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The Reformed church in America recognizes its mission to be a servant of God, to do God's work in a world that needs the personal Christ more than it needs anything else, the world for which God's Son died, the world to which we owe the Lord Jesus Christ, who has promised to draw it unto himself if we will but lift it up to Him in our lives.

Credit is usually given the Puritans for that article in the constitution that forbids a state-church.  But some of us find it difficult to reconcile this award with the Puritan treatment of Quakers and Ana-Baptists.  Even a cursory reading of the ecclesiastical history of New York convinces one that it was the Dutch who resisted successfully the determination of the church of England to establish itself as the official body of the country.  What Mrs. Hemans wrote concerning the Pilgrims would be more appropriately applied to the Holland Dutch who settled Manhattan Island.

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