Hoff / Shelp Cemetery
Condition Report for 2010

Town of Glen

Montgomery County, NY

Panorama View of Cleared Cemetery
Panorama View of Cleared Cemetery

    I am writing to update on the Hoff Shelp cemetery. I am the Great Granddaughter x 5 of Henry and Lydia Shelp and am currently in the process of restoring the cemetery with the permission of the land owner and help of some of my immediate family members, a Shelp cousin, the Fultonville Historian, and descendants of Gerrat Putman (a cousin of mine; I'm of the Putmans also). The 100' x 70' cemetery with 32 "residents" has been cleared and some of the less complicated stones have been reset. We have plans of constructing new bases for many and there are a few stones that are in 2 or 3 pieces that we will need to fix. We hope to put a fence around the area in the spring. We have been working on it since April. It is slow going. The sumac was an extreme challenge but is now under control. We are also in the works of having a historical marker put at roadside near the site. I have done some research on the the families entered there - Shelp, Putman, Disbrow - and a few misc., and the area. Feel free to contact me re: the project.

    It was a monumental task to wipe out the sumac. As for the stones, going by the list you have posted, they are all there and accounted for, with the addition of several fieldstone markers. Most were broken and on the ground and some were buried due to grave collapse, but eventually they were all found. The stones that had fallen unbroken have been reset. New bases will be needed for most of the rest. Luckily most of the breaks were at ground level and will make them easier to fix. There are also a few that are broken in pieces, such as Mary Blood's, that will require special attention. The Wyckoff cemetery in Glen has also been cleared and stones reset this summer. Much easier to walk in and read stones now. Big improvement but not my project.

    Locally the word had gotten out about my project and have now met FK Millar (my cousin on Gerrit Putman's side). Below is a pic of FK's nephews Steve Brace, Myself, FK Millar, and Max Brace at the cemetery taken last month (August 2010).

    I have done some research on the families there, mine and otherwise. The cemetery is not actually a "family" cemetery but a neighborhood cemetery - the Shelps, the Disbrows and the Hoffs. All other names are related to one of these 3 families with the exception of 2 children - Milton Rulifson, and the Soddy infant daughter. I think Milton Rulifson is the child of Fredrick Rulifson and Catherine Voorhees. The "Soddy" baby I believe to be that of Henry and Ann Soady not Soddy. Both of these families lived in that area at that time. I will keep you informed of progress.

Thank you for helping me get the word out,
Melissa Zaleski
September 2010

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Stone of Henry & Lydia Parkes Shelp
Stone of Henry & Lydia Parkes Shelp

Reset Stone of John S. Post
Reset Stones of Agnis Putman and John S. Post

Damaged Stone of Mary M. Blood
Damaged Stone of Mary M. Blood

Descendants of Garret Putman
Descendants of Garret Putman

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