May 1, 1922 - Part 3 of 4


At the homes of Newkirk and Cline the workers had time to carry out much furniture, which will help to lighten the burden of their losses.  

Aid was first asked from Fultonville, and a hand pump and hose cart of the village fire department were brought.  The suction nozzle of the hand pump was sunk into a well, but the screen was forgotten.  The suction as a result drew in some pieces of wood which put the pump out of commission.

Mr. Sheehan telephoned Commissioner of Public Safety Riley of this city and asked for assistance.  The commissioner dispatched a triple combination pumping apparatus from the central fire station, in charge of Chief Brady.  When it arrived it was located along the Auriesville Creek bank at the westerly end of the village and a line of hose was soon in operation.  The firemen played this about the smoldering ruins and had it ready to check any further spread of the flames.  This stream was mainly influential in saving the home and store of Mrs. Cramer.  The firemen kept it in service until dusk, when all further danger was past.

Residents along the south side of the street kept their roofs well soaked with water, for the heat from the burning buildings across the road was terrific and sparks and blazing embers flew through the air.

Sheriff Seely Hodge was on hand ready to lend a helping hand.  he parked his new Oldsmobiile alongside the road and volunteered on the Fultonville hand pump when it arrived.  A flying spark alighted on the top of the sheriff's automobile and burned a large sized hole in it.

A kitchen range was carried out of the Cline residence and placed on the south side of the concrete roadway.  A man, whose name was not obtained, driving a Ford car east, found it rather warm passing the smouldering mass after the buildings...


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