Lutheran Church Cemetery

Stone Arabia

Town of Palatine

Montgomery County, NY

Contributed to our site back in the year 2000 by Jeanette Shiel. "This cemetery is located behind the church on Route 10 in Stone Arabia. This reading was recorded in 1967 by Jesse & Lorraine Kennedy, Gloversville Branch, Cumorah Mission, N. Y. This transcript can be found at the Montgomery County Department of History & Archives."

George Bauder
d January 21, 1858; ae 85y

Margaret Klock Bauder, wife of George Bauder
d May 15, 1858; ae 82y

Michael Bauder
d December 25, 1822; ae 60y 11m 14d

Lany Klock, wife of Michael Bauder
d April 22, 1838; ae 75y 1m 28d

Katherine Empie, wife of John Empie
d April 14, 1820; ae 56y 4m 8d

Catherine, dau of J. D. & M. England
d March 12, 1839l ae 2y 3m 24d

Rev. Philip Jacob Gre[z]man,
Pastor of Stone Arabia & Palatine Evangelical Lutheran Church for 30 years -Died aged 62y

Jacob Hartman, son of J. Hartman & Ann Storey
d April 27, 1840; ae ____

Angeline Lasher, wife of Walter Lasher
d March 28, 1859 ae 19 8m 21d
ALSO Infant dau, Angeline, b March 18, 1859, d July 17, 1859

Nancy, wife of Henry Lasher
d December 28, 1858; ae 62y 2d

Henry Lasher
d January 11, 1870; ae 87y 9m 26d

Malacalm [___]
d [___]; ae 69y 5m

Mariah M., dau of Benjamin & Lany Pangburn
d August 13, 1851; ae 4y 29d

Peter Reas
d February 6, 1825 ae 60y

Susannah Sarfass, wife of Jacob Sarfass
d March 12, 1844; ae 60y

John Strayer, Rev. War Veteran
d October 24, 1800; ae 56y

Catherine Van Slyke
d July 7, 1866; ae 39y 4m 14d

Michael Wiek
d March 13, 1886; ae 95y 6m 6d

Catherine Wiek, wife of Michael Wiek
d August 22, 1860; ae 62y 5m 22d

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