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"What sought they this afar, Bright jewels of the mine?

The wealth of seas, the spoils of war? They sought a faith's pure shrine.

"Aye, call it holy ground, The ground whereon they trod;

They left unstained what there they found, freedom to worship God."

This is the church, friends, of which we are a part.  Seventy-five years ago, here in this community, men of God planted this Dutch church.  Others had already been organized before it, that at Glen in 1979, at Minaville in 1784, at Fonda in 1758, at Currytown in 1796, and at Fort Herkimer and Herkimer in 1723, and at Stone Arabia in 1730.

Our Montgomery classis offers a rich field for ecclesiastical study and research.  Exceedingly interesting is the story that tells of the planting in the Mohawk valley of these Dutch churches and the part they have played through their membership in the development of the country life as well the influences that have molded state and national life and character.

We number today thirty-five churches, thirty-one ministers, and over 5,000 members.  When the classis was ... (continued in Part 9)

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