The photos below were sent in by Robert G. Moore, whose ancestors are interred in this cemetery. These images are scans of photocopies of some of the original photos taken during Bob's November 1993 field trip.

Dodds View

#1: A view of the Dodds Cemetery.
Note the stone wall surrounding, and Bob pointing out John Dodds' large stone.

John Dodds

#2: A closer view of John Dodds' inscription.
"Born Nov. 27, 1810. Died May 5, 1858. Aged 47 yrs 5 mo 8 days."

Cornelius Dodds

#3: "Cornelius Dods. Born Sept. 25, 1774. Died July 22, 1849."
Cornelius was the father of John Dodds. Note the variant spelling of the surnames.

Source: Private collection of Robert G. Moore, a member of the Elgin County Genealogical Society, Ontario, Canada.

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