Amsterdam, NY
Part 7

Flora-daug. of Wm. Jr. d. 11-03-73 1-6-

Lee, Lucella b. Broome Co. d. 11-13-73 23y.

Belotte, Child of George d. 11-19-73 still born

Coude, John d. 12-01-73 1-9-

Adams, Mary Jane Gilmore-wife of John d. 11-06-73 57y. (57-3-9) b. Florida, N.Y.

Morris, Timothy b. Fonda d. 12/6(4)/73 46y. (47-2-25)

Kehoe, Ella-daug. of M. d. 11-07-73 2-10-

Martin, Adolphus b. France, 1810-1873 d. 11-26-73 65y.

Shires, Sarah Marshall b. Albany d. 11-23-73 57-2(11)

Freeman, James d. 12-24-73 52y.

Vedder, Ellen E.-wife of Frederick b. Cayuga Co. d. 1-04-74 46y. (44-10-15)

Neff, Helen U.-wife of T. b. Gloversville d. 1-11-74 31-4-

Neff, Infant of T. & Helen U. d. 1-10-74 still born

Chask, Welcome U. b. Middlebury, Mass. d. 1-06-74 86y. 11-14-1788

Morris, Clarence T. b. Hudson d. 12-08-73 1m. 2d.

Vosburgh, John I. b. Kinderhook d. 1/7(8)/74 85 (80) y.

Eames?, Child of Mr. d. 12-24-73 still born

Herker, Child of H. d. 1-22-74 still born

Wheelock, John d. 1-28-74 9m.

Teft, Alvin M. b. Jefferson Co. d. 1-14-74 31y.

Valentine, Warner b. N.Y. City d. 9-17-73 16y.

Mc Cowett, Mary b. Scotland, 12-23-1804 d. 12-31-73 70y.

Wilson, Courtney-son of Joseph C. 1/27/74 (sic) 2-9-(22)

Jump, William H. d. 2/7(2)/74 43y.

Southerd, Christian b. Charlton d. 2-13-74 9-5-

Deal, Elizabeth Cooper-wife of David d. 2-05-74 31y. b. Ireland

Donnan, Carrie-daug. of J.W. b. 1854-1874 d. (2)?-16-74 19-5- Florida, N.Y.

Crouse, Charles b. Florida, N.Y. d. 2-18-74 9m.

Davidson, Gilbert b. Fort Hunter d. 2-23-74 2-0-5

Millmine, Agnes Adell b. Florida, N.Y. d. 2-21-74 9y.

French, Child of H. d. 2-28-74 still born

Smith, Henry b. Fultonville d. 2-23-74 54y.

Burnhardt, Norman-son of Conrad d. 3-06-74 1y.

West, Henry L.-son of Charles H. & Cordelia d. 3-03-74 9m.

Mc Neil, Nettie-daug. of C. d. 3-09-74 4wks. 27d.
*Note: There is a handwritten note written at the top of this page. The note appears backwards and could only be partially deciphered using a mirror. I do not know if it is relevant to this cemetery. The note is as follows:

Caroline Mengo, wife of Charles, died 7-19-1875 (Caroline on stone)
Carrie Mengo, died July 21, 1875
Sarttie? Mengo, died July 18, 187(3)?

M. Abraham? Banta (Hagaman)? N.Y. 9/17?/8?

Easton, Harmon V.B. b. 2-26-1798, Johnstown d. 3-08-74 77y.

Carpenter, Grace Alice d. 3-22-74 4m. 2d.

Nightingale, John R.-son of Richard d. 3-25-74 1-3-

Snyder, Mrs. Catherine (Sleighter)-wife of Wm. & mother of Dr. Jas. H. Schoon b. Dutchess Co. d. 3-15-74 84y.

Maxwell, Robert H.-son of J. d. 3-12-74 3y.

Judson, Roxy Ann b. Florida, N.Y. d. 3-29-74 50y.

Hewett, Charles A. b. Philadelphia d. 3-29-74 45y.

Fronk, Mrs. Anna Maria Johnson-wife of Jacob d. 3-2(8)?(27)-74 53y. b. 5-12-21, Perth

Horrocks/Shorrocks, Mrs. Ann b. England d. 3-24(29)-74 68-9-

Vrooman, Harvey-son of A. d. 4-13-74 2-10-

Phillips, Child of R.R. d. 4-15-74 ae. 2d.

Brown, Freeman b. Florida, N.Y. d. 4-11-74 28y.

Peter, Lenie d. 4-14-74 0-4-9

Sanford, Henry (Curtis)-son of Stephen d. 4-18(19)-74 14-8- b. 7-30-59

Simmons, Jacob b. Albany Co. d. 4-26-74 69y.

Wadsworth, Lizzie (A. Eliza)-wife of William (A.) d. 4-25-74 ae. 48 b. Cohoes

Weberiskie/Wiberalske, Dora (Elizabeth)-wife of John (Carl)d. 4-23(22)-74 59y. b. Germany

Mosher, Nettie Augusta-wife of J.H. Micke d. 4-25-74 23-11- b. Huntersland

Williams, Lena-dau. of Chas. W. & Kate d. 5-14-74 5-(1)-

Belding, Nicholas H. b. 12-15-1842 d. 4-28(29)-74 no age listed

Barckley, Henry d. 5-09-74 3m.

Phillips, Corton/Gorton b. Broadalbin d. 4-29-74 69(68)y.

Plaff, Conrad d. 5-23-74 still born

Teller, Sarah E. b. Charlton d. 6-20-74 65y.

Neff, Isabella R.-widow of Henry M. d. 5-31-70 44y. b. Perth

Henry, M. d. 11-15-53 2y. (29)

Munsell, Marian d. 6-13-74 32y.

Eglin, Harlow b. Gloversville d. 6-05-74 2m.

Lindsay Sarah A.-wife of Henry d. 7-16-74 26y. b. England

Mead Lockwood b. N.Y. City d. 7-11-74 66y.

Nias Hougust d. 7-11-74 1-5-

Mengo/Mingo Caroline-wife of Charles d. 7-18-74 (7-19-75) 25y. (28-5-11) b. Germany

Jones Elizabeth-wife of Robert d. 8-07-74 70y. b. Wales

Mengo Charles (Sattie, dau.) b. Germany d. 7-18-74(75) 5-(11-13)

Devonburg, Frank d. 7-25-74 10m.

Mengo/Mingo, Carrie-dau. of Charley & Caroline d. 7-21-74(75) 8-(10-13)

Lytle, Robert b. N.Y. City d. 7-24-74 48y.

Neff, J. Teller d. 8-07-74 36-8-

Rose, Thomas E.C. b. Utica d. 8-05-74 38y.

Thompson, John b. Auburn d. 7-20-74 19y.

Hamilton, Ellen b. New York d. 7-29-74 71y.

Backus, Emily (A.) b. 7-22-1842 d. 7-25-74 35y.

Child of Mrs. d. 7-19-74 2d.

Gleason/Leeson, Margarette E. d. 8-29-74 1-3-

Frie(Frieze), Carrie-wife of Joseph Jr. b. 12-30-21, Germany d. 8-11-74 40y.

Corey, Barnett Lee-son of L. (D) P. d. 8-14-74 23y.

Potter, Elizabeth b. Saratoga Co. d. 8-15-74 45y.

Becker, Cady (Katy)-dau. of Henry & Katy d. 8-22(23)-74 11m. b. 9-13-72, N.Y. City

Lena, Andrew Matilda b. Woodbridge d. 8-24-74 8m.

Mitchell, Harry-son of Robert J. & H. d. 9-08-74 8m.

Sweet, Carrie d. 9-09-74 10y.

Morand, James W. d. 9-02-74 1-0-10

Serviss, Eliza-wife of A.G. b. 11-18-20 d. 9-07-74 54y.

Eldred, John b. Manny's Corners d. 9-09-74 8m.

French, Hannah-wife of Wm. G. d. 9-04-74 60y. b. Glenville

Nash, Elizabeth D. d. 10-12-14 22y.

Mc Carthur, Anna b. Scotland d. 10-13-74 15-8-

Mc Elwain, Augustus-son of H. b. St. Johnsville d. 10-10-74 35(36)y.

Fox Sarah, Ann-dau. of James & Margaret d. 9-13-74 16-10-

O'Brien, Lottie-dau. of J.G. & J.K. d. 9-20-74 8(6)m. b. Scotland

Graff, William b. 12-20-28, Germany d. 10-10-74 45 in(46y)

Hicks, A. d. 10-01-74 30y.

Frear, Child of H. d. 10-05-74 still born

Crouse, Edward-son of David d. 10-12-74 7m.

Hout, David b. Cranesville d. 9-11-74 14y.

Hindle, Emma E. Sweet-wife of Addison C. d. 10-09-74 (10-19-75) 18-8- b. Florida, N.Y.

Langton, William b. England d. 10-20-74 29y.

Pettingell, Elvie H. of J.H. & A.E. d. 11-02-74 18-4- b. Florida, N.Y.

Roseboom, Mary C.K.-wife of J.A. d. 10-18-74 25y.

Conover, Bertha b. N.J. d. 10-14-74 1-6-

Blizzard, Sarah J.-dau. of N. & M.E. d. 11-09-74 1-2-(19)

Myers, Frederick b. Germany d. 11-11-74 42y.

Roatemaier, (sic) Mary b. Germany d. 11-13-74 16y.

Fuller, ? d. 11-14-74 28y.

Liddle, Child of T. b. Cohoes d. 11-26-74 still born

Knox, Julia B.A. Hays-wife of Wm. B. d. 11-26-74 73y. b. 1-31-1802

Phillips, Maria L.-wife of T. b. Saratoga Co. d. 11-20-74 61y.

Becker, Frank-child of N.C. & M.D. d. 12-08-74 1d.

Coppinger, Jane Ann b. N.J. d. 12-14-74 76y.

Birch, Alfred b. 3-26-03 d. 12-19-74 72y.

Siples, Nancy d. 12-22-74 2-2-

Becker, John b. 12-11-1832 d. 12-26-74 38y. Germany

Conner, Jane b. Saratoga Co. d. 12-26-74 72y.

Barber, Jeremiah d. 12-29-74 49y.

Perkins, Sarah Jane-dau. of Joseph & Sarah d. 12-30(29)-74 6-(5-2) b. Ilion

Cochrane, Alexander G. b. N.Y. City d. 1-30-75 73y.

Davis, Mary E.-wife of Richard d. 1-20-75 33y. b. Ireland

Crane, Abraham b. 2-08-1783, N.J. d. 1-27-75 92y.

Simpson, John B. d. 1-09-75 (in) 64y.

Holder, William H.-son of J. d. 1-26-75 5m.

Morse, Henriette b. Lake George d. 1-20-75 51y.

Steele, Rebecca-dau. of Mary d. 1-30-75 20y.

Benson, Anna L., Lucinda Ann Shepard-wife of Lawton d. 1-30-75 (in) 64y.

Livermore, Mary Earnest-wife of J. d. 2-04-75 80y. b. 4-26-1795, Florida, N.Y.

Topping, William S. b. Florida, N.Y. d. 2-11-75 30y.

Settle, Mrs. Eliza C. Hubbell-wife of Peter d. 2-09-75 (in) 72y. b. Bourne, Albany Co.

Wheeler, Child of C.M. d. 3-02-75 4wks.

Van Ness, Elizabeth (Charlotte) E. b. 6-04-56 d. 2-28(27)-75 19y.

Sloan, Thompson-son of Thompson d. 3-01-75 3m.

Steenburgh, Dewitt C. b. 4-30-45 d. 2-14-75 29-10- Florida, N.Y.

Boath/Doath, William b. Germany d. 3-04-75 2-5-

Desacia, George-son of G/C. b. Glenville d. 3-07-75 11m.

Green, Clark b. Oneida Co. d. 3-09-75 43y. Co. B. 32nd N.Y. Inf.

Benson, Lawton b. Galway d. 3-16-75 in 70y.

Wiriah, (sic) Michael b. Germany d. 3-20-75 60y.

Boyd, John C.-son of William d. 3-22-75 5-6-

Kurlbaum, Henry d. 3-23-75 2y.

De Sacia, Charlie-son of C. b. Schenectady d. 3-24-75 2-11-

Butler, Nancy A.-wife of George b. Galway d. 3-28-75 69y.

French, Child of B. d. 4-04-75 3d. 12 hrs.

Myers, Child of Earnest d. 4-06-75 12d.

Pettingell, Margarette d. 4-07-75 77y.

French, Margarette-wife of Joseph d. 4-11-75 81(83) y. b. N.Y. City

Ouderkirk, Child of Jacob d. 4-17-75 still born

Williams, Franky b. Fonda d. 4-17-75 10m.

Wiser, Dianna H. Ostrom-wife of Jeremiah d. 4-08-75 69(70)y. b. Hagamans

Munsell, child of William d. 4-10-75 6wks.

Dean, Nellie-dau. of W.H. & A.S. d. 3-23-75 3-8- b. Schenectady

Wallfelts/Wahlfeld, Henry b. Germany d. 5-18-75 17-(4-10)

Bartley, Johnny d. 5-19-75 5wks.

Wemple, William b. 8-28-1801 d. 5-16-75 75y. Florida, N.Y.

Vanderveer, Sarah b. 3-10-04 d. 5-10(12)-75 70-y. Florida, N.Y.

Birch, Alfred Jr. b. Ballston Center d. 5-0-75 19-0-2

Gilliland, Child of M. d. 5-07-75 3hrs.

Frear, Maria-wife of Wm. B. b. Catskill d. 3-19-76? 63-4

Marsh, Edmund b. Ballston d. 4-11-75 70(71)y.

Chapman, John-son of T. d. 5-26-75 2m.

Morris, Jane Vrooman-wife of T. Isaac d. 5-30-75 72y. b. 3-31-1803, Schenectady

Jones, John b. 4-20-1800 d. 5-26-75 76y.

Lutton, Samuel-son of James & Jane b. Hagamans d. 5-28-75 14y.

Van Tassell, Charley d. 5-30-75 0-5-2

Wells, Mary Eglin-wife of Hiram b. 1-08-1802 d. 5-12-75 68y. Hamilton Co.

Austin, Hiram b. 5-30-1797, N.Y. City d. 1-12-75, (6-2-75) 79y.

Sweet, Maranda Herrick-wife of Waterman S. b. 9-03-37 d. 6-06-75 37y. Duanesburgh

Larrabee, Catharine-wife of Louis d. 6-03(5)-75 50y. b. Florida, N.Y.

Uphoff, Henry W. d. 6-01-75 0-5-8

Blood, Mrs. Emily-wife of Reuben Simon Blood d. 6-08-75 in 21 y.

Minchin, Arthur-son of G.A. d. 6-22-75 2-5-

Samsons, Frederick-son of W.J. d. 6-22-75 3-4-

Williams, Nancy A. d. 7-11-75 21y.

Staley, Timothy J. d. 7-09-75 55y.

Plantz, Rebecca-wife of Jacob R. d. 7-08-75 62y. b. N.Y. City

Devendorf, Hannah Cady d. 7-25-75 0-7-13

Patton, Ellen Newkirk-wife of Charles d. 8-02-75 33y. b. 5-10-42, Florida, N.Y.

Stewart, Child of John d. 7-16(17)-75 6y. (6d)

Nash, Emma E.-dau. of H. d. 7-27-75 1-1-

Keyes, Child of Mary d. 7-17-75 12hrs.

Crouse, Frank b. Florida, N.Y. d. 7-31-75 6m.

Nightingale, Orville B. d. 8-01-75 0-3-20

Kline, Edwin W.-son of Charles d. 8-15-75 6-11-

Cherry, Mary C. (E) b. Johnstown d. 8-05-75 29-6-

Morse, Jenny V. d. 8-05-75 7m.

Donnon, Edwin C. d. 7-03-75 3d.

Lansing, Louisa M.-wife of James d. 8-22-75 42y. b. Mayfield

Snyder, Mrs. Kate b. 9-29-33 d. 8-31-75 41y. Staten Island

Bullock, Jessie M.-dau. of A.C. d. 8-29-75 0-1-2

Snedeker, Etta d. 8-28-75 4m.

Hover, Catharine D. Vanderbogard-wife of Isaac D. b. 9-09-47, Perth d. 8-28-75 27y.

Vosburgh, Catherine (H)?arles-wife of John b. N.J. d. 9-01-75 (??)-7-(80)y.

Rowland, Eve-wife of P., she was 2nd wife of Palmer b. Albany Co. d. 9-09-75 75y.

Reid, James b. 5-05-09, Scotland d. 9-09-75 66y.

Mc Harge, Augusta b. Germany d. 9-16-75 20y.

Mengo, Geirich b. 12-26-1800 d. 9-17-75 65y. Germany

Van Husen, Fred d. 9-28-75 0-10-10

Conover, Grace d. 10-12-75 6m.

Mc Gee, Ella-dau. of J. d. 10-12-75 3wks.

Blood, William-son of R. b. Perth d. 10-16-75 7m. 2wks.

Reid, Kate G.-dau. of J. R/B. b. 4-28-57 d. 10-20-75 19-6-

Porter, Charles-son of John b. Albany d. 10-24-75 8-10-

Mead, Mrs. Margaret-wife of Lockwood d. 10-24-75 no age listed b. 5-15-1811, N.Y. City

Pettingell, Louis/Lewis H. b. Florida, N.Y. d. 9/9(4)/69 31y.

Putman, John Conrad (Consaul)-son of John J. d. 11-15-75 25-1- b. 10-04-50, Glen

James, Frank b. Florida, N.Y. d. 11-01-75 58y.

Thorne, George b. N.Y. City d. 11-01-75 50y. Co. D. 32nd N.Y. Inf.

Pettingell, Louisa Nellis-wife of Peter d. 8-0-64? no age listed b. 1850-1868, N.Y. City

Woodhead, Godfrey b. 11-21-21, England d. 11-18-75 54y.

Hubbs, Elizabeth I/T.-wife of C. d. 11-14-75 45y. b. 1-08-28, Charleston, Mass.

Doake, John b. 1808-1875, Ireland d. 12-04-75 66y.

Lerought?, Frances b. Edinburgh, Saratoga Co. d. 12-05-75 20y.

Leavonworth, Treat M. b. Easton, Washington Co. d. 11-30-75 82(83)y.

Gents, Child of Fred d. 12-03-75 100h.

Yates, Catharine W. Bradt-wife of Obediah L. b. 8-31-18 d. 12-05-75 57y.

Clarke, George-son of J.M. d. 12-12-75 32(31)y.

Fleig, John-son of Ferdinand d. 12-21-75 3y.

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