May 1, 1922 - Part 1 of 4


Amsterdam and Fultonville Firemen Help Quench Flames Which Threaten Auriesville.

Fire Monday afternoon destroyed three residences and a large general store building in the village of Auriesville, entailing a loss of about $20,000, partly covered by insurance.  The homes of Mrs. Eliza Quackenbush, Vernon Newkirk and Charles P. Cline were leveled by the flames, while the mercantile establishment of Ira Putman was likewise a prey to the fire.  Mr. Putman suffered the heaviest loss. He carried only $500 insurance on a stock that inventoried about $3,000.  On the building there was an insurance of $2,000, but Mr. Putman places his loss on the structure at several times that amount.  It was erected in the days when only the best of timbers were used and hence has increased in these times of higher valuations.

The conflagration is a severe blow to the village, wiping out the entire north side of the only street with the exception of the old tavern erected in 1778, remodelled and now occupied by Mrs. E. Cramer and two sons as a store and home.  It was said today that Mr. Cline would not rebuild, and it is problematical if the others who sustained losses will care to again locate there.

The fire broke out on the rear part of the Putman store building and is thought to have been due to sparks from a passing locomotive on the West Shore railroad, the building being in close proximity to the tracks.  The sparks are presumed to have set fire to the dry grass and the flames slowly crept up the embankment to the rear of the large frame structure. 

Henry Putman, father of Ira Putman, who conducted the store for the latter, was sitting in front of the place of business with Fish Polhamus, who formerly owned the store property but disposed of it to the junior Putman.  Mr. Polhamus had apartments on the second floor.



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Source: probably The Amsterdam Evening Recorder or Amsterdam Daily Democrat

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