May 1, 1922 - Part 2 of 4


The men were unconscious that anything was wrong in the rear of the building.  The discovery of the fire was made by George W. Black of this city, who is engaged with Edward J. Sheehan in overseeing improvement work at the Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs, located at a considerable distance east of the burned buildings. Mr. Black was returning from to trip to [sic] Fultonville about 2 o'clock when he saw the flames which had by that time gained much headway and were rapidly enveloping the entire back part of the Putman store.  He called to Mr. Putman and Mr. Polhamus and then summoned a track gang working on the West Shore railroad.

The alarm reached Mr. Sheehan, who quickly responded with the men under his direction.  The villagers who were also at home at the time, also turned out and soon there was a working force of considerable size in action, Messrs. Sheehan and Black accomplishing excellent results in directing the movements of the men as far as possible. 

Mr. Putman on first being informed of the fire dashed into the store in an effort to save a new set of scales that had been installed.  The blaze by that time had gained the interior and made it a seething mass.  He paid no attention to the money drawer or its contents, but was intent on recovering the scales.  Unfortunately in this effort Mr. Putman was painfully burned about the face and neck and later was given first aid treatment by Mr. Sheehan, who applied bandages until Mr. Putman could obtain medical attendance.

The attention of everyone was directed to the surrounding property.  Bucket brigades were organized while others carried out furniture from the home of Vernon Newkirk, next to the Putman store on the east, and that of Charles P. Cline, which adjoined the Newkirk property.  There was no one at home at Mr. Cline's residence at the time.

West of the store was the summer home of Mrs. Eliza Quackenbush of Schenectady.  Mrs. Quackenbush had not opened the place as yet, and nothing was saved from this building, which was quickly consumed.


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