The Owen Brown Cemetery is near the hamlet of Brown's Hollow, in the lower south-central part of the Town of Root, just above the Schoharie County border. This cemetery is presented as it was typed, which appears to have been an attempt to follow order of burial.

Owen Brown Cemetery

Town of Root

W. Lykers Road to Argusville, NY

[Transcribed from pages apparently typed Nov. 2, 1947
Handwritten in upper corner of pages 75, 76 and 77]

LYKER LOT, Monument. Fence.

Charles Lyker
Co. F. 98th Reg. Inf.
1841 - 1907


Henry Lyker
Died Mar. 25, 1872
Aged 76 years

Wife of Henry Lyker
Died Feb. 10, 1883
Aged 76 yrs, 2 mos. 8 days

Cornelius Lyker
Died Aug. 3, 1858
Aged 70 yrs. 9 mos. 3 days

E. Lyker Road to Argusville, NY

Wife of Cornelius Lyker
Died Oct. 29, 1860

John Brown
Died May 3, 1857
Aged 72 yrs. 5 mos. 13 days

Wife of John Brown
Died Jan. 26, 1857
Aged 66 yrs. 9 mos. 21 days

Abram Wessell
Co. 153 Reg. N.Y. Vol.
Died Mar. 1, 1900
Aged 75 years

Mary Jane
His wife
Died Dec. 8, 1899
Aged 64 years

John E. Bundy
Died Nov. 4, 1842
Aged 38 yrs. 6 mos. 7 days

Carrie Lettis
Died Jan. 1, 1881
Aged 17 yrs. 2 mos. 17 days
Gone but not forgotten.

Space for grave, no marker

Stephen Bundy
Died Oct. 26, 1846
Aged 83 yrs. 7 mos. 5 days

George Lettis
Died June 24, 1880
Aged 74 yrs, 10 mos.

Eve A.
Wife of Stephen Bundy
Died Jan. 7, 1859
Aged 78 yrs. 7 days

Christine Ann Pitcher
His wife
Died June 8, 1901 (no marker)

Aaron Leonardson
Died July 31, 1868
Died 73 yrs. 5 mos. 13 days

Lana Grose
Wife of Aaron Leonardson
Died Feb. 21, 1872
Aged 73 years

Catharine Traugott
Wife of E. F. Bundy
Died June 15, 1861
Aged 49 yrs. 5 mos. 21 days

Philip Traugott
Died Mar. 13, 1825
Aged 39 years

Catharine Staats
Wife of E. F. Bundy
Died Mar. 14, 1863
Aged 23 yrs. 7 mos.

Rhineholdt Traugott
Died Jan 16, 1842
Aged 81 years

George, son of
E. F. and Ellen Bundy
Died Mar. 22, 1866
Aged 10 mos. 5 days
He is gone but not Forgotten.

Maria Elizabeth
Wife of Rhineholdt Traugott
Died Mar. 30, 1830
Age 66 yrs.

Inscription on marker of Catharine S. Bundy
"Farewell dear husband
My Life is Past,
My love for you while life did last, but after me
No sorrow take
But love the Saviour
For My Sake."

Margaret Moschell
Born May 4, 1823
Died June 21, 1859

Daughter of Margaret Moschell
Born Aug. 20, 1852
Died June 26, 1890

Wife of Francis Van Slyck
Died May 10, 1848

Arthur Henry
Died Oct. 16, 1832
In his 16th year

Cornelius Runkle
Died Oct. 11, 1863
Aged 75 yrs. 4 mos.

Henry Runkle
Died April 10, 1848
Aged 54 yrs. 3 mos. 12 days

Dau. Of J. Henry and Catharine Runkle
Died April [apparently more that could not be read]

Catharine Radley
Wife of Henry Runkle
Died Oct. 5, 1868
Aged 74 yrs. 6 mos. 11 days

Wife of John L. Wessell
Died June 11, 1843
Aged 28 yrs. 8 mos. 10 days

Wife of John L. Wessell
Died Aug. 7, 1840
Aged 24 yrs. 6 mos. 24 days

Peter S. Lettis
Born Oct. 12, 1832
Died Jan. 3, 1877

Charles Sidney Lettis
Born July 15, 1867
Died Sept. 13, 1868

Margaret Morey
1826 - 1904

The Owen Brown Cemetery was typed and proofed by Mary Slack Maynard. Mary has been a contributor to our site, posting wills and deeds, to Fulton County NYGenWeb, and is currently working on an extensive family history being posted in installments on the Hamilton County NYGenWeb. And hard at work with her deed research:

"The Slack family lived in Amsterdam or Tribes Hill. The property which was the Slack farm in 1818 is now apparently in the town of Perth (lots 77 and 78, Sacandaga Patent) in Fulton Co. I have a tax map showing where the lots are located, but it doesn't help much. Plus, most of the property was sold to people named Van Nest and Voorhees in the 1820s, and any graves are probably unidentifyable at best. Of the descendants who received property the deeds I've found were the ones I transcribed --I have no idea what happened to the portion that went to Elizabeth Slack Fall/Fauls and then her son Benajah--one of the deeds mentions property owned by Benajmin Fall and I am guessing this was the man identified in the will as Benajah, but have no proof. Will have to have another search done of deeds, as this may not mention the name Slack and for that reason was not found when the search for the other deeds was done. I just hope that by transcribing data to help others someone will find and post the chink in my Slack brick wall." Mary would love to hear from others researching the names Slack, Gregory, Hopper, Bigelow/Bigalow, Nichols, Dunning, Mead, & Fish in New York State and New England, Nash, Maginn/McGinn, Donahue, & Vokes in NYS and Ireland, and Aird & Crombie in NYS and Scotland.

From: Mary Ellen Hoover
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004

"John Brown and his wife, Elizabeth Lyker, as well as other ancestors, Wessells and Runkles buried in this cemetery. I have run into a brick wall on the Brown family after John Brown, but now I am wondering if "Owen" is a relative. Do you know if it is just speculation that the owner in 1947 was/is named Owen or do you feel there may be a possibility it was John's father? Thank you for any help you may be able to give me."

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