Town of St. Johnsville

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The small cemeteries on this page were contributed by Anita Smith, current historian of both the town and village of St. Johnsville, Montgomery County. Several years ago Anita oversaw a survey of St. Johnsville cemeteries, part of a larger project of the Association of Municipal Historians to locate all cemeteries within New York State. Anita went beyond the scope of the project, which was to locate cemeteries, and took readings or had readings taken by other area residents. The actual data on the stones is public information. Written permission was given to us by Anita to place these cemetery readings and her original commentary on the site.

Anita's personal lists were scanned by Joyce Berry, of the Three Rivers web site, and coded by Judy Breedlove. Because of the nature of OCR there may presently be small errors that Anita will catch later. Anita also donated her 1980 introduction to the commemorative history of the Battle of Klock's Field.

© Copyright Anita A. Smith, Town and Village Historian

Town of St. Johnsville

September 1996

The Village of St. Johnsville Cemetery is located north of Route 5 and near the northeast end of Center Street. It is adjacent to the high school.

Absolum Thumb donated this land for a cemetery in 1857. He also donated the land for a public school. For years this was called the Prospect View Cemetery because it is on a hill that overlooks St. Johnsville. The St. Johnsville Cemetery Association Inc. deeded the cemetery to the Village of St. Johnsville on July 3, 1964.

Records of this cemetery are located at the Village Clerk's office, Washington Street, St. Johnsville, New York 13452. These records include: Prospect View Cemetery Book 1908 - December 1955, large cemetery lot map, lot book that shows map and location of lots and burials, interment book, Village of St. Johnsville Cemetery Association, which includes name, date of interment, place and lot book page. This book is a cross reference to the lot book.

As of September 10, 1996 there have been 4,974 burials in the Village cemetery.

At the Margaret Reaney Memorial Library, on Kingsbury Avenue, there is an alphabetical listing of all deceased who have been buried in the Prospect View - Village of St. Johnsville Cemetery. This list was made and donated to the library in 1963 by Seward Peck. It is kept up to date.

Other cemetery records at the library include West St. Johnsville Cemetery (old section only), compiled by Joseph Mastracco, where there have been 377 interments; Groff "Fair View" Cemetery, and Hyde Family Cemetery located on Kennedy Road.

Maps were used to locate cemeteries. These include the 1868 village map, 1853 town map, 1905 town map, and current tax maps.

This survey is not complete and more research needs to be done. The rural plots are overgrown with brush and trees and will be easier to survey in late Spring.

I am indebted to many town residents who assisted me in the location of rural cemeteries.

Mrs. Anita A. Smith
St. Johnsville, NY

Kennedy Road

Hyde, Elihu, May 11, 1829, aged 87

Hyde, Sarah (wife), July 18, 1811, aged 60 years

Hyde, Mary (wife), February 21, 1821, 77 years

Hyde, Daniel, April 12, 1874

Hyde, Ruth (wife of Daniel)

Hyde, Almina (daughter) 1820

Hyde, Daniel (son)

Zimmerman, Catherine, aged 31 years

Zimmerman, James, son of Peter and Catherine Zimmerman, 2 years old

Zimmerman, Katherine M., wife of Peter Zimmerman, October 15, 1846

Klock, Theron, son of Daniel and Nancy Klock, August 20, 1829, 3 years

Wever, infant child of Joseph and Margaret Wever, January 7,1830

12 burials

The Stanley Shuster family owned this farm in 1996. They keep this family cemetery in good repair.

Located on the Crum Creek Road, Town of St. Johnsville, on the present Keith and Juanita Handy Farm. 43 Burials.

Little Bertha, infant daughter of Horace and Emma Hyde, July 4, 1879

Alonzo B., son of Daniel and Isnykoff, died Apr. 5, 1869 as 3-9-19

Daniel B. Groff 1841-1928

Lany M. (Davy), his wife, 1843-1909

Juliann, daughter of Nicholas and Catharine (Flanders) Smith, died Apr. 16, 1830, age __ mos., 16 days

Gabriel Smith died Aug. 2, 1853 a. 31-11-1

"Come round me, come round me, my sorrowing friends
And look ye, oh! look, how my short journey ends
Behold how I smile 'why do ye mourn?
Bid me Godspeed, I shall I never return"

"A moment, a moment no longer I stay
In pinions of anqels I soar far away
A heaven for my soul, for my body an urn
I am gone, I am gone, I shall never return"

Catharine (Flander), wife of Nicholas J. Smith, died Oct. 13, 1866 ae 83-8-11

Nich'L'S J. Smith died Jan. W (?), 1858 ae 73-2-16
"There is rest in Heaven"

Emily, daughter of Benjamin and Lany Ann (Smith) Groff, died 1850 ae 6 mos, 22 days

Martha Ann, daughter of Benjamin and Lany Groff, died Dec. 27,1841 ae 6-7-7

James, son of Benjamin and Lany Groff, died 5-23-1849 ae 10-5-5

Alonzo, son of Benjamin and Lany Ann Groff, died July 30, 1858 ae 21-7-23

Lany Ann (Smith), wife of Benjamin Groff, died May 16, 1878 as 66-4-26

Benjamin Groff(son of Christian) died Feb. 7, 1901 ae 57

Floyd P. Groff (son of Fayette) 1886-1964

Fayette Groff (Son of Benjamin) 1853-1935

Antoinette Burkdorf, his wife, 1856-1935

Infant daughter

William C. Northrup, father, (son of Nicholas & Katherine Ferguson Northrup) born May 23, 1815, died Apr 11, 1884

Harriet K. Northrup, mother, died Jan 20, 1882 ae 59-10-28

Gideon Reese died June 15 1805 ae 49 years?

Hannah Groff died Aug. 10, 1827 ae 96

Nancy Groff died Jan. 19, 1882 ae 74-4-10

Lucinda, daughter of Christian and Catharine Groff, died Aug 10, 1817

In memory of John C. Groff who departed this life June 11, 1811 ae 1-2-23

In memory of John C. Groff who departed this life July 25, 1804 ae 1-4-15

Margaret (Walrath?) wife of William Beekman, died June 15, 1842, ae 42

Infant daughter, died June 25, 1842, ae 10 days

Catharine, wife of Christian Groff, died Jan. 3-, 1855, stone broken

Christian Groff, died Oct. 21, 1842, ae 71-5-22

Jacob Schram, born Mar. 21, 1795, died Jan. 22, 1837

Catharine (Groff), his wife, born Apr. 15, 1799, died Oct. 11(?), 1888 (date did not OCR well)

Mary J. Schram, born Dec. 23, 1832, died Dec. 26, 1836

Martha I. Schram, born 1879, died 1885?

Martin L. Schram, born June 8, 1829, died Feb. 22, 1875

Charles A., son of S & H Waters, died Oct. 31, 1851, ae 5-9-17

Jane C . Waters, daughter of S & H Waters, died Apr. 10, 1842, ae 1-2-2

Emma M. Waters, daughter of S & H Waters, died Apr. 3, 1870, ae 25-1-16

Stephen Waters, died Mar. 29, 1858, ae 49-3 mos.
"He is gone but not Forgotten"

Hannah, wife of Stephen Waters, died Aug. 7,1871 as 54-11-6
"Lamb of God, I come to Thee"

Stone broken

Benjamin Cress, died Aug. 29,1881, 1-2-17

43 burials, researched by Dick Bellinger

Corner of New Turnpike and Burrell Road in the town of St. Johnsvile, New York

Two large Cleopatra's Needle style markers

1. William Nellis, died November 10, 1891 - 70 years

2. Eliza Katherine died October 19, 1861 - 35 years

One separate stone, much older, Daniel Nellis

3. Daniel Nellis died December 9, 1878, 61 years

4. Elizabeth (Wife) died November 9, 1868, 58 years

There are small markers for the graves of 3 and 4.

Darren Bellen researched this Nellis Cemetery 1997.

Mill Road

Sandra Jennings 1852

William Jennings 1860

1 unreadable

Triumpho Road on Ridge that overlooks The Valley

South side of the road, seventeen burials. Very overgrown, inscriptions are difficult to read. Prepared by John Nichols, Jr.

Daniel F. Flanders

John Flanders, born April 14, 1863, Died July 29, 1911



Byron Flanders born 1867, died 1888 at age 21



George Hose born February 7, 1826, died 1907







Located near the top of the hill, east side of road

Danial Tefft, 82yrs. 7 mo., July 1847

Henry Staring

V. Fred Matzke, June 28, 1927

Sally Louise Furrhy Dec. 17,1939-Dec. 25, 1942


Lester H., October 9, 1936

Emily Staring (wife) Dec. 31, 1933

Frank H. Greene, Aug. 19, 1923
"My Loved One Sleeps"

Charles Staring 1825-1885

Sarah S. Gheam (wife) 1826-1916

John Staring

Mary and John Staring

Adrian Staring


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