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The seventy-fifth anniversary of the organization of the Auriesville Reformed church was held Friday afternoon in the presence of a goodly company of friends from the village and nearby communities.  The program really began at noon when the ladies of the church served a fine feast at the home of Henry Y. Lohmeier, at the conclusion of which the Rev. E. B. Irish, of Fultonville, made an after-dinner speech of congratulation and appreciation.

The first number of the program was an "Ode to Welcome" by the choir, Mrs. Edwin Goody, organist.  The invocation was given by W. H. Kroeger, who is supplying the pulpit for the present.  Jay H. Faulkner, an elder of the church, gave the people a cordial welcome, to which the Rev. R. A. Pearse, D. D., of Minaville, made reply.  Dr. Pearse spoke of the age of the church as not being limited to three score years and ten.  The stability and efficiency of the services and work of the Auriesville church through the years and the spiritual forces of the church have meant for its power and longetivity.  Dr. Pearse referred to the French missionaries, of three centuries ago, and to the English mission to the Indians at Fort Herkimer, showing how a great cloud of witnesses have surrounded them.  In closing, Dr. Pearse gave the greetings of the churches of Montgomery classis to the Auriesville church.

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