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The Dutch church founded the first school in America, in 1628, and that school has had an uninterrupted existence for these nearly three hundred years.  The Rev. John Michelius, the first minister who came over from Holland about 1628, was royally received in Manhattan, and the whole population feasted on bread and butter and celykoeks. In the Lenix library in New York is an original letter written by the dominie, dated Aug. 11, 1628 in which he speaks of his ten weeks' voyage, and of the reception by the Dutch and Walloons, and of the sinfulness and stupidity of the people.  How little he dreamed of the rise on the very spot where he stood of the largest city in the world, the centre of the art and industry of the whole world.

We would remind you that it was in Holland that our old Dutch church was born.  It was the only nation in the world, up to that time, that had fought to a finish the battles for civil and ecclesiastical freedom.  To Holland came the Puritans, persecuted of England; to Holland came the Huguenots, persecuted of France; the Jew and the Gentile, the Romanist and the Covenanter found a safe refuge in the land of dykes.

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