Town of Root
Montgomery County, N.Y.

William A. Lathers
1841- 1936

Sarah Jane Fralick
Wife of
William A. Lathers

William A. Lathers
Charles E. Lathers
July 8, 1870
Oct. 11, 1899
Minnie M. Lathers
April 10, 1873
July 2, 1875
Gone With the Angels

Edward J. Lathers

Raymond B. Lathers

Son of Smith & Nancy Lathers
June 17, 1858
Aged 16 years
9 mos. 16 days
Dau. Of Smith & Nancy Lathers
Aug. 2, 1863
Aged 15 years 11 days
Christian Lathers
Died June 2, 1866
Aged 32 yrs. & 2 mos.
Jacob Coddington
Died Aug. 2, 1902
Aged 72 years
In God Have I Put My Trust
Abraham Leathers
Died Mar. 5, 1861
Aged 47 years 9 mos. & 7 days.
Eliza C.
Wife of Jacob Coddington
Died Oct. 18, 1856
Aged 24 years.
James H. E.
Son of
John & Elizabeth Lathers
Died Dec. 11, 1860
Aged 4 yrs. 2 mos. 11 days
Frederick J.
Died April 12, 1852
Aged 1 yr, 4 mos. 8 da.
Thomas J. Coddington
Peter J.
Died April 18, 1856
Aged 2 mos. 15 days

Died Oct. 5, 1862
Aged 1 mo. 18 days.
Children of Jacob and Eliza Coddingon
Wife of
T. J. Coddington
Died Oct. 25, 1879
Aged 75 yrs.

Abram Doxtater
April 7, 1855
Aged 68 years

Peter J.
Son of
John & Dorcas Lathers
Born Aug. 7, 1840
Died Jan. 30, 1863

Edward J.
Son of
John & Dorcas Lathers
Died Mar. 31, 1874
Aged 21 yrs. 7 mos. 4 days.

Mourn not for me, my parents dear
I am not dead, but sleeping here
My debt is payed, My grave is free
Prepare yourself and follow me.
wife of
John Lathers
John Lathers
June 12, 1881

One high monument has these names:
Lathers at Base
John Lathers
Born May 29, 1805

Dorcas Doxtater
wife of
John Lathers
Born April, 30, 1807
Lydia J.
Born Aug. 14, 1834

John H.
Born Jan 7, 1837

Peter J.
Born Aug. 7, 1839

William A.
Born Nov. 5, 1844

Lana M.
Born Dec. 12, 1843

Nancy M.
Born April 10, 1846

Charles M.
Born April 23, 1848

Edward J.
Born Aug. 27, 1852

Sally Ann
Born Dec. 3, 1824
Died June 25, 1826
Mary A.
Born Aug. 1, 1826

Born Mar. 2, 1828

Eliza C.
Born Mar. 9, 1830

Abram S.
Born June 22, 1832

The original typescript of Lathers family cemetery is bound in the Miscellaneous Compiled Records of the D.A.R., Volume 239, pages 78-79, available for your personal viewing in the genealogy room at the New York City Public Library. For further information about persons named, please visit or order a search from the Montgomery Department of History and Archives.

Lathers Cemetery was typed by Lori (Whitmer) Mosher. Lori is researching Moshers in the Town of Oppenheim, which is now part of our neighbor to the north, Fulton County. Lori tells us that her brick wall is Peter Mosher, last seen listed on the census in 1870. If you can help Lori out with area Moshers or have ideas about late 19th century Oppenheim sources, she'd love to hear from you.

"Peter Mosher was born about 1828 (I think) and he died about 1880. He was married to a Betsy Cross and they had Ida, Horatio, Nathan, Dolphina, and Etta Allen as children. I think there my be one more. I am pretty sure his parents are Solomon Jr. and Johanna. They are buried in Oppenheim. I can't seem to find any burial plot for Peter and I know that he was buried in Oppenheim and Betsey is buried in Stockbridge Madison Co. I found Ida buried in Salisbury Cemetery, Herkimer Co. I know the family line right up to Peter, just would like to go past him."

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