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ground first but recall that the Dutch held Manhattan only for a generation, and that at the time of English possession there were but 1,500 population.  We also know that the Dutch lost their identity in the people with whom they coalesced, while to this day we still hear of the German-American and Scotch-American, et al.  Why you can trace the Puritan influence in America as easily as you can trace the source of the Mohawk.  With the Dutch influence, well, it reminds us of the dew.  At dawn we note how green and fresh the grass looks, and we exclaim, "a heavy dew fell last night".  It is not possible to calculate the influence of the conduct and character of these men of Dutch and German descent who in the passing of centuries have mingled with the multitudes in this western land, and holding tenaciously to God's Truth have wrought for righteousness, and for civil and religious liberty.

Dutchmen to the number of 100,000 lost their lives in the Netherlands contending for the truth against Phillip II of Spain and the Duke of Alva.  Victorious over their papal foes, they made of their land an asylum for the persecuted of the world, even their former enemies.  Thousands of them later came to the New World, settled at Manhattan, built their school house and church, and laid foundations of the imperial city of the world, the envy of all the lands on earth.

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