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The historical address was delivered by the Rev. Edward J. Meeker, of Lodi, N.Y., until recently the stated supply of the church and the pastor at Glen.  In opening his address Mr. Meeker referred at first to the Palatine immigration.  Next reference was made to the coming of the three Quackenbush brothers to the community of Aurie's Creek.  Mr. Meeker next took up the history of the local church.  The first meeting held was January 16, 1839.  Trustees were elected September 18, 1839.  The actual organization took place early in November, 1839.  On July 8, 1845, the Rev. J. P. Fisher was called but did not accept.  On December 1, 1846, the Rev. G. L. Roof was installed over Auriesville and Glen.  The seal of the church about this time was made a twenty-five cent piece.

The Rev. Ransford Welles was stated supply in 1858.  John H. Starin gave the organ to the church and later, in 1876, when the building burned, $500.

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