Ft. Plain Cemetery

Village of Fort Plain, Montgomery County, NY

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Memorial Rest House

Memorial Rest House, Fort Plain Cemetery, Ft. Plain, N.Y.
Antique Postcard Contributed by Laura Perkins

Ft. Plain Cemetery is a large cemetery on Clyde St. in the village of Ft. Plain, NY. The Montgomery County Department of History and Archives has listings for this sizeable cemetery. The coordinators of this site have no information about this cemetery. Researchers are encouraged to visit or contact the Archives for further information about this and other Montgomery County cemeteries.
If you already have your own family headstone information from Ft. Plain Cemetery and would like to list it to make online contact with other family researchers of your lines, we welcome your contribution of partial readings for inclusion on this page. Be sure to put "Ft. Plain Cemetery" in the heading of your email.

Monument of William Henry Dingman

Wiliam H. Dingman 1853 - 1909
Ida Fragniere 1873 - 1912, his wife
Marcelin V. Fragniere 1880 - 1908
Isabelle A. Hazzard 1899 - 1940
Clark L. Hazzard 1290 - 1925

new 10/8/08  William Henry Dingman's obituary and monument photograph were contributed by Rosemary Nadal!

Source: the Dingman Family file at the Canajoharie Library.

The Radii, March 18, 1909, (Canajoharie, NY).

William Henry Dingman Obituary.

After an illness which had confined him to the house since the middle of January, diagnosed as tuberculosis of the bowels, died at his home last Friday morning, aged fifty-six years. He was born at Marshville, and had spent the greater portion of his life in this locality; for many years in the employ of Mrs. James Arkell. Mr. Dingman was a capable, industrious and upright man, and his demise is sincerely regretted. His first wife was Julia E. Long, of this village, his second Lydia Hoffman, also of this village, and his widow Ida Franierie; who came to this village as governess for Miss Beatrice Gilliam. Besides his widow, he is survived by eight children. Corporal William H. Dingman Jr., of the U.S. Cavalry at Fort Ethan Allen, Vt., Bernard G., James V., Raymond F., Alton R., and Isabel, all of Canajoharie, Mrs. Mary Catherine Hodgetts, of Edgerwood, R.I. and Mrs. Lydia Garrigan of Fort Plain. He also leaves three brothers and three sisters; namely, John, Charles and Herman, all of Fort Plain, Mrs. Catherine Flint of Salt Springville, Mrs. Eugene Dillenbeck and Mrs. Edward Ehle of Fort Plain. The funeral was held from the Reformed Church, Monday afternoon, conducted by the Rev. J.D. Peters, interment in the Fort Plain cemetery.

Also from the file folder:

Dingman family were early settlers to the Canajoharie region in the mid 1780's, perhaps earlier. By 1790, four different heads of house holds appear in this region in the 1790 Census; Harmanus, Jacob, Peter and Samuel. (Per James Crawford - curator of Canajoharie Library.)

Also from the folder:

Cornelius Dingman was born in the Mohawk Valley near Canajoharie in 1811. The family located at Arcadia, N.Y. about the year 1821; from there Cornelius located at Rochester, N.Y and here married Sarah Ann Worden of Avon, Livingston Co., N.Y., and has 3 children now living. In 1830, Mr. Dingman came to Monroe Co., Mich., and settled in Dundee township. By trade a carpenter, but has followed various other occupations.

For twelve years he was postmaster in the town of Exeter, and served there also as a magistrate for thirteen years. He came to Summerfield about the year 1872 and purchased the home lot of twelve acres where he now resides. His wife died in 1874.

(Source unknown - found in folder at Canajoharie Library)

Note: the contributor is NOT related to Mr. Dingman, but copied the stone and article as it could help someone someday.

10/1/07  Minch family inscriptions contributed by Lisa Slaski!

Minch family in Fort Plain Cemetery

By Plot:

Minch, Martin; 1841-1901
Minch, Barbara Nash, wife of Martin; 1840-1922

Minch, Adam L.; 1866-1936
Minch, Anna L. Fake, wife of Adam; 1863-1918
Minch, Stanley; 1894-
Minch, Ada J.; 1899-

Minch, Anna Catharine
     Anna Catharine
    wife of Philip Minch
    and daughter of
    Henry and Anna Minch
    Born in Germany
    Sept 13, 18[30?] (hard to read)
    Died July 8, 1869
    AE 38yrs 10mos 5ds
Minch, Philip; died Oct 8, 1904 age 72 years
Minch, Julia Wetterau, 2nd wife of Philip; d. Dec 29, 18[99?], age 51 years
Children of Philip and Anna C. Minch:
    Minch, George C. 2/9/1858 - 3/22/1862
    Minch, Catharine 7/2/1860 - 7/22/1860
    Minch, Martin 12/21/1860 - 10/18/1861
Separate stones same plot:
    Minch, John H.; 1862-1926
    Minch, Louise Wetterau, wife of John H.; 1872-1959
    Woodard, Cora E. Minch, wife of William; 1879-1961
    Minch, Henry; 1805-Oct 30, 1895 (hard to read)

From cemetery interment records:

Minch surname only. I believe the location given is residence, not place of death and date is burial date in most instances, rather than death date:

    Adam L., Granville, NY, 7/22/1936, 69y 11m 4d
    Anna L., Granville, NY, 3/30/1918, 54y 6m 24d
    Barbara, 4/10/1922, 81y 10m 16d
    George, Kingston, NY, 3/12/1915, 42y
    Clara, Fort Plain, NY, 7/30/1957, 77y
    Henry, Fort Plain, NY, 12/8/1948, 68y 4m 24d
    Henry, Fort Plain, NY, 10/31/1895, 89y 10m
    infant, Fort Plain, NY, 11/10/1870 of Martin Minch
    John, Nelliston, NY, 1/9/1925, 63y
    Louise, Nelliston, NY, 5/14/1959, 86y
    Martin, Fort Plain, NY, 11/14/1901, 60y
    Nina D., Fort Plain, NY, 4/6/1918, 18y
    Mrs. Philip, Fort Plain, NY, 1/3/1890, 41y 4m
    Philip, Troy, NY, 10/8/1904, 72y
    Verna M, Canajoharie, NY, 1/9/1934, 42y
    William P., Fort Plain, NY, 9/10/1927, 33y

9/26/07  This group of people interred in Ft. Plain Cemetery was graciously contributed by researcher Karen Dau, who found them as part of her Universalist research. Karen is not related to any of the persons listed.

Adams, Alice; 25 Jul 1837? age 24d, dau. of Henry & Delia Adams
Adams, Della; 25 Jun 1873, age 73y 3m 15d, wife of Henry Adams
Adams, Henry; 6 Feb 1875, age 80
Adams, John; 2 Oct 1864, age 55
Adams, John O.; 27 Mar 18??, son of Henry & Delia Adams
Adams, William Crawford; 9 Oct 1833, age 1y 3m 3d, son of Henry & Delia
Bliss, Ruby Ann Williams;, 14 Mar 1862, age 55y7m, relict[!!] of Dr. John S. Bliss
Klock, Horatio; 11 Jul 1832-9 Apr 1861
Klock, Margaret Tingue; 22 Feb 1834-26 Aug 1898, wife of Horatio Klock
Snell, Edna; 25 Aug 1873, age 9m
Snell, Jane A.; 28 May 1920, age 82, wife of Peter B. Snell
Snell, John P.; 9 Apr 1846, age 96
Snell, Maria; 31 Jan 1866, age 40, wife of Peter B. Snell
Snell, Mary; 13 Dec 1849, age 88, wife of John P. Snell
Snell, Peter B.; 15 Dec 1896, age 76
Snell, Peter J.; 7 Jun 1897, age 21m


On his personal site Jerome A. Walrath has created a chart of WALRATH Surname Burials in the Fort Plain Cemetery, Fort Plain, NY. Jerry cites as his source the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives, Fonda, NY. Fort Plain Cemetery Index, Vol. 1 (index), Vol. 2 (pp. 3-149), Vol 3 (pp. 150 - ).

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