1890 Civil War Veterans and Widows Census


Montgomery County, NY

Donated by Joanne Murray

Supervisor's District No. 6
Enumeration District No. 65
Amsterdam, Dist no. 1
Charles N. Hurst, Enumerator

  1. Line # - if blank then same as row above
  2. House #
  3. Family #
  4. Name
  5. Rank
  6. Company
  7. Name of Regiment or Vessel
  8. Date of Enlistment (day, month, year)
  9. Date of Discharge (day, month, year)
  10. Length of Service (years, months, days)
  11. Post Office Address
  12. Disability Incurred
  13. Remarks

Page No. 1

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
1  LeperJacob SgtI10 NY Cav15Sept186228Aug18653  
2  SnowWilliam H. PvtC207 PA Inf5Sept186419June1865 9 
3  CocoraLevi PvtA64 NY Inf16Aug186416May1865 9 
4  TomlinsonGeorge M. PvtA2 NY Cav4Jan186427July186517
5  BonhallFrank CorpG94 NY Inf1Jan186224Apr186314
6  CarmanEdward H. PvtM3 NY Art14Nov186114Nov18643 
7  MowreyOliver PvtD32 NY Inf.20Apr18619June18632 
8  BrowerJohn PvtF18 NY Cav12Mar186228Jan1865210
9  ManchesterDarius PvtE103 C Vol21Aug186228Feb186426
10  BloodMrs. SarahWidow of           
   BloodJohn PvtD7 NY Art12Mar18623July18653 
11  RivenbourghJonas PvtA10 NY H Art2May18611May18662 
12  NanajueJames PvtB52 NY Inf24Jan186115Mar18643 

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
1Tribes Hill NYInjured by horse 
2Akin, NYGunshot wound 
3Akin, NY  
4Amsterdam, NYRight thigh gun shot 
5Gloversville, NYInjured right leg 
6Tribes Hill NY  
7Tribes Hill NY  
8Tribes Hill NYGunshot wound - left hand 
9Akin, NYWound insidehad Small Pox
10Akin, NY  
11Akin, NYGunshot wound 

Page No. 2

line23NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
13  KlineGeorge SgtD115 NY Inf29July186220July18653 
14  PoorWilber F. PvtA2 NY Cav21July186325Aug186523
15  ParisHenry CorpD153 NY Inf6Sept18626July18653 
16  LaytonRobert M.            
17  GardenerHiram C. PvtC115 NY Inf6Sept18626July18653 
18  MowreyWilliam PvtA153 NY Inf1Jan186223Apr186212
19  KelloggAhley L.             
20  MowreyDaniel             
21  NelsonHolmes K.             

linePost OfficeDisabilityRemarks
13Akin, NYGunshot wound in left leg 
14Tribes Hill, NYSunstroke and leg and foot crushed 
15Akin, NYInjury to eyes 
16Akin, NY(Away from home) 
18Akin, NY  
19Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NY  
20Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NY  
21Akin Village, Montgomery Co., NY  

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