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Among other pastors and supplies of the church were: The Rev. J. R. Deisert, the Rev. F. M. Kip, Fultonville; the Rev. J. C. Boyd, Fonda; the Rev. J. H. Enders, the Rev. J. P. Faber, the Rev. P. A. Wessels, the Rev. E. J. Meeker, of Glen.  Following Mr. Meeker, the Rev. W. N. P. Dailey, classical missionary, gave an address on "The Dutch Church," in which he said:

This diamond jubilee of the Auriesville Reformed Protestant Dutch church is a noteworthy event in the history of the community and deserves notice being given to it by this gathering of members and friends.

The denomination to which it belongs is the oldest church in this western land of evangelical spirit.  At first it was but a church in the fort, but now for centuries called "The Collegiate Reformed Church" of New York city.

The Reformed church in America is not a large organization; speaking numerically, we some less than 150,000, but are comforted with the knowledge of the fact that size is no criterien [sic] to force of character or service.  Greece, Palastine, Scotland, Holland, - these are small lands, - but where are the lands that have done more for humanity?

The reason for our status is not difficult to explain.  We were on the... (continued in Part 5)

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