Tillboro Road

View of Tillboro Road

The following is an account by Joyce Berry, webmaster of the Ft. Klock Restoration site.

"I decided I had best go to the cemetery and tell you exactly what was there. The road sign says on either end of the road, "Tillboro Road". Tillboro Road has recently been scraped and is still a one lane road."

Tillboro Raid Sign

"The historical marker on Route 10 is at the northern end of Ephratah."

From Route 29, South on Kringsbush Road, 1/4 mile - turn left on Tillboro Road. The cemetery is exactly 1.2 miles in on the left. It is clearly visible from the road. The sign apparently was moved by vandals and is at the opposite end of the road, just about a mile out of Ephratah. The place is about the only cleared spot on the road and the cemetery ground is spongy with moss. It is a pretty place."

TILLABOROUGH (History of Montgomery Classis - R.C.A. by W. N. P. Dailey,
Amsterdam, NY: Recorder Press. 1916.

The history of this church begins in 1767, when a grant of land was given (115 acres) for church and school purposes to encourage certain settlers who had been placed upon the contiguous territory. The church was built on Lot No. 13 of Magin's Purchase. The place is about three miles west of the present village of Ephratah. One of the owners of the land, and one of the givers of this church tract was the Rev. John Ogilvie of New York City, who had been the rector of St. Peter's P.E. church of Albany (1749-1764). He died four years after this deed of land, aged fifty-one. Under the conditions existing in the province at the time between the Church of England and the Dutch church we are persuaded that there must have been some commercial reason for putting into the deed the provision that the church must be a Reformed one. The church for a century or more has always had a building, but never a stated pastor, and for most of the time no congregations. For more than three generations the property has been held by trustees who have used the same for personal profit. An incorporation is recorded April 15, 1823, and a form of re-incorporation in 1831. Since 1865 there has been no Consistory or membership even. Nearly all the men who were at Stone Arabia, and later, at Ephratah, have supplied the church at intervals. In this field Revs. Domier, formerly at Stone Arabia Lutheran, and Wack, so long at "Sand Hill" (cf) finished their ministerial work. In order to hold the property the old church, falling to pieces, was taken down and another one built in the seventies. There is an old forsaken cemetery connected with the church.

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