Pruyn & Faulkner Cemetery

aka VanHorn Cemetery

Town of Glen

Montgomery County, NY

Pruyn-Faulkner Cemetery photos were contributed by Jack Williams back in 1997. "My images clearly show the inscription on the gate "PRUYN & FAULKNER, 1863". I do not think it is the same as the "Faulkner Graveyard at Mill Point." The only stone we found of direct interest to us was that of Elizabeth Shelp. I know of no reading of it." [NOTE: after twenty years, we don't know if Jack's email address is still valid, and have no other for him.]

In February 20, 2000 we found and added a reading. The cemetery list with Elizabeth Shelp VanHorne's name was published in Vol. 73 of the compiled NYS D.A.R. records, named "Van Horne Graveyard". It's location was given as "Town of Amsterdam, located near Mill Point." This cemetery was copied by Helen Lyons Wikoff (Mrs. H. E.), who was chairman of the genealogical records committee for the Ft. Washington Chapter of the NYDAR. There were several transcription errors. Corrections from Van Horne researchers would be very much appreciated. This is a different cemetery than the small Faulkner Cemetery at Mill Point.

Pruyn & Faulkner Cemetery - link off-site to findagrave site.

BREMER, LouiseDec. 17, 1888 - Jan. 1, 1889

HERLICH, Elizabeth SNYDERFeb. 7, 1845 - Feb. 26, 1896
wife of John H.

no other inscription
MARKS, Lizzie

no other inscription
PRUYN, Francis I.d. Sept. 19, 1865in his 83rd year
PRUYN, Jenetted. Feb. 5, 1859ae 72yr 2daswife of Francis I. Pruyn
PRUYN, Heratted. Dec. 20, 1815ae 66yr 11mos 11daswife of Jacob
ROWE, John

no other inscription
SNYDER, Danield. Aug. 4, 1863in 55th year
SNYDER, Sophia WINEGARd. May 12, 1881in 71st yearwife of Daniel Snyder
Van HORNE, SchuylerSept. 25, 1831 - Mar. 31, 1917

Van HORNE, Elizabeth SHELPAug. 20, 1835 - Mar. 6, 1893
wife of Schuyler VanHorne
Van HORNE, C.C.Jan. 15, 1794 - Nov. 28, 1862

Van HORNE, HannahJuly 4, 1796 - July 11, 1879
wife of C.C. VanHorne
Van HORNE, AbramOct. 22, 1829 - April 4, 1912

Van HORNE, Anna E. NEWKIRKSept. 28, 1835 - July 14, 1884
his wife
Van HORNE, SeelyMar. 29, 1874 - Feb. 7, 1907
bur. at El Paso, Texas
Van HORNE, Mary MICKLEMay 4, 1848 - Sept. 6, 1919
his wife
Van HORNE, Nellie CRUMd. May 5, 1803abt. 80 yrswife of Mathew Van Horne
Van HORNE, Corneliusd. Feb. 6, 1823in 28th year
Van HORNE, Eve FREDERICKd. Nov. 1, 1830in 75th yearwife of Cornelius
[mother of above Cornelius?
Date wrong?
Ages wrong?
wife of Ruluf?]
Van HORNE, Rulufd. May 10, 1838ae 80 years
Stone to the memory of 4 infants of C.C. Van HORNE

long view of Pruyn-Faulkner Cemetery

Length-wise view of Pruyn & Faulkner Cemetery

tombstone of Elizabeth Shelp

Elizabeth Shelp, wife of Schuyler VanHorne, died March 6, 1893, aged 58 years.

gate to Pruyn-Faulkner Cemetery

The picture with the Pruyn & Faulkner inscription is the gate into the cemetery and the line of white behind, the tops of the fence elements.

Alice Shelp at Pruyn-Faulkner Cemetery

In the long shot of the cemetery with the car and Alice, the white parts are again the tops of the fence.

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