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Part 1

The Jamison and Hughes Graveyard list was contributed by Sandi Burns back in late 1996. In late 1999 researcher Mary Donermeyer contributed information about her gg-grandmother, Nancy Williamson, and sent us photos showing Nancy's grave and the general condition of the cemetery in October 1993.

updated June 9, 2007 - In May 2007 another of Nancy Williamson's descendants, Ryan Weitz, visited the cemetery and sent us driving instructions, a condition report as of May 2007, and new photographs of Nancy Williamson's and Mary Vunk Jacobs's stones.

Ryan tells us that: "It is on Hughes Road right outside of Charleston. If you are on the road leaving Charleston, it is on the second large/steep downhill on the right side of the road, just below the farm located at 819 Hughes Road. The coordinates of the cemetery are, 42° 50' 38"N, 74° 17' 54"W [You can use these on Google maps]."

Headstones of Mary Vunk Jacobs and Nancy Williamson

Left: Mary Vunk Jacobs; Right: Nancy Williamson
Photo taken October 1993

HUGHES, Johnd. 2/28/1873 ae 54 yrsa Jay Hughes is in the 1869 Charleston Directory
JACOBS, Mary VUNKd. 10/13/1855 ae 72yr 10mo 5da wife of John JACOBS
PATTERSON, Eliza H.d. 1/13/1851
wife of Chester M.; his post office is
Burtonsville in the 1869 Charleston Directory
QUICK, Morrisd. 9/16/?about 85 yrs
SHULER, Maria Louisad. 2/3/1839ae 6yr 1mo 15da dau. of Cholett and Ann
WILLIAMSON, Nancyd. 11/4/1830 age 39 yrs

10/14/99 - "Hello, I have just looked at the cemetery lists and I thank you for such a great resource. I visited the Jamison and Hughes cemetery in Charleston in 1993. My gggrandmother is buried there and I can tell you a little about her. Nancy Williamson nee Gage was the daughter of William Gage and Ruth Macomber of Knox, NY. She was born 24 April 1791 at Quaker Street and died after giving birth to her eighth child on November 4, 1830. She married David Williamson, son of John Williamson and Mary Passage of Knox. After her death David married Elizabeth Ruloffsen born Dec. 31, 1805, at Rensselaerville, daughter of Samuel. David and his family moved to Steuben County shortly afterwards. Nancy's lineage is quite extensive going back to several early New England families. I hope this will be of interest.
Mary Donermeyer, Springfield, MA

Headstone of Nancy Williamson

Nancy Williamson Who Died Nov. 4, 1830 Agd. 39 YR
Photo taken October 1993

Headstones of Mary Vunk Jacobs and Nancy Williamson

Upright Stone: Nancy Williamson; Slanted Stone: Mary Vunk Jacobs
Photo taken October 1993

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