Walrath Cemetery

Town of Palatine

Montgomery County, NY

The Walrath Cemetery below was contributed to us by Jerome A. Walrath, who has added detailed information and a few corrections to the list (in parentheses under names) from his own Walrath family research.

The Walrath Cemetery is on the west side of Gerhartz Road between Dygert and Groff Roads. Located in a pasture belonging to Bernard Gerhartz of Groff Road in 1982, it was more easily reached from the end of the driveway belonging at the time to Cecil Sanders on Gerhartz Road. The cemetery, which has a stone wall, was said to be overgrown. The stones were in fairly good condition although the smaller stones were nearly buried. The reading was made October 10, 1982 by Russell Trumbull and Cecil Sanders. Ruth Lupo, Palatine Town Historian in 1980-82, noted that no other listing of the cemetery was found. This list was found in the notebook "Burial Grounds in the Town of Palatine", p. 62, which can be viewed at the Montgomery County Dept. of Archives.

FULLER, Nancy Walrath, wife of Henry Fuller, d. Nov. 2, 1866, age 65 yrs 3 mos 20 days
(Nancy was the daughter of Peter H. Walrath and Anna Eva Helligas)

KLOCK, Eaveline
(see Peter P. or Eaveline Walrath)

WALRATH, Peter P. d. Mar. 12, 1865
(Peter was the son of Peter H. Walrath and Anna Eva Helligas)

[WALRATH] Eaveline Klock, wife of Peter P. Walrath, d. Aug. 2, 1865.
(According to Frothingham's "History of Montgomery County", Eaveline was also spelled Evaline, and she was the daughter of George G. Klock of St. Johnsville.)

[WALRATH] Ann Eve, wife of Peter H. Walrath, d. Dec. 21, 1848, age 85 yrs 9 mos 16 days
(The date of death for Ann Eve, wife of Peter H. Walrath, was listed as Dec. 21, 1818. According to the will of Peter H., his wife was alive at the time the will was probated on Aug. 1, 1831. I assumed that the date of death was a typo, or misreading, and that her listed age at death was correct. I corrected the death date to the year 1848.)

([WALRATH] Peter, who died, May 2, 1831
(Peter H. Walrath)

The inscription on Peter Walrath's stone reads:

"Yea, saith the spirit, that they may
rest from their labors, and their works
do follow them."

[WALRATH] Nancy (see Fuller) small headstone N.F.

On Walrath Monument

*On top of monument:
Minerva A. __________ (rest illegible)
(Minerva A. was the daughter of Ruben K. Walrath and Marion DeForest)

Marion, wife of Ruben Walrath, d. Jan. 29, 1893 age 77 yrs 2 mos 15 days

*On middle of monument:
Ruben ____ Walrath, d. Dec. 13, 1869 age 25 yrs 4 mos 10 days
(Ruben K. Walrath was the son of Peter P. Walrath and Eaveline Klock. His age at time of death was 52, so this was a typo. I have a reference for the date of marriage for Ruben and Marion as 12/24/1840 and according to the 1855 State Census for Palatine Town, Ruben was listed as 37 and Marion 38. Their four children were born between 1842 and 1850. Ruben's (also spelled Reuben in the reference) middle initial was K., apparently for Klock. This reference was found in the WALRATH file at the Herkimer Historical Society and referenced as Frothingham's "History of Montgomery County")

*Inscription on bottom of monument:

"Who would not recall her? Ah, no, she is gone
Where life's urges can trouble no more,
To that beautiful home in the land of the blest,
On that beautiful shining shore."

Other stones behind the monument are nearly buried.

A tall monument which may have writing but cannot be deciphered.

(I have not visited the cemetery myself so I cannot vouch for the visual evidence.)

This small family cemetery with added notes was kindly contributed to us by Jerome A. Walrath, whose line goes back to James H. Walrath, son of William P. & Lydia (Dey) Walrath. James H. was a grandson of Peter H. Walrath & Anna Eva (Helligas) Walrath, who are buried in this cemetery. Walrath and its spelling variations is one of the earliest and most widespread surnames in the Mohawk Valley. Jerome looks forward to corresponding with the many other Walrath descendants who visit our site.

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