Some Small Cemeteries

Town of Root

Montgomery County, NY

Town of Root

Just East of Village

The reading of the Rural Grove Cemetery is dated October 1, 1961 by an unknown reader and was prepared for the Caughnawaga DAR chapter.

The following stones were found:

  1. Samuel WALKER, born Sept. 27, 1792, died ___
  2. Catherine MOYER, his wife, born May 12, 1804, died July 18, 1878
  3. FERRIS (can't tell if first or last name), died Feb. 18, 1860
  4. Louise, wife of Gordon PALMER, died May 31, 1861, aged 70 years
  5. Margaret, wife of John BROUGHAM, died Oct. 2nd, 1853, aged 41yrs 7mo 23das
  6. Ebenezer THORPE, died Aug. 9, 1800(?), aged 68yrs
  7. Martha Ann, wife of Ebenezer THORPE, died Jan. 4, 1858, in her 60th year
  8. Mary C. THORPE 1853

Town of Root

Just East of Village

Also dated October 1, 1961, prepared for the Caughnawaga DAR chapter, no reader given. "On the former Darrow farm on Darrow Road from Currytown to Root Center there is quite a large monument near the road with this inscription":

Oct. 19, 1744 - Oct. 19, 1833

Feb. 18, 1790 - Sept. 20, 1827

Jeanette WALKER, his wife
Feb. 6, 1787 - Jan. 1, 1852

Town of Root

Off Currytown Road on land of Winford Peck, Randall, Root Twp.

Another small lot copied August 5, 1967 by Albert Elswick, and prepared for the Caughnawaga DAR chapter. Accompanying note says: "This abandoned family lot is located in a clump of trees in an open field about 800 feet east of the Currytown Road. A wagon track runs from the road, at the base of the hill, below the house of Robert Minch to the field. Near the plot is an old well. This field is just north of the field where the Mohawk Castle, Onekajonka (sp?), was located."

1. A(nge)lene, wife of John BAUDER, died August 10, 1848, aged 79 years, 8 months, & 10 days
2. John PAUDER (i.e. Bauder) died November 24, 1828, aged 62
3. Angeline HALL, died February 24, 1852, aged 21
4. unmarked field stone

The following 4 cemeteries were prepared for the DAR. Dates were given but donor and chapter were not on the pages. Three are dated 1948, one dated 1961.

Town of Root

On Columbia Road near Rural Grove. October 31, 1948

Field stones bore these inscriptions:

John A. PUTMAN died November 15, 1846 aged 42 years, 2 months & 15 days

Juliaette, daughter of John A. and Diantha M. PUTMAN died February 29, 1848 aged 2 years 8 months and 20 days "Of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven"

Town of Root

Farm now owned by William & John Van Kersen on Carlisle Road. December 9, 1961.

M.L. daughter of Henry and Asenath PUTNAM, died April 24, 1857, aged 10 months 4 days

Hannah M., daughter of Jacob & Nancy PUTMAN, aged 11 years 3 months 1 day, July 11, 1854 - September 12, 1865 (this is exactly what the transcription says)

Charles, son of Daniel & Margaret SMITH, died November 8, 1864, aged 15 years and 22 days "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

Nancy KELLER, wife of Jacob PUTMAN

Known to be buried there. No markers.
Elmira LETTIS PUTMAN, aged 25 years, wife of Samuel O. PUTMAN, died July 1863
Ella, their daughter, aged six weeks, 1863
Hannah LETTIS, sister of Elmira, 1844-Nov. 1864
Abram PUTMAN, son of John R. and Mary Margaret Putman
John PUTMAN and wife Barbara
Abraham WELLS

Town of Root

August 1948.

In the pine woods on Charleston 4 Corners Road toward Riders Corners (Charleston) about 2 miles from Charleston 4 Corners there is one grave with this inscription cut in field stone.

In memory of Alice, wife of Nathan KIMBAL, who died April the 13th, 1795 in the 28th year of her age.

Town of Root

August 1948.

A composite of two readings. This cemetery was read by an unknown person in August 1948 and again on August 5, 1961 by Albert Elswick. The latter reader's differences in reading are noted in parentheses. He also noted that a grooved marble foundation for a headstone and 2 unmarked fieldstones were present at the time of his visit.

Garret(t) CUCK, died August 9, 1846, aged 74 years and 3 days (3 months)
Catherine, wife of Garret CUCK, died July 24, 1839, aged 58 years & 3 months
Isaac WALKER, died June 10, 1816, age 53 years 3 months 25(27) days
Patience, wife of Isaac WALKER, died Dec. 15, 1837, age 70 years 11 months 28 days
Also a field stone marked T.L.
There were other field stones. None marked.

On the Currytown Road, Currytown, Root Twp.
Montgomery County, N.Y.

Copied August 5, 1967 by Albert Elswick for the Caughnawaga DAR.

"This abandoned family cemetery is located on the Currytown Road, on the east side, about 500 feet north of its junction with the Sloansville Road (Rt. 162). It is so grown up that access is almost impossible, and only three of the marble tombstones remain standing."

"The following stones were found:

1) Eve Gardiner, wife of John C. Antis, died September 7, 1872, age ?

2) John C. Antis, died May 25, 1859, aged 55 years 6 months 10 days

3) Rachel, daughter of John C. and E. Antis, died July 10, 1848, aged 11 years 10 months 28 days

4) Stephen Antis, died August 11, 1860, aged 25 years 7 months 12 days

5) Maria Louisa, daughter of Samuel and Mary Maverick, died April 19, 1848, aged 31 years 3 months 19 days

6) Elizabeth, wife of George McKinstry, died April 23, 1844, aged 41 years 3 months 11 days

7) David Parkes, died April 26, 1845, aged 78 years 9 months 29 days

8) David D., son of David and Sarah Parkes, died June 9, 1824, aged 24 years 9 months 18 days

9) Sarah, wife of David Parkes, died February 11, 1841, aged 70 years 9 days

10) M.S. (only the marble footstone appears to remain

11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) Unmarked fieldstones

The cemeteries below were sent to us by Sandi Burns, who found several pages of typewritten lists of local cemeteries in a used book store. We don't know who read them, wrote them, or when the readings were made. Have you seen these lists? Please let us know the source or reference. The Sharp Farm Cemetery, containing Haight family burials, has us confused. According to the U. S. Geological Survey's list of maps, there is supposed to be a Haight Cemetery in Carlisle. The Town of Carlisle is in Schoharie County, just below the border of Montgomery's Town of Root, where a Cemetery Road turns north toward Root. Is this the same cemetery? We could not find Winters or Glen Roads in Delorme's NY State Atlas. Nor did we find the Rural Grove stone road for the Bennet Cemetery.
The 1869 Directory of Root lists Bennetts with Root and Randall post office addresses. There are quite a few Yates's in the 1869 Root Directory, most living around Randall, but two with Argusville, Town of Carlisle, Schoharie County p.o. addresses. The one Leonardson listed in 1869, some 40 years after the death of Lovina Leonardson Yates below, also has an Argusville p.o. These readings were obviously done by a person(s) who knew the small back roads, and the road names may be local or informal references. Further information about the families below, corrections to this list and directions as to actual locations are greatly appreciated.

Town of Root
first turn to right on Glen Road, on Winters Road 3/4 mile

HAIGHT, Samuel V.
d. 2/13/1872
ae 69yrs 1mo 28da
(Note: listed in the 1869 Directory of Root)
d. 1/10/1873
ae 73yr 2mo 29da
his wife

wife of W.H. SPENCER and dau. of S. V. & J. L. HAIGHT
TEW, Lydia
d. 12/21/49
ae 77yr 10mo
mother of Jane L. Tew Haight
d. 1/20/1858
ae 83yr 6mo 5da

HAIGHT, Minnie C.

no dates
HAIGHT, William W.
b. 8/18/1837
d. 12/3/1892

(Note: there is a William M. Haight in the 1869 Directory of Root )
HAIGHT, Sarah R.
b. 11/9/1840
d. 2/6/1892

HAIGHT, Caroline
b. 7/26/1826
d. 1/23/1892

Also four or six unmarked graves

Town of Root
on west side of road from Randall to Glen, Rural Grove stone road

10/12/98 Clarence Putman has contributed a recent reading he made of the Bennet(t) Cemetery, including 5 readable stones that were not on the original list. The new list includes the 3 small children of Samuel and Gertrude Bennett referred to by Jim Meagley.
"Go north on Anderson Road from Logtown Road, go past the access road to the left for Yatesville Falls State Forest and continue about 1/2 mile to electric pole #32. There is a path across the road from the pole. Follow the path through a plantation of red and white pine for a distance of about 1000 feet to the cemetery. The cemetery is bounded by an iron fence." Clarence Putman, North Kortright, NY

1. John L Bennett
Died Oct 25,1866
aged 49 years

Nearby on a newer stone these two names

2. John L Bennett
Born Sept 1, 1817
Died Oct 25, 1866
Phoebe Ann Hall
Born Oct 7, 1814
Died Mar 22, 1905

3. William Bennett
Died May 27, 1856?
Aged 79 years
3 m 27 ds

4. Elizabeth Maria Bennett
Died Feb 24, 1853
Aged 32 years
1 month & 17 days

5. Catharine
Wife of Wm Bennett
died Jan 3, 1870
aged 85 years

6. William
Son of
Wm and Catharine Bennett
Died Oct 6, 1839?

7. Peter
Son of Henry and Margaret (Unreadable)

8. Samuel Bennett
Died Sept 30, 1855
aged 45 years

9. Maria
daughter of Samuel & Gertrude Bennett
died Feb 15, 1854
ae 1 mo 21 ds

10. Nelson
son of Samuel & Gertrude Bennett
died Aug 2, 1846
aged 2 years 4 ms 24 ds

11. In memory of
Jane Ann
daughter of Samuel & Gertrude
Died _9, 183_
Aged 1? yrs _____

12. John Jacob
son of Peter W & ______ Bennett

The original early reading:

BENNET, Samuel
d. 9/30/1855
ae 45yr 2mo 11da

BENNET, John Jacob
d. 8/21/1844
ae 5yr 3mo 12da
son of Peter and Elizabeth
b. 9/1/1817
d. 10/25/1866

b. 10/7/1814
d. 3/22/1905

BENNET, Elizabeth Maria
d. 2/24/1853
ae 32/1/17

BENNET, William I.
d. 10/6/1838
ae -4 yr --?mo
son of Wm. and Catherine
BENNET, Catherine
d. 1/3/1870
ae 85yr
his wife

From: Jim Meagley
Subject: Bennett Cemetery - Town of Root
Date: Sat 3 Jan 1998

I have some general information about a Samuel Bennett who lived in the Town of Root and who died 9/30/1855. My info is based on a copy of an old family letter dated 1945; I have no original source documents. The wife of Samuel Bennett was Gertrude Meakly (variation of my name, Meagley), born April 2, 1811 according to church records of Canajoharie and Charleston Church. Gertrude was the twin sister of Barbara Meakly (the church records apparently identify only one child being born with the name Barboreh Gertrude). After Samuel's death in 1855, Gertrude moved to area near Plymouth, New York, in Chenango County near Norwich to live with her parents (John and Elizabeth Meakly/Meagley) and her sister Barbara. Gertrude and Samuel had four children, three of whom died at an early age before Samuel's death. The fourth child, a son, apparently moved with his mother to Plymouth - I don't have a name. Gertrude died March 8, 1901 and is buried in Cole Hill Cemetery, a rural cemetery in the woods near Beaver Meadow. I have visited the cemetery and seen Gertrude's gravestone which is inscribed "Gertrude, wife of Samuel Bennett, died Mar 8, 1901, aged 91 yrs 2D". Her parents, John and Elizabeth Meagley (subject of my query posted on November 12, 1997) are buried there, along with sister Barbara (never married, died in 1894). This information may be useful or of interest to someone. JIM MEAGLEY, Buffalo, NY

Town of Root
just south of Randall (far. n.e. corner of Root, west of Town of Glen)

YATES, Peter A.
d. 3/17/1824
ae 71yr 11mo 25da

YATES, Catherine
d. 6/4/1831
ae 69yr 6mo 2da
his wife
YATES, John L.
d. 2/18/1866
ae 71yr 9mo 8da

YATES, Catherine
d. 12/30/1872
ae 75yr 9mo 21da
his wife
YATES, Alvin
d. 1/12/1833
ae 8mo 14da
YATES, Infant child
d. 11/27/1816

ae 16 days
YATES, Abraham A.
d. 7/24/1836
ae 88yr 1mo 3da

d. 3/13/1828

his wife

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