Old Cemetery at Hagaman

Town of Amsterdam
Montgomery County, New York

This reading was taken in the 1920s by Edith (Van Heusen) Becker and Melvin W. Lethbridge at the time they took their survey and inventory of several Montgomery County towns. If you have information to share about the families below to add to this page, please contact the site coordinators.

Town of Amsterdam
Montgomery County, N.Y.
William, d. 12-14-1844, ae 85 yrs
Margaret, wife of Wm., d. 10-30-1833, ae 67 yrs
Margaret, wife of John, d. 4-30-1832, ae 51 yrs
William James, son of John T. & Margaret, d. 9-8-1830, ae 4 yr 10 mo 20 da
Sarah Jane, dau of John T. & Margaret, d. 7-7-1846, in 24th yr
Ellen A., dau of Wm. P. & Catharine, d. 12-26-1842, ae 14 mo 20 da

Elizabeth, wife of Calvin, d. 4-16-1858, ae 65 yr

Thomas, d. 11-5-1855, in 32nd yr

Margaret, wife of John W., d. 9-4-1801, ae 74 yr. She is buried between Levi Pawling and Ann, wife of Henry Pawling

Marion A., d. 10-2-1856, in 20th yr
Sarah Jane, d. 9-29-1863, ae 51 yr
Fanny Elizabeth, d. 3-12-1863, ae 15 yr

Abby P., wife of Wm. C., d. 1-15-1849, in 28th yr

Cornelius H., d. 7-14-1856, ae 93 yr 8 mo 5 da
Osee, wife, d. 9-10-1839, in 64th yr

Mary, wife of Joseph, d. 2-16-1855, ae 58 yr

Margaret, wife of Henry, d. 7-3-1849, in 45th yr
Nicholas, d. June ___, 1808, ae 46 yr 1 mo ? da
Jeremiah, d. 6-1-1858, ae 48 yr 11 mo 8 da
Joseph, b. 3-27-1740, d. 12-18-1817, in 77th yr
Blandena, wife, b. 10-20-1744, d. 10-27-1812, ae 68 yr 7 da
Daniel, d. 12-11-1850, in 34th yr
John Henry, son of Daniel & Catharine D., d. 11-3-1849, ae 14 mo
Matilda (and Infant), wife of Joseph, d. 6-7-1828, in 22nd yr
____ (missing), d. 2-29-1832, ae 2 mo 6 da
David, b. 2-10-1814, d. 3-15-1814
Frances L., b. 2-29-1819, d. 8-15-1821
Infant, b. 1-21-1827, ? of J. & E. (?)
Eliza Jane, dau. of John & Elizaeth, b. 3-9-1822 d. 11-16-1845
Jemima, wife of John, d. 1-30-1842, in 44th yr
Evert, d. 1-11-1842, in 72nd yr
Mary, wife, d. 3-1-1819, in 47th yr
Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Francis Y.(?) & Sophia, d. 3-2-1818, ae 2 yr 6 mo

Richard, d. 4-22-1837, ae 55 yr
Ann Elizabeth, b. 3-4-1845, d. 7-18-1845

James, d. 6-23-1847, ae 77 yr
Lois, wife, d. 11-19-1832, in 63rd yr

Myra, wife of Martin, d. 9-24-1832, ae 31 yr 10 mo ?da

Elizabeth, wife of John R., d. 9-1-1856, ae 66 yr
Martha Ann, their dau., d. 3-26-1849, ae 19 yr
A stone adjoining, of which top with name is missing, is probably John R., d. 9-30-1858, ae 76 yr

Elizabeth, b. 9-14-1742, d. 2-13 (or 15) - 1813, in 71st yr
Barent, b. 8-26-1846, d. 2-2-1813, in 67th yr

Chas. L., son of Rev. Chas., d. 2-6-1837, ae 23 yr
Ann, dau. of Rev. Chas., and wife of Rev. Llewellin B. Powell, d. 5-30-1836, in 21st yr

Anna Maria, dau. of Peter & Sarah, d. 11-21-1851, ae 1yr 10 da

Esther, wife of Samuel V., d. 2-23-1847, ae 75 yr

Alexander, son of Rev. C. & S., b. 4-5-1849, d. 8-17-1850

Frances Abigail, dau. of Elijah A. & Abigail, d. 4-16-1839, ae 4 yr 3 mo 27 da

Anthony Y. (?), d. 5-18-1837, ae 72 yr
Hannah, wife, d. 5-31-1834, in 66th yr

Sarah, d. 6-24-1817, ae 49 yr 5 mo 24 da

Michael, d. 9-2-1842, ae 77 yr
Charity, wife, d. 1-22-1849, in 77th yr
Fanny, b. 1-18-1818, d. 11-3-1853

Levi, d. 11-7-1846, in 64th yr
Jane, wife, d. 10-9-1841, in 54th
Albert, d. 5-26-1842, in 21st yr
Mary Eliza, dau. of Jos. H. & Mary J., d. 8-6-1846, in 6th yr
Haskell L., d. 8-27-1848, in 23rd yr
Ann, wife of Henry, d. 12-29-1828
Adjoining Ann with Levi on other side is Margaret Brown, which record see
Henry, Capt. of Revolution, d. 6-29-1836, in 85th yr
Calvin H., son of Albert & Roxana P., d. 6-13-1810, in 6th yr
Albert, d. 3-17-1852, in 58th yr
Roxanna P., wife, d. 6-17-1840, in 37th yr
Henry W., d. 1-20-1848, in 18th yr

Ann, wife of Rev. Llewellin B., and dau. of Rev. Chas. Jukes, d. 5-30-1836, in 21st yr

Seneca D., d. 2-28-1842, in 36th yr

Harmonious, d. 2-7-1840, in 59th yr
Esther, wife of Abm., d. 11-28-1833, in 25th yr
Maria A., d. 4-20-1847, in 35th yr
Gitty, __ of Harmonious & Mariah, d. 7-13-1828, in 18th yr
John M., son of James & Mariah, d. 12-27-1831, ae 1 yr 8 mo ? da

Andrew, d. 10-20-1866, ae 81 yr
Elizabeth, wife, d. 4-11-1851, ae 66 yr
Charles, son, d. 11-19-1840, ae 17 yr
Delila, dau., d. 3-16-1839, ae 25 yr
Joseph, son, d. 10-16-1840, ae 19 yr
Samuel, son, d. 10-7-1837, ae 21 yr
Jane Ann, dau., d. 9-22-1835, in 18th yr
Maria, d. 8-12-1848, ae 21
Hagaman, d. 11-21-1862, ae 51 yr

Jennet, dau. of John & Jane, d. 5-20-1818, ae 10 mo

Elizabeth, wife of Henry, d. 2-3-1807, in 23rd yr

John, d. 1-1-1824, in 60th yr
Amarilous, wife, d. 8-24-1854, in 86th yr
Enoch P., son, d. 9-8-1814, ae 14 yr 8 mo 21 da
John, d. 8-5-1875, ae 80 yr 1 mo 22 da
Betsey, wife, d. 11-15-1877, ae 80 yr 10 mo
Amarilous P., dau., d. 9-30-1821, ae 1 yr 11 mo 5 da

The site coordinators have NO information about any of the individuals or surnames listed above. For further information, please contact directly the Montgomery County Dept. of History and Archives, use a search engine, or post a query on a message board.

The following note was sent in 22 Apr 1997, by Charles Milbert of Beaver Falls, PA, in reference to the Hagaman's Mill Cemetery.

"If you are interested in adding names a couple of names, here they are. Hagamans Mill Cemetery: Roy H. Van Vranken 1897-1979; Gladys R. Van Vranken 1906-1987. (On same stone)"

new 9/2/03 A big thank you goes out to Doug Kaufman for sending in a condition report and clear location instructions!


I have been doing local research in Montgomery County and recently visited the old Hagaman cemetery. It is located on Pawling Avenue behind "Old Cronies Resteraunt" in Hagaman, New York. There is a historical marker identifying the cemetery as being founded around 1777. It is surrouded by a iron fence that has been painted black. In order to visit the cemetery, one has to go up a driveway to the left of the resteraunt. It is hard to read some of the markers, some cannot be read at all. Others, including Joseph Hagaman's and Charles Jukes Jr.'s gravestones can be clearly read. The Hagaman's, who settled the town, are in the last row of the cemetary. There is a larger Hagaman Mills cemetery, right down the street. The earliest grave markers there are around 1850.

Doug Kaufman

Thank you in advance for directing ALL requests for information about persons listed to the local historical societies and libraries, not to the site coordinators.

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