1890 Civil War Veterans and Widows Census


Montgomery County, NY

Donated by Joanne Murray

Supervisor's District No. 6
Enumeration District No. 59
Willis N. Nevens, Enumerator

  1. Line # - if blank then same as row above
  2. House #
  3. Family #
  4. Name
  5. Rank
  6. Company
  7. Name of Regiment or Vessel
  8. Date of Enlistment (day, month, year)
  9. Date of Discharge (day, month, year)
  10. Length of Service (years, months, days)
  11. Post Office Address
  12. Disability Incurred
  13. Remarks

Page No. 1

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
168ForbyFrank M. Pvt 1 CT Cav10May186410Sept1864040
23549HammondCarrieFormerly widow of            
   MartinHenry D. CorpA5 NY LA8Feb18679Aug1868061
3  Van VrankenEugene D. CorpE54 NY Vol11Aug186312May1863281
44970MillerRobert J. SgtA18 NY Vol20Sept186128May1863188
55987WilsonJoseph C. PvtA3 NY Vol22Feb186528Aug1865066
670106IrelandFrank PvtK192 NY Vol3Apr186528Sept18650525
778122SheehanBridgetWidow of            
   SheehanPatrick PvtB2 NY HA2Jan186429Sept18651827
884136BruceJohn PvtE75 NY Vol6Mar186531Aug18650525
988140OssendorfCharles H. PvtG91 NY Vol30Aug186419July18650118
10108176MyersAugustus C. PvtE13 NY Vol16Dec186324Aug1865188
11109177WickhamWarren S. PvtD118 NY Vol11Aug186210June18652929
12109177WickhamThea S.Formerly widow of            
   BurdickJames H. PvtF10 NY HA30Aug186417May18650817

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
1Amsterdam, NY Not assigned to any company
2Amsterdam, NYContracted Bloody Dysentery 
3Amsterdam, NYContracted chronic diarrhea 
4Amsterdam, NYContracted chronic diarrhea 
5Amsterdam, NYContracted rheumatism 
6Amsterdam, NYContracted chronic diarrhea 
7Amsterdam, NYContracted chronic diarrhea 
8Amsterdam, NYRuptured & Rheumatism 
9Amsterdam, NYShot in left arm at elbow 
10Amsterdam, NYChronic diarrhea 
11Amsterdam, NYContracted rheumatism 
12Amsterdam, NYChronic diarrheaDischarged from service on account of disease contracted

Page No. 2

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
13123195McCurtieWilliam J. PvtA1 ILL LA1May186230May18620229
14127200 MaryWidow of            
   EnsignLuther Pvt           
15136231McLeodWilliam J. PvtH95 NY Vol21July186316July186511125
16147246StowittsJacob PvtF2 NY HA4Jan186413Feb1865119
17152254DealHarvey PvtB121 NY Inf26Aug186225June18652929
18155261SmithPeter P. PvtA184 NY Vol29July186429June18650110
19158266BlanchardWatson F. PvtE91 NY Vol24Sept186115Feb18620421
20167281RoyWilliam Pvt 7 CT Vol         
21182306MorauAmbrose PvtB153 NY Vol15July186410Sept18651125
22192322JoslinMatildaFormerly widow of            
   ToppingSanford H. 1st SgtE13 NY HA   1Mar1865   
23170324HoffmanManderville CorpG128 NY Vol14Aug186212July186521028
24205346BreslinMichael CorpE13 NY HA4Jan186326July1865262
25206347 Sarah E.Widow of            
   PotterAbel T. CorpD93 NY Vol         
26212360CummingsRobert T. CorpH164 NY Vol6Sept18626July18652100
linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
13Amsterdam, NYContracted chronic diarrheaDischarged on account of disability
14Amsterdam, NY Cannot get date of enlistment or discharge nor company or regiment
15Amsterdam, NY  
16Amsterdam, NYWounded in left footDischarged by reason of disability
17Amsterdam, NY  
18Amsterdam, NYContracted Phenmetism 
19Amsterdam, NYContracted Asthma 
20Amsterdam, NY The discharge has been lost and can not get answers as to company & dates
21Amsterdam, NY  
22Amsterdam, NYContracted ConsumptionCan not get date of enlistment
23Amsterdam, NYContracted Lumbago & Rheumatism 
24Amsterdam, NYContracted kidney disease 
25Amsterdam, NYShot in head and died from effectCan not get dates
26Amsterdam, NYGunshot wounds 

Page No. 3

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
27216363KimballJulius S. SgtC14 NY HA10July186326Aug18652116
28232372VanDerhoofWilliam J. SgtH167 NY Vol11Aug186324Oct18652213
29237294BimbackConrad PvtK134 NY Vol23Aug186210June18651917
30238399PlayfordHenry PvtF2 NY HA5Jan186429Sept18651824
31246418BrinkmanHenry PvtC10 NY Cav1Dec186113Dec18643012
32253429BeebeFreeman C. DrummerH47 NY Vol3July186516Dec18650513
33256432 Thomasine A.Widow of            
   GeorgeJames PvtH76 NY Vol11Oct18617June18653726
34275457LaColeFrancis SgtB32 NY Vol31May18619June1863208
35277460ColsonJohn S. PvtF13 NY HA1Sept186421June18650920
36281466ToppingRobert M. CorpF121 NY Inf30Aug186225June186521016
37289478ClaflinAndrew PvtD115 NY Vol9Aug18628May18630829
38292482DunhamGeorge W. Pvt 192 NY Vol12Apr18654May18650022
39312509AllenThomas E. CaptK96 NY Vol14Nov18612Mar18664318
40314511HerrickEmelineFormerly widow of            
   DoddsNelson PvtD115 NY Vol24July1862      

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
27Amsterdam, NYContracted Rheumatism and Jaundice 
28Amsterdam, NYContracted chronic Rheumatism 
29Amsterdam, NYContracted chronic Rheumatism 
30Amsterdam, NYContracted Rheumatism & Heart disease 
31Amsterdam, NYContracted chronic Dysentery 
32Amsterdam, NY  
33Amsterdam, NYWounded 
34Amsterdam, NY  
35Amsterdam, NYRupture & Piles 
36Amsterdam, NYChronic Diarrhea 
37Amsterdam, NYContracted Bronchitis 
38Amsterdam, NY Not assigned to any company
39Amsterdam, NY  
40Amsterdam, NYKilled in Chicago, ILL while in service 

Page No. 4

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
41315512KlineCharles LieutD115 NY Vol22July18627July186521115
42326525BramerWilliam PvtD15 NY Cav27Aug18649Aug186501112
43361567NuttWilliam H. PvtD115 NY Vol23July186217June186521024
442570GodwinJulian A. CorpC14 NY HA19Aug18635Sept18652016

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
41Amsterdam, NYRight arm shot off 
42Amsterdam, NYDeafness & Rheumatism 
43Amsterdam, NYWounded in side & leg 

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