1890 Civil War Veterans and Widows Census


Montgomery County, NY

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Supervisor's District No. 6
Enumeration District No. 63
Amsterdam, 4th Ward
John S. Colson, Enumerator

  1. Line # - if blank then same as row above
  2. House #
  3. Family #
  4. Name
  5. Rank
  6. Company
  7. Name of Regiment or Vessel
  8. Date of Enlistment (day, month, year)
  9. Date of Discharge (day, month, year)
  10. Length of Service (years, months, days)
  11. Post Office Address
  12. Disability Incurred
  13. Remarks

Page No. 1

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
11216CoohsNorman CorpB115 NY Inf5Aug18623July186521028
268VoughtPhilip G. PvtI142 NY Inf12Sept18647June1865 825
3517KlineMelvinaWife of            
   KlineGeo SgtD115 NY Inf         
41826ConoverPhelps Corp & PvtK1 NY Arty2Aug18614Mar1862 728
51521O'BrienDennis PvtH & C121 & 32 NY Inf Nov1862 June186527 
63952QuillettReuben S.Mex            
   QuillettReubas S. PvtG5 NY Inf  1865      
      CorpG115 NY Inf June1862  186529 
75472MooreJohn Sailor New Ironsides24July1863 Aug1864 13 
86385InglisJames PvtA1 PA Art1Aug186116Nov18621315
97097DickerPeter L. MusicianABanks Body Guard  1862  18642  
106183StebinsRichard PvtC134 ILL Vol4May186425Oct1864 521
1173101WareAndrew Jr. Pvt & SgtC153 NY Inf29Aug186217May18652818
1281114Van VroomanChris C. PvtB98 NY Inf4Mar186431Aug18651527

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
1Amsterdam, NY  
2Amsterdam, NY  
3Amsterdam, NY  
4Amsterdam, NY  
5Amsterdam, NYAsthma 
6Amsterdam, NY  
7Amsterdam, NYChronic diarrhea 
8Amsterdam, NYRupture 
9Amsterdam, NYChronic diarrhea 
10Amsterdam, NYGunshot wound in right arm 
11Amsterdam, NYGunshot wound in right arm 
12Amsterdam, NYChronic diarrhea, Piles, Rheumatism 

Page No. 2

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
1384119CunninghamCatharineWidow of            
   CunninghamFrank PvtB26 NY Inf         
1485120DelongAndrew PvtK2 Vet Cav2Sept18638Nov1865226
1590127Sohamet?John M. PvtA & E41 NY Inf12Aug186426June1865 10 
1697135ConradLouis PvtI6 NY Arty         
       E13 NY Arty10Jan186424Aug18651814
   McCillonWilliam Pvt & CorpD115 NY Inf24July186225Jan186521029
18107149Feller?George PvtI2 NY Vet Arty  1863 July1864 11 
   DeGolinJohn PvtB32 NY Vol9Dec18619June186316 
20125172DavisStephen PvtC115 NY Vol4Aug18625June186521029
21134183LuskSamuel PvtA115 NY Vol16Aug186222Aug18642 6
22137188SmithJohn C. Pvt 44 NY Vol8Aug186111Oct1864323
23147200DeanJames H. Navy Landsman Steamer Meta Comet22Dec186327Feb1865125
24156212WagerSanford Sailor Facony  1864  1865   
25159215CogswellFrancis J.Widow            
   CogswellCharles L.(Divorced)[This entry was crossed out]           
26168225PorterJohn W.             

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
13Amsterdam, NYGunshot wound in sideDischarge lost & widow draws pension
14Amsterdam, NYChronic diarrhea & gen. Debility 
15Amsterdam, NYSunstroke & Rheumatism 
16Amsterdam, NY  
17Amsterdam, NYHemorrhage of lungs. Has since died and widow draws pension $14 
18Amsterdam, NYRheumatism 
19Amsterdam, NYRheumatism 
20Amsterdam, NY  
21Amsterdam, NYGunshot wound left knee 
22Amsterdam, NYGunshot wound in back 
23Amsterdam, NYInjury to back 
24Amsterdam, NY  
26Amsterdam, NY  

Page No. 3

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
27172231MannChristopher PvtI20 NY Vol  1862  1865210 
   CollinsJohn PvtC99 PA Vol Feb1865 July1865 5 
      PvtE121 NY Vol July1862      
29223297SloanAlonzo B. PvtF2 Vet Cav29Dec18638Mar18651109
30223297Evans[?]oaldran G. PvtD93 NY Vol22Dec18618Dec1862 1114
31223297EvansGeorge PvtD93 NY Vol31May186112Jan18632 12
32229304MarshCyrus PvtB2 NY Vet23Aug18628Dec18653315
      PvtD32 NY Vol14May186131Mar1862 1015
   JudsonHiram C. Pvt & SgtE115 NY Vol  1862  1865   
34305141McCannyAnn(Widow of)            
   McCannyThomas PvtB32 NY Vol  1861  1862   
35309419FitzpatrickThomas PvtF177 NY Vol5Mar186210Sept1862 105
   DelongPeter PvtG54 NY Vet Vol8Feb186414Apr1866226
   McNallyJames PvtD115 NY Vol Aug1862 June1865210 
38329448JohnsonErastus PvtL2 NY Arty17Sept1863 May186518 
39337456FlaheegRobert PvtC32 NY Vol1Aug18619June1863198
40398546BrownGeorge PvtH13 NY Arty22Aug186321June1865110 

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
27Amsterdam, NYFits & Rheumatism 
28Amsterdam, NYCatarrh & Rheumatism 
29Amsterdam, NYChronic diarrhea 
30Amsterdam, NYChronic RheumatismLost mind & sight & helpless. Not outdoors in 2 years
31Amsterdam, NYGunshot wound in left shoulderNot able to work
32Amsterdam, NYChronic diarrhea, rheumatism & sunstrokePension $8.00 per month on first discharge
33Amsterdam, NYConsumption & has since died 
34Amsterdam, NYSick when discharged & died in about 9 months 
35Amsterdam, NY  
36Amsterdam, NYChronic diarrheaHas since died
37Amsterdam, NYFinger shot off & gunshot wound in hipHas since died
38Amsterdam, NYShell wound in left hip 
39Amsterdam, NYChronic diarrhea & rheumatism 
40Amsterdam, NYLeft eye out 

Page No. 4

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
41353482UhlingsJacob PvtH192 NY Arty13Mar18656June1865 223
   HineLouis PvtI14 NY Arty         
45361494JumpDewitt PvtB32 NY Vol31May18619June18632 9
46368503BethmanHenry PvtH77 NY Vol1Sept1861 Feb186316 
47374510AllenJoseph Pvt, Corp, SgtA115 NY Vol25July186215June186521020
48376513NolanJames PvtIndependent co.169 NY Vol  1861  1861  14
   BradleyPatrick W. Pvt & CaptH105 NY Vol      110 
50394538LeasorSamuel T. Pvt 1st Neb Vol July1861 Jan186536 

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
44Amsterdam, NYGunshot wound in hand & has since died 
45Amsterdam, NYGunshot wound in right knee & rupture 
46Amsterdam, NYFracture of right arm 
47Amsterdam, NYRheumatism, Asthma & Pleurisy, ankle fracturePension $4.00 per month
48Amsterdam, NYGunshot wound near right & has [used]? Arm [?] dated Apr 10/1862 
49Amsterdam, NY  
50Amsterdam, NY  

Page No. 5

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
1404556RileyMaryWid, called Louis Ann Tigers            
3437607FoleyMichael Landsman 3 Jan 1864 U.S.S. J.C. Kerhn Discharged U.S. R [wife]? Vermont Oct 26         
4450624SmithMichael PvtD175 NY Vol10Oct1862 Mar186414 
5461642McKenner or McKennaCatharineWid            
   McKennerLawrence PvtA3 NY Vol  1861  1864   
   ConnerEdward PvtE169 NY Inf13Aug186220May186529 
7464649McFarnanLachey? PvtF22 NY Inf Aug1861 July186322 
       I93 NY Vol Feb1864 Aug  6 
8  DarlingSamuel   6 NY Cav Dec1864 Sept1865 9 
9495695GriswoldJames M.   U.S. Navy         
10502703ConnangterJohn PvtG30 NY Vol Sept1861 Jan186319 
      PvtC2 Vet Cav Sept1863 Nov1865110 
   SmithSimon F. PvtI6 PA Arty (212 PA Vol)5Sept186413Jan1865 98

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
1Amsterdam, NYGunshot wound in legIn Confederate Army
2Amsterdam, NY  
3Amsterdam, NYDisease of eyesWas on R[??]ing ship North Carolina. Was the Admiral 1864 & on Potomac 1864
4Amsterdam, NYFever & Ague & Chronic diarrhea 
5Amsterdam, NYDisease of throat & lungs & has since died 
6Amsterdam, NYPart of 2 fingers shot off & gunshot wound in hip. Has since died 
7Amsterdam, NYGunshot wound in right hip & rheumatism 
8Amsterdam, NYHeart disease & injury in breast 
9Amsterdam, NY  
10Amsterdam, NYRheumatism & Heart disease from fever while in service 
11Amsterdam, NYKidney & heart disease - has since died 

Page No. 6

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
13Front St. Amsterdam, NY  
1518 Elk St. Amsterdam, NY  
1642 Reid St. Amsterdam, NY  

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