The transcription of the Town of Florida, Montgomery County, 1890 veteran's and widow's census was a joint project by myself and Robert Lorick, Contributing Editor. This segment of the 1890 census is more formally known as the "Eleventh Census of the United States, Special Schedule, Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines and Widows, Etc." The information gathered on surviving veterans was deemed necessary by Congress due to changes in the pension law extending benefits to a wider range of veterans and widows. The veteran or widow was asked to provide the regiment(s) and company served in, dates of service, and current health status of the veteran. Experienced genealogists know that the 1890 census of the United States was destroyed in a fire several decades later, with material from only a few scattered counties throughout the U.S. surviving.

I transcribed the information below from microfilm this past winter, while Bob searched for further information about the men in other sources, primarily early enlistment rosters. We hope you find this information valuable. If your Civil War ancestor is listed his military and pension records can be ordered from the National Archives.

Surviving Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, and Widows etc.

Town of Florida, Montgomery County
Enumerated in June 1890

Supervisor's District No. 6, Enumeration District No. 72

House 1, Family 1
VROMAN, John C., Sergeant, Co. G, 70 Ill. Inf., Jan. 6, 1862 - Oct. 23, 1862, 4 mos. 17 days
", Sergeant, Co. H., 143rd Ill. Inc., May 17, 1864 - Sep. 26, 1864, 4 mos. 19 days (math is wrong)
Scotch Bush, N.Y., dharia(?), re-enlisted veteran

House 15, Family 16
SERKWOOD(?) Galusha, Pvt., Co. D., 153rd NY Inf., Oct. 16, 1864 - June 10, 1865, 8 mos. 24 days
Scotch Bush, N.Y., hernia

House 57, Family 59
KISER, John A., Pvt., Co. H., 44th N.Y. Inf., Oct. 15, 1861 - Oct. 15, 1864, 3 years
Minaville, N.Y., shot through left leg
[Ref: from official muster rolls - Kiser, Adam (Kiser John A. ?) Age 26 Joined/enrolled Sept 15, 1861 in Albany, NY by William N. Danks. for 3 years service. Mustered into service in Albany by W.H. Revere Jr.. Company H, 44th NY Infantry.]

House 100, Family 102
VANHEUSEN, George, Pvt., Co. G., 2nd N.Y. Cav., Mar. 31, 1865 - June 27, 1865, 2 mos. 26 days
Pattersonville, N.Y.

House 127, Family 130
SMITH, William D., Pvt., Co. C., 13th N.Y. H.A., Jan. 18, 1864 - Jul. 21, 1865, 1 yr. 6mos. 3 days
Amsterdam, N.Y. Rheumatism

House 139, Family 142
SEARS(?), William D., Pvt., Co. C., 2nd N.Y. Inf., Apr. 3, 1861 - Aug. 20, 1862, 1 yr. 4 mos. 17 days
Minaville, N.Y.

House 177, Family 180
VANHUSEN, Peter, Pvt., Co. G., 8th N.Y. Cav., Mar 31, 1865 - Jun. 27, 1865, 2 mos. 26 days
Minaville, N.Y.

House 187, Family 191
SWART, William, Pvt., Co. C., 13th N.Y. H.A., Jun. 11, 1863 - Aug. 26, 1865, 2 yrs. 2 mos. 15 days
Amsterdam, N.Y., shot in the back

House 229, Family 233
DEGROFF, James H., Pvt., Co. K., 115th N.Y. Inf., Aug. 26, 1862 - July 3, 1865, 2 yrs., 10 mos. 17 days
Kline (?), N.Y., shot in back of head
[Ref. "The History of Montgomery and Fulton Counties" by F.W. Beers, 1878 - James De Graff was a a resident of Palatine at enlistment.]

House 274, Family 280
SARA, John C., Pvt., Co. C., 169th N.Y. Inf., Oct. 3, 1862 - July 1, 1864, 1 yr. 8 mos. 27 days
Scotch Bush, N.Y., Rheumatism

10/4/02 - The correction below was sent in by Bob Farrell, who's researching the 169th Volunteers. Thanks, Bob!

In a search for 169th NYV material I came upon the above. As there was no Sona in the Roster of the 169th I began a search and discovered:

Sara, John C. - Age, 41 years. Enlisted, September 3, 1862, at Brunswick, to serve three years, mustered in as private, Co. C, October 6, 1862; absent, sick in hospital at Portsmouth, VA., since July 27,1863, and at muster out of company.

Supervisor's District No. 6, Enumeration District No. 73

House 50, Family 23
GRAFF, John, Pvt., Co. C., 153rd N.Y. Inf., Aug. 29, 1862 - Oct. 2, 1865, 3 yrs. 1 mos. 3 days
Fort Hunter, Mont. Co., N.Y., none, habits bad but health good

House 77, Family 82
ALBRO, George, Pvt., Co. K., 153rd N.Y. Inf., Oct. 18, 1862 - Oct. 18, 1865, 3 years
Fort Hunter, Mont. Co., N.Y., crippled feet, generally broken down in health

House 100, Family 108
WILSON, James H., Pvt., Co. C., 153rd N.Y. Inf., Aug. 17, 1862 - Oct. 17, 1865, 3 years
Fort Hunter, Mont. Co., N.Y., no disability, health generally good
[Ref. "The History of Montgomery County" by Washington Frothingham - James H. Wilson was a a resident of Florida at enlistment.]

House 108, Family 116
KRIGER, Henry, Pvt., Co. C., 10th N.Y. Cav., Dec. 13, 1861 - Dec. 13, 1864, 3 years
Fort Hunter, Mont. Co., N.Y., no disability, A wound in left arm many times troublesome. Recd. wound at Sulphur Springs, Va. Oct. 12, 63.

House 114, Family 123
SMITH, Hiram H., Corporal, Co. M., 1st N.Y. Light Artillery, Sep. 1861 - Nov. 15, 1865, 4 yrs. 1 mo. (math is wrong)
Fort Hunter, Mont. Co., N.Y., no disability, suffering from lumbago contracted in the army.

House 117, Family 126
BOHNE, Henry, Pvt., Co. F., 153rd N.Y. Inf., Sept. 2, 1862 - Oct. 2, 1865, 3 yrs. 1 mo.
Amsterdam, Mont. Co., N.Y., chronic diarrhea, suffering from chronic diarrhea, heart weakness
[Ref. "The History of Montgomery County" by Washington Frothingham - Henry Bohne was a a resident of Canajoharie at enlistment.]

House 122, Family 133
HOWARD, Ebenezer, Pvt., Co. C., 133rd/135th(?) N.Y. Inf., Mar. 9, 1865 - Oct. 2, 1865, 7 mos. 23 days
Fort Hunter, Mont. Co., N.Y., piles, suffering piles

House 152, Family 165
AUSPELINGER(?), William, Pvt., Co. A., 10th N.Y. Cavalry, Nov. 14, 1861 - July 19, 1865, 3 yrs. 8 mos. 5 days
Amsterdam, Mont. Co., N.Y., hernia, hernia otherwise well

Source: This electronic text was transcribed from original microfilm of the 1890 US census by Martha S. Magill and supplemented by information gathered by Robert A. Lorick. Due to the difficulties in transcribing old and stylized handwriting, the original census should be referred to.
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