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Montgomery County, N.Y.

This Wyckoff Cemetery list was contributed by Jeanette Shiel. The reading was made by Jesse and Lorraine Kennedy of the Gloversville Branch of the Cumorah Mission, N.Y. State. Wyckoff Cemetery is located on Route 30A, no further date or detail given. All entries and spellings should be verified with alternate sources, such as bibles, obits/death notices, or an on-site visit. It's unknown if this is a full reading of the cemetery. For further information about individuals and families listed, please visit, or order a search from, the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives in Fonda, N.Y.

Hoag, Sarahb. Oct 11, 1818
d. Jan. 28, 1894

McDuffee, William1848-1924

McDuffee, Mary E. Shible1846-1929
wife of William
Hubbs, John E.1835-1885

Hubbs, Dorothy A. Miller1835-1921
wife of John E.
Schelp, Elizabethd. Dec. 12, 1872ae 4yr 11modau. of Joseph & Eliza Schelp
Goewey, Jeremiah1827-1897

Goewey, Sarah1811-1892

McDuffee, Catherine Beckerb. April 24, 1809
d. March 25, 1888

wife of William Becker
Dodge, Rufus1842-1922

Dodge, Anna M. Able1843-1921
wife of Rufus
Hall, James S.d. Oct. 31, 1886ae 74yr 9mo
Mount, Harriet1812-1904
wife of William H. Mount
Mount, Cornelia S.d. Nov. 16, 1835ae 3mo 16dadau. of W.H. Mount
Able, Gilbert S.d. March 29, 1873ae 60yr
Able, Sarah A. Putmand. Feb. 16, 1899ae 81yrwife of Gilbert S.
Dodge, Sarah E.d. Oct. 24, 1873infantdau. of Rufus & Anna
Smith, Hannahb. Feb. 3, 1834
d. March 16, 1894

wife of William I. Smith
Van Volkenburen, Temperanceb. April 24, 1828
d. Aug. 22, 1884

wife of J. Van Volkenburen
Smith, Marcus B.b. Dec. 23, 1840
d. May 23, 1922

Smith, Mary E. McDuffeeb. March 2, 1843
d. Sept. 10, 1894

wife of Marcus B.
Miller, Eliza McDuffeed. July 10, 1885ae 80yrwife of Daniel W. Miller
The above 5 persons were all on one stone.
Still, Sarah W.d. Sept.6, 1848ae 15yr 1mo 4dadau. of David & Anna Still
Hall, Mary Janed. May 28, 1856ae 26yr
Marcellis, Elizabethb. Sept. 3, 1780
d. Sept. 3, 1856

Conover, Susan E.b. June 21, 1795
d. May 22, 1873

wife of William Conover
Conover, Williamb. April 30, 1791
d. March 19, 1870

Conover, Sarah A.d. May 6, 1819ae 26yr 2mo 18dawife of William H.
Conover, Walterd. April 22, 1810ae 16moson of William & Sarah Conover
Still, Annad. Sept. 5, 1848ae 55yrwife of David Still
Conover, Emmad. Jan. 1st, 1888ae 58yrwife of John Conover
Hubbs, Davidd. March 21, 1872ae 48yr 4mo 28da
Conover, Susanb. June 20, 1830
d. Jan. 22, 1875

wife of John Conover
Conover, Johnd. April 9, 1876ae 66yr 4mo 5da
Baird, Sarah Wyckoffd. June 11, 1868ae 60yr 3mo 22dawife of Abram Baird
Baird, Abramd. May 24, 1866ae 78yr 26da
Wyckoff, Chloed. April 22, 1844ae 60yr 3mo 7da
Voorhees, Jamesd. July 9, 1838ae 62yr 4mo 13da
Voorhees, Mary Wyckoffd. Oct. 14, 1854ae 28yrwife of James Voorhees
Pruyn, Phebe L. Wyckoffd. Jan. 8, 1870ae 66yrwife of Philip Pruyn
Conover, Marion E.d. Feb. 29, 1908ae 12yrdau. of W.S. & Carrie Conover
Smith, Adamd. Dec. 1, 1833ae 44yr
Smith, Elizabethd. Oct. 3, 1838ae 51yrwife of Adam
Sheldon, Deborahd. Sept. 25, 1839ae 44yr
Abel, JacobJune 29, 1784
d. April 1, 1863

Van Schaiok, John (sp)b. June 17, 1781d. Oct. 24, 1854
Miller, Jacob D.1831-1895

Miller, Naomi

wife of Jacob D.
Schelp, Elizabethd. June 9, 1853ae 41yrwife of James N. Schelp
Mount, Johnd. April 12, 1844ae 83yr 2mo 8da
Mount, Elizabeth Voorheesd. Aug. 4, 1852ae 87yrwife of John Mount
Perrine, Jamesd. March 28, 1843ae 29yr 1mo 15da
Perrine, James Irvingd. Sept. 4, 1842ae 4yr 13dason of James Perrine
McDuffee, Isaac1836-1920

McDuffee, Anna Hall1842-1907
wife of Isaac McDuffee
Perrine, Maryd. May 20, 1843ae 20yrwife of Alfred Perrine
VanGoheick, Janeb. Dec. 7, 1785
d. Aug. 3, 1804

of John VanGoheick
Hoag, Sallied. June 25, 1870ae 69yr
Hoag, Sarah E.d. April 20, 1850ae 45yr
Perrine, Spaffordd. July 6, 1840ae 24yr
Willel, Alche Voorheesd. Aug. 11, 1839ae 72yr 4dawife of Harleston Willel
Hoag, Evend. Nov. 8, 1859ae 74yr
Hoag, Sallyd. March 28, 1861ae 72yr
McGuire, Maggie Pulverd. May 25, 1906ae 54yrwife of John McGuire
Turnboul, Henryd. Sept. 29, 1894ae 86yr
Turnboul, Mary J.d. Jan. 16, 1891ae 77yrwife of Henry
Aumack, Elizabethd. March 11, 1895ae 75yr
Aumack, Sophiad. Jan 22, 1 893ae 77yr
Aumack, Andrewd. March 22, 1870ae 85yrSee note at end of list
Aumack, Hannahd. March 15, 1877ae 83yr
Cristie, Johnd. April 3, 1846ae 10mo 3dason of Dunkin & Caroline Cristie
Close, Francesd. April 19, 1856ae 54yr 5mo 2dawife of William Close
Close, Elizabethd. April 29, 1859ae 29yrdau. of William & Frances Close
Close, Sarahb. Aug. 15, 1800
d. April 29, 1882

wife of Abel Close
Rynders, Mrs. Elizabeth1807-189588yr 5mo
Aumack, J.S.d. 1864
Co. A 115th NY Vol.
Aumack, Abramd. 1861
Co. D 91st NY Vol.
Baird, Abram G.d. Nov. 27, 1831ae 66yr
Palmer, John R.b. Jan. 6, 1832
d. Dec. 4, 1896

Palmer, Ruhamab. March 27, 1840
d. July 26, 1919

wife of John R.
Palmer, Glen E.b. Aug. 2, 1874
d. Nov. 11, 1877

on same stone as above
Close, Williamd. July 15, 1852ae 50yr
Close, Maryb. June 19, 1773
d. May 22, 1865

wife of Abel Close
Fero, Ruthd. Feb. 22, 1856ae 24yr 5mo 25dawife of George L. Fero
Fero, Lutherd. March 27, 1854ae 4yr 6mo 19da
Fero, Eleanor R.d. April 8, 1854ae 3yr 2mo 11da
Children of George & Ruth Fero
Fero, Adamd. April 3, 1864ae 2yr 5mo 11dason of George & Mary Jane Fero
Fero, Lillyd. Oct. 3, 1865ae 4yrdau. of Geo. & Mary Jane Fero
Fero, Mary J. Devenpeck1833-1901
wife of George Fero
Bloomingdale, Mariad. July 3, 1850ae 55yrwife of Moses P. Bloomingdale
Fero, Eve Schuylerd. Oct 27, 1841ae 33yrwife of Henry Fero &
dau. of Philip Schuyler
Fero, Margaretd. April 2, 1878ae 83yr
Fero, Nicholasd. April 19, 1891ae 88yrfather
Fero, Evelina Hainerd. Aug. 30, 1887ae 90yrwife of Nicholas Fero
Dodge, Hannah L. Vanschowond. March 20, 1845ae 32yr 5mo 3dawife of Rufus Dodge
Dodge, Rufusd. May 1, 1850ae 44yr 4mo 26da
Dodge, Josephd. Nov. 15, 1849ae 44yr
Dodge, Asad. June 29, 1856ae 86yr
Dodge, Pollyd. March 23, 1824ae 66yr 5mowife of Asa Dodge
Dodge, Maryd. June 8, 1850ae 38yr 2mowife of Joseph Dodge
DeForest, Annd. May 6, 1879ae 69yr 3mo 29dawife of Nicholas B. DeForest
Devenpeck, Mary Elizabethb. Oct. 1843
d. June 6, 1892

dau. of N. & A. Devenpeck
Koons, Waltond. April 7, 1860ae 68yr
Pruyn, Philipd. Feb. 14, 1832ae 29yr
Turnbolt, Catherine Putmand. Feb. 5, 1887ae 21yr 21dawife of David J. Turnbolt
Turnbolt, Horaced. Feb. 5, 1887ae 10dason of D. & Catherine Turnbolt
Devenpeck, Charlesb. Aug. 1, 1815
d. March 2, 1893

Dodds, Ann M.d. May 11, 1842ae 21yrdau. of Plinas & Mary Dodds
Collins, Mariam P.b. Jan. 9, 1827
d. Sept. 29, 1858

wife of Edward Collins
Patrick, Sarah Ostromd. June 15, 1868ae 63yrwife of Aden Patrick & dau. of Thomas & L. Ostrom
Collins, Kezia Northb. Oct. 11, 1849
d. Oct. 29, 1862

Above 3 all on one stone.
Enders, Reliefd. April 15, 1862ae 75yrwife of J.G. Enders
Ostrom, Lovinad. Oct. 5, 1850ae 82yr 8mowife of Thomas Ostrom
Ostrom, Thomasd. Feb. 16, 1845ae 82yr
Putman, Zillahd. March 20, 1869ae 7mo 14dadau of John & Catherine Putman
Putman, Henry L.d. March 10, 1850ae 1yr 8moson of John & Adelia Putman
date may be in error
Putman, Sarahd. June 12, 1883ae 2yr 9moson of John & Adelia Putman
Putman, Adelia Loucksb. Aug. 30, 1845
d. March 3, 1922

wife of John Putman
Putman, Eugene D.1879-1957

Putman, Nellie1889-1960
on same stone as Eugene D.
Putman, Horaceb. March 11, 1878
d. Dec. 28, 1897

Putman, Mary L.d. March 18, 1868ae 56yr 6mo 10dawife of Lewis Putman
Putman, John L.d. Nov. 14, 1860ae 58yr 8mo 5da
Putman, Catherined. Oct. 24, 1885
wife of John L. Putman
Hilton, Samuel1850-1894

Hilton, Maria1851-1879
wife of Samuel Hilton
Putman, Vernond. 1868ae 1mo 11dainfant son of John & Catherine Putman

updated 9/16/10 An update from Melissa Zaleski:

The Wyckoff cemetery has been cleared and stones reset this summer. Much easier to walk in and read stones now.

updated 11/11/00 An update from Betty W. Hoge:

First, let me tell you this website is absolutely wonderful! I have been researching my AUMACK ancestors of MONTGOMERY COUNTY for a long time. Meanwhile, I am thrilled to find the above cemetery reading on the site. There are several AUMACKS buried here including my ancestral grandparents ANDREW & HANNAH. I know a great deal of work went into this and also that old cemetery markers are not always easy to read. With this in mind, I wish to submit that ANDREW AUMACK'S age at the time of death was 85 years, not 35 years. He was baptized 20 Nov.1785 in the Readington Church, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. I also have his date of death as 22 Mar.1870 in Glen, Montgomery County, New York.

Many thanks for a wonderful service to all of us hunting for ancestors, and I hope to visit sometime in the next year.

Betty W. Hoge (researching Aumack/Aumock and Pool)
P.S. May I add once more that this is truly a terrific site.

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