Amsterdam, NY
Part 4

Van O'Linda, Sarah A. (U.) - dau. of Abram d. 3-14-68 7y.

Banta, Margaret - wife of Johnson b. Perth d. 3/21/(27)/68 23-10-(21)

Kirptee, Joseph b. Germany d. 3-09-68 80-2-0

Wain(Wayne) Elizabeth B. - wife of T. b. 12-09-1787 England d. 2-31-67 80y.

Mc Cullough, Thomas - son of C. b. 7-31-67 d. 3-26-68 6m.

Huntley, Grace-dau. of John b. 6-27-64 d. 2/25/(26)/68 3-8-0

Ham, Carrie E.-dau. of Edwin O. & Catherine E. d. 3-28-68 7m.7d.

Ireland, George b. Ireland d. 10/6(4)/66 34y.

Wright, John S. b. Lancashire, England d. 4-11-68 68y.

Mc Donald, Archiblad P. (sic) b. Schenectady d. 4/11/(14)/68(67) (sic) 32y.

Ireland, Thomas b. Ireland d. 4-08-68(67), 65 in 72nd y.

Degraff, Mansfield-son of John G. b. 4-12-16 d. 4-10-68 22y. (sic)

Parkhurst, Clarence H. b. Mass. d. 3-04-68 4-3-0

Fries, Frederick d. 4-20-68 6y.

Levey, Paul (J) d. 4-21-68 31y.

Stanton?, Sherman S.-son of Nathan D. & Maria b. 7-15-65 d. 3-31-68 2-8-0

Bordwell, Child of George d. 6-06-68 still born

Gower, Child of Nelson d. 5-31-68 still born

Kelly, Child of W. d. 6-02-68 still born

Thomas, Mary d. 6-06-68 62y.

Wilmot, Child of J. d. 6-08-68 still born

Mc Cowett, Walter H/B? b. 2-14-04 d. 6-01-68 65y.

Staley, Etta-of Winslow & Mary b. 3-15-53 d. 1-09-68 12-08-67 14y. (sic).

Hanson, Jackson Killed on R.R. d. 6-14-68

Case, Caleb b. 1804-1868, Broadalbin d. 5-07-68 63y.

Phillips, Peter d. 6-29-68 73y.

Stanton, Florence H.-dau. of G. Shule/Shute d. 8-21-68 no age

Hughes, Caroline b. Canajoharie d. 8-27-68 17y.

Hewett, George d. 8-27-68 5m.

Snell, Ellen Amelia-dau. of Dr. Snell d. 9-02-68 24-0-27

Teller, J. Manderville d. 6/5(1)/68 27y. Co. B. 32nd N.Y.V. Inf.

Morris, Child of John d. 7-11-68 18m.

Young, Lois Amanda-wife of Maley d. 7-06-68 46y. b. 1821-1868 Onondaga Co.

Simpson, Mary L.-dau. of H. d. 7-04-68 4m.

Shipperman, Christina d. 8-28-68 71y.

Cornell, Mariah-wife of Joseph d. 8-09-68 76y. b. 1791 N.Y. City

Belding, Dr. d. 3-10-68 73y.

Wolfe, Charley-son of C. d. 12-21-67 5m. 3d.

Leavenworth, Catharine-wife of Treat M. d. 9-07-68 78(77)y. b. Johnstown

Filkins, Edward M. d. 9-15-68 3-0-6

Ulinger, Elizabeth b. Fonda d. 9-16-68 7y.

Schramm, Child of F.E. d. 9-22-68 still born

Mc Donald, Jane Deal-wife of James d. 10-14-68, 10-15-69 53y.

Dean, Minnie-dau. of DeWitt C. & M.H. b. 5-10-64 d. 7-11-68 4y.

Glover, Child of N. d. 9-28-68 2d.

Page, Wife of Alonzo d. 10-06-68 85y.

Crunchbran (sic), Child of Frederich d. 12-07-68 still born

Mc Neil, John C.-son of H. d. 11-14-68 15-3-0

Cornrey/Conney, Garret-son of Wm. (John & Eliza) b. Glen d. 11-11-68 21y.

Davidson, John C. b. 1-24-1801 N.J. d. 11(10)/24/68 68y.

Groat, Charles d. 11-29-68 33y.

Matchant, Child of Wm. d. 12-16-68 still born

Bartlett, Chester J. b. 7-02-46 d. 9(10)/28/68 22-3-0

Onderkirk, Jacob d. 12-16-68 19y.

Stead, William b. England d. 11-30-68 25y.

Van Worner, William d. 11-05-68 50y.

Lefferts, Samuel b. 1-26-79 Long Island d. 11-04-68 89-9-0

Livermore, Jubal b. Mass. d. 11-22-68 73y.

Runkle, Mariah (Johnson)-wife of Wm. d. 12-27-68 59-11-0 b. Albany

Green, Ada (Addie A.)-dau. of Henry M. & B.J. d. 12-06-68 8y. b. 5-18-61

Swartt, Sarah Jane-dau. of Jeremiah & Rebecca b. Fonda d. 11-09-68 31y. 32-10-9

Troir, Catherine b. Troy d. 12-30-68 70y.

Fancher, Thomas Solomon Fanches (sic) b. Conn. d. 1-06-69 87-3-0

Staley, Winslow P. b. 9-11-34 d. 12/30/(28)/67 37y.

Devendorf, Child of S. d. 3-15-69 still born

Deal, Mary b. New York d. 10-0-68 103y.

Van O'Linda, Harry S. I.-son of H/B. A. d. 7-05-68 1-5-7

Stearkin, Child of Mrs. d. 1-30-69 still born

Scampton, Rachel A. b. England d. 2-02-69 16-3-0

Bain, John-son of John d. 10-27-69 still born

Brown, William b. Maryland d. 3-11-69 30y.

Sturtivant, Ida-wife of J.A. b. Mass. d. 3-21-69 75y.

Mason, William Stearns of Silas W. & Lottie S. b. 10-18-68 d. 12-29-69(68) 2m. 10d.

Marsh, Smith Co. B. 91st N.Y.V. Inf. d. 3-13-69 31y.

Fox, Charles b. Albany d. 2-26-69 46-1-13

Mc Neil, Helen-child of C. & S. d. 3-05-69 2y.

Dingman, Elizabeth-wife of Henry d. 2-01-69 84(82)y. b. Catskill

Shader, Walter b. Dutchess Co. d. 1-18-69 56y.

Godwin, John H. b. 1840-1869 d. 3-26-69 29y.

Bradt, Sarah b. Gloversville d. 2-10-69 63y.

Woodworth, Rose Elle (Roswell) b. Conn. d. 3-09-69 (3-5-68) ae. 74y.

Bronson, Cornelia A.-dau. of C/G. W. d. 2-05-69 38(37)

Austin, Caleb d. 4-03-69 42y.

Banta, John G/C. (Johnson T.)-son of P. d. 3-31-69 21y.

Copley M., b. Canada d. 10-17-68 no age

Miller, John b. (5-22-10) Saratoga Co. d. 5-06-69 59y.

Connody, Ida d. 4-21-69 1y.

Van O'Linda, Isaac b. Albany d. 3-21-69 23y.

Arnold, Mary Bovee-wife of Benedict d. 4-28-69 79y.

Mc Clumphia, William b. 1811 d. 1869 4-24-69

Visscher, Anna D.-wife of Jesse b. Schenectady d. 4-19-69 75-8-0

Christy, Mrs. b. N.Y. City d. 4-16-69 40y.

Van Brocklin, Infant child of Jacob d. 5-13-69 still born

Kennedy, Catherine b. N.Y. City d. 5-20-68 75y.

Corey, David Parsons d. 5-18-69 66y.

Sacia, Henry b. 6-10-33, Canajoharie d. 5-24-69 36y.

Jackson, Child of Isaac d. 5-29-69 3d.

Harper, Thomas b. Ireland d. 5-19-69 23y.

Conrad, Kitty Dewitt 1868-1869 d. 8-02-69 1-1-2

Potter, Charles J. b. 3-20-10, Glenville d. 8-03-69 60y.

Moir, Child of C. d. 6-16-69 2d.

Jackson, A.-son of I. d. 6-23-69 4m.

Lynch, Frank d. 8-17-6 2-10-0

Nightingale, Lilla d. 8-21-69 1-2-0

Masland, W. d. 8-31-69 5m.

Drake, Josephine b. Rochester d. 8-31-69 5-1-0

Enser, Samuel b. Cohoes d. 9-06-69 2-3-0

Muser, Addison b. Broadalbin d. 6-27-70 1-2-2

Crane, Alexander-son of Alexander & Mary (E.)? d. 9-05-69 1-4-0 (28) ???

Bunn, Catherine E.-wife of Thomas d. 6-26-69 50y.

Woodworth, Minnie d. 8-28-69 5m.

Jones, Mrs. Margaret b. 1789-1869 d. 8-20-69 80y. Scotland

Whitcomb, Beecher-son of Calvin & H.M. d. 8-24-69 2-6-0

Fell, A.J.-son of B.I. b. Schenectady d. 8-14-69 4-6-0

Swartt, Jeremiah d. 7-25-69 79-2-21

Devonburch/Devonburgh, Harmon d. 8-31-69 8m.

Morris, John S. d. 7-31-69 9m.

Greenman, Child of I.V. b. Albany d. 8-26-69 5m.

Donnon, Lena-dau. of J.C. b. 10-02-1867 d. 7-19-69 1-11-0

Kelly, Child of W. d. 7-18-69 4m.

Barkhuff, Child of Mr. d. 6-14-69 4m.

Young, John L. 1797-1869 d. 8-10-69 71y.

Wiley, William H. b. 4-20-28 d. 6-30-69 42y.

Christiman, Anna b. Palatine Bridge d. 8-25-69 19y.

Travens, Thomas b. Schoharie d. 8-28-69 89y.

Alien, Mary b. Wales d. 8-31-69 35y.

Purdy, Child of E.T. d. 8-21-69 6m.

Rovey/Bovey, Hannah D.-wife of Wm. E. b. Minaville d. 9/21(20)/69 32-(11)

Spellings, dates and notational style are exactly as on the original typescript. Neither date of list nor reason for order of name placement was given. For information about persons buried above, or if you have questions, all inquiries need to be directed to the knowledgable historians of the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives.

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