
d. 9-19-1859
ae 24 yr 8 mo 28 da
wife of James H.
d. 11-25-1852
ae 2 mo 20 da
son of H. and S. J.
EGLIN, Thomas
b. 7-14-1796
ae 80 yr

d. 5-1-1848
in 10th yr
dau of John I. and Rachel
PALMER, Sylvanus
d. 6-20-1851
ae 84 yr 20 da

d. 12-28-1830
ae 57 yr 1 da
wife of Sylvanus
PUTMAN, Cornelius D.
d. 8-22-1849
ae 16 yr 22 da
son of David and Nancy
d. 12-6-1858
ae 30 yr

d. 9-8-1883
ae 53 yr

Gravestone Inscriptions: Dods Cemetery on Cranes Hollow Road Road between Cranesville and Manny's Corners, approximately 1/2 mile south of Manny's Corners on east side of the road. This cemetery was surrounded by a three-foot stone wall.

This info came from the Montgomery County cemetery listings at the county archives in Fonda, New York, and from notes taken during October 1987 and November 1993 visits by Robert G. Moore. Trees and brush have been removed from cemetery since 1987. The surname is spelled different ways on the stones.

Cornelius Dods: born Sept 25 1774, died July 22 1849

Mary Dods: born June 15 1774, died April 10 1853 ( her maiden name was Mary Glen)

Elida, dau of Cornelius and Mary: died June 11 1824, age 11

Large stone for John Dodds: born Nov 27 1810, died May 5 1858, aged 47 years 5 months & 8 days

Esther (Hester records) Dods: born Dec 30 1821, died Jan 9 1848

Broken stone for Catherine Milroy, wife of Cornelius Dods: Sept 4 1870, age 23 years 1 month & 19 days (record)

Cornelius Dods: 1845-1923 (new granite stone)

Harriet C. Thayer: born July 17 1848, stone broken 1993 (died 3 May 1894 Cemetery Records)

Sarah W. Palmer: wife of Jacob and John Dods, born June 5 1810, died March 21 1895

Sylvanus Palmer: died June 20 1851, age 84 years & 20 days

Hannah Ward: wife of S. Ward, died 28 Dec 1830 age 57 yrs 1 mo

Mary E. Dods: dau of John and Sarah, died Sept 19 1844, age 1 year 5 months & 6 days

Jacob Dodd: born Feb 17 1805, died April 15 1830

Thomas Dodds: died Nov 12 1840, age 62 years (1987)

Thomas Wooster: died Dec 6 1858, in his 30th year

Almira Wooster: died Sept 8 1883, age 53

Added draft #2A from Cemetery Records

John H. Dods: son of Thos. and Amy, died 6/12/1864, born 3/5/1807 or 5/5/1807

Eglin, Thomas: born 7/14/1796, died age 80

Larrabbee, Nancy G.: dau of John and Rachel, died 5/1 /1848 in 10th year

Putman, Cornelius D.: son of David and Nancy, died 8/22/1849 age 16 yrs 0 mon and 22 days

This appears to be a private cemetery. Long time next door neighbour at 646 Crane's Hollow Road, Amsterdam N. Y. does not know who has maintained the cemetery nor who put the red granite stone on the Cornelius Dods (1845-1923) grave within the last 3 or 4 years.

Photos of Dodds Cemetery Taken in 1993

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