1890 Civil War Veterans and Widows Census


Montgomery County, NY

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Supervisor's District No. 6
Enumeration District No. 61
Amsterdam, 2nd Ward
Joseph Chadwick, Enumerator

  1. Line # - if blank then same as row above
  2. House #
  3. Family #
  4. Name
  5. Rank
  6. Company
  7. Name of Regiment or Vessel
  8. Date of Enlistment (day, month, year)
  9. Date of Discharge (day, month, year)
  10. Length of Service (years, months, days)
  11. Post Office Address
  12. Disability Incurred
  13. Remarks

Page No. 1

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
192AldrichErastus PvtA111 NYV Inf26July186227Jan1863161
2113CornellNancy A.Widow of            
   CornellWilliam Pvt           
3178WilliamsAbbie R.Widow of            
   WilliamsDavid W. PvtF2 NY HA Dec1862 June186526 
4129GardinerGeorge, MD PvtA95 NYV Inf Aug1863 June1865110 
51534CrawfordWill PvtNavalSteamer Desota  186120July186436 
69379SmithZebulum PvtF13 NYV HA30Dec186324Aug18651824
7685AmesJoseph PvtD93 NYV Inf4Dec186118Dec18632 14
818103BirchSeymore PvtG77 NYV Inf Nov1861 Feb186313 
978111HobbinsWilliam A. Pvt 11 NY LA [In B]?26Aug186413June1865 917
1085115Larcy [?]Richard Pvt           
1175123RassJames PvtB32 NYSV26Feb18629June186313 
1258131HevansMicheal PvtB11 NYSV4Jan186430Sept18651826

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
1Amsterdam, NYHemorage of the lungsDischarged on surgeons certificate
2Amsterdam, NY2 Mexican soldier no papers or information can be learned 
3Amsterdam, NYDate of enlistment not known as discharge is lost 
4Amsterdam, NYShot in left shoulder and left hand 
5Amsterdam, NYSlight wound in anklePension for chronic D.
7Amsterdam, NYDischarged by reason of his being reenlisted in the Vol CorpsReenlisted Dec 14/63 in Co. D of 93 Regt NYVI and discharged June 29/65
10Amsterdam, NYFull information can not be gathered. Discharge lost 
11Amsterdam, NYReenlisted 1st of Sept 64 and discharged Sept 65Naval service
12Amsterdam, NYKicked in head in hospital at Memphis 

Page No. 2

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
1343167Burgey [?]John PvtKVRC NY SV12Dec18638Nov186511127
1424150YorkAndrew PvtC25 NYSV31Apr1862 July1862 3 
15x180PlayfordPhillip Qur. Master Sgt 12 NY BLA2Dec186124Dec18622 22
16113198SlatinIsaac PvtI16 NYSV16Oct1862transferred 23Sept18652428
17125199FirshWilliam A. PvtD115 NYSV Inf Mar1865 Sept1865about6 
1813223HewittDavid F. CorpI18 NYSV  1862  1865about 3  
1921224AtkinsonCathrineWidow of            
   AtkinsonCharles PvtA25 NYV Inf16Sept186218July1863 102
20167233JohnsonStephen E. PvtI24 VRCV2July18631Nov186414 
2277239  Wid            
   HustedJohn H. Cap[?]H95 NYSV  1861  1862   
2310247BoydCharles G. CorpB32 NYV Inf10Feb18629June186314 
2423252BoydWilliam Pvt           
25 260CantwellJames PvtI1 Regt HA Mas V7Dec186329May18652522
2626255ShelladayJohn PvtI21 NYSV Cav1Sept186430May1865 829

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
13Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NYCalar [?] in service 
15Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NYReenlisted on the field Dec 26 - 63 and discharged June 14 - 65 [?] and Rheumatism 
16Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NYTransferred to 3rd Div Provisional Cavalry 
17Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NYDischarged [?] Co G 47 Regt NYS Vol 
18Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NYLandsman long officer records appointing him Corporal and Sergeant as follows; Corporal May 19/61, Sergeant Feb 12/62, discharge not here 
20Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NYReenlisted in co. K 5th regiment USVV 13th April - 65 and discharged April 13 - 66 by reason of expiration of time of service 
22Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Full particulars not known. Discharge lost 
25Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Came out of service with black scurvy & Rheumatism sense? Lost on legs 
26Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Contracted Rheumatism in the service & [?] 

Page No. 3

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
2793269LindsayHenry CorpB32 NYV Inf2Mar18629June1863127
2859272BoydJames H. PvtB98 NYSV Inf24Mar186415Sept1865159
2959273RidingJohn S. PvtA20 NYSV Inf  1861Sust? Without discharge     
30 282HurleyAurtha A. PvtH11 NYSV Inf26Apr1861 July186213 
3123288WoodWilliam S. PvtH120 NSV Inf8Aug186223June186521015
333295JuddWilliam B. PvtA121 NSV Inf9Aug1862 July1865211 
3457304WebsterDaniel PvtF30 NYSV Inf26Apr18611June1863214
3661305ColeWilliam Pvt 12 NY LA Bt25Nov186114June18653625
3746330FitzjamesMicheal PvtD32 NYSV25Aug1862Transferred   9 
394433ButterfieldMargaretWidow of            
   ButterfieldSamuel PvtD32 NYSV Apr1861 May18632  

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
27Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.  
28Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.  
29Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Sent home from Camp Scott Ohio sick no discharge 
30Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NYEnlisted under the name of Michael A. Hurley 
31Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.In Libby Prison 10 d and transferred to prison in Richmond. Contracted Scurvy, Piles & in prison 565 days 
33Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.  
34Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Reenlisted Sept 16 - 63 into Co. I 2nd Regt V Cal NYV and discharged Sept 20 - 65 by reason of surgeon certificate disability 
36Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Wounded by a fall from his horse while on duty in Virginia 
37Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Right arm & hand disabled gunshot wound in service. Transferred to Co. N 121 Regt NYV Inf and discharged Dec 28 - 64 from hospital 

Page No. 4

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
4140232MartinJosephineWidow of            
   MartinWilliam H. PvtD115 NY Inf15Aug186125May18653910
428349PalmeteerJacob PvtI134 NYSV Inf Aug1862      
432350BirchJoseph P. PvtB32 NYSV Inf Sept1862 July1865210 
4426352DowneyMaryWidow of            
   DowneyPatrick Sol 9con) army Texas Cavalry     1865served during the war  
453437HenryHellenWidow of            
   HenryVictorSol (uc)PvtI4 USR Core Miss Inf Aug1861 Dec1861 512
46239250CampbellCharles H. PvtD12 NYV Cav Oct1862 July186529 
47222453BorntNicholas L. PvtH6 UCV Inf4Jan186424Aug18651720
4883480McDonoughAnnaWidow of            
   McDonoughPeterSol USPvtI117 NY Inf4Jan186410June1865156
4977481Bisuelt [or Bissett]JohnSol USPvtB9 Vol         
5073482McComberGeo PvtI34 NYV Inf14July1862 May18655210

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
41Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.  
42Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.  
43Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Wounded in right wrist. Gunshot. Transferred to 121 NYSV May 63 
44Amsterdam, Montgomery CoWidow of Confederate soldier. Texas Cav through the war 
45Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.  
46Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.  
47Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Also a soldier in Mexican War 1 yr & 27 days Co. M 2nd Regt La 
48Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.  
49Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Alias Baker 
50Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Wounded in the right side gunshot 

Page No. 5

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
167484FirthGeorge PvtM3 MA25Aug186419June1865 922
23486CollinsJames I.Sol USPvtB32 NYV Inf         
35496WhilsWashington L. Pvt[?]159 NYV30Sept186212Oct18653 12
414505RylandWilliam PvtK81 NYV Inf14Sept186116Nov1864322
55521HarriganMicheal PvtD93 NYV Inf20Oct186120Aug1862 10 
762533BrensanJohn PvtB32 NYSV Inf21Mar 12Dec1862   
87527StovesMartin L.             

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
1Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.  
2Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.  
3Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.  
4Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Wounded in right arm at elbow joint 
5Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Reenlisted Dec - 63 Co. C 93 Regt Vet Vol served until the close of the was 
7Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Discharged on surgeon certificate wounded 
8Amsterdam, Montgomery Co.Mr. Stoves being absent particulars not given by wife 

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